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The Big Landlord 125.2

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Chapter 125.2 – Counterfeit Contracts

After returning to his room, Xu Wei Ye was unable to hold back, and he left the manor in search of Landlord Zhou.

Xu Wei Ye had left it up to Landlord Zhou to handle the paperwork, because his every move was monitored, so he had no choice but to leave it to him.

“What? You want it this afternoon?”

Surprise painted the entirety of Landlord Zhou’s face. Yesterday, Xu Wei Ye was just saying that they could evade for two more days, but today he was suddenly rushing the schedule. To be able to create something watertight and not suspicious in such a short period of time was hardly possible.

Xu Wei Ye did not explain the specifics to him. He just told him that it must be completed by this afternoon.

Landlord Zhou hesitated for a moment, “I will try my best.”

In the afternoon, Landlord Zhou did indeed manage to complete the fake contracts, but due to the time constraints, the results were not as good as expected.

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Xu Wei Ye did not have the luxury to care so much. When Guan Su brought Shao Fei over again, he handed over all the papers to him.

“Guan-daren, you have to be careful. These contracts have been sitting around for so long, so some of them may have some small problems, such as damage or dampness.”

Guan Su smiled and said: “Mayor Xu, you can be at ease. No matter how damp it is it’s impossible for these contracts to grind out black ink like an ink stone. Unless these contracts are fake, don’t you agree?”

Xu Wei Ye put on a fake smile.

Back at where they were staying, Guan Su pulled out the sheaf of papers and placed it in front of An Zi Ran. Although they were counterfeits, the workmanship was really meticulous.

“Xu Wei Ye must have spent a lot of money for this paper, huh?”

Shao Fei had a gloating expression on his face. They had already known that Landlord Zhou had no paperwork, and that Xu Wei Ye definitely would not be able to bring out the contracts.

Fu Wu Tian picked up a contract, “The craftsmanship is indeed quite good.”

An Zi Ran said dismissively: “No matter how good it is, it is still a fake. After all, counterfeit is counterfeit. It cannot be perfect and without flaws.”

If these counterfeits were shown to professionals with experience in this area, then they would definitely be able to pick out the flaws.

So An Zi Ran did not intend to return these contracts to Xu Wei Ye. This was also the reason why he had asked Xu Wei Ye for the contracts. The purpose was to force him to make a counterfeit copy. With these contracts in hand, it was the equivalent of having written evidence in hand. Xu Wei Ye would never have expected that he had personally delivered the evidence to An Zi Ran.

“How is the investigation of the account books going? What are the results?” Fu Wu Tian asked as he handed over the contract to An Zi Ran.

Guan Su suddenly started to laugh, “I already have some progress.”

An Zi Ran raised his head and glanced at Guan Su with unexpected surprised. Guan Su was able to find out something so soon? The speed was much faster than what An Zi Ran had thought.

Xu Wei Ye was different from his father. His father was an honest and biddable person all his life. He had never thought of using power for personal gain, and he only took one wife in his entire life. But Xu Wei Ye was different. Ever since he became the mayor of Ali Xiang, his appetite has gradually been tempted. If he did not have ten concubines in his residence, then he has at least seven or eight concubines.

However, most men like the new and dislike the old*, and Xu Wei Ye was no exception. But Guan Su still discovered one abnormal act of his.

[*T/N: 喜新厌旧 – to be enamored with new people, and get bored of the old]

Xu Wei Ye had nine concubines, and all of them were beautiful like flowers, but one of them was quite special. That would be Xu Wei Ye’s fifth concubine. The fifth concubine was very beautiful, but she had one fatal defect. She was a deaf-mute person. A deaf-mute person meant that she was unable to speak and hear.

After Guan Su discovered this, he immediately focused his attention on her.

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Deaf-mute people did not invite fondness [from men like Xu Wei Ye], and Xu Wei Ye was also not an affectionate person that could give deep love to others, but he still visited his fifth concubine once every other month, and occasionally even twice.

Originally, such a phenomenon was very normal. After all, she was still Xu Wei Ye’s concubine, so it would be normal for him to spend the night with her.


Guan Su accidentally learned from a few gossipy maids of the Xu Manor that Xu Wei Ye was quiet every time he spent the night in the deaf concubine’s room, and the candles in the room were always lit, often until very late into the night.

When most people hear these words, they would think that the fifth concubine was a deaf-mute person, so it was normal that there was no voice, but Guan Su has keenly discovered something wrong. How could a person like Xu Wei Ye maintain his interest in a concubine who could not speak for such a long time?

Guan Su suspected that Xu Wei Ye actually used the cover of his fifth concubine to do the accounts in her room.

At the beginning of each month, Landlord Zhou would hand over the accounts of the previous month to Xu Wei Ye. Because this was evidence of Xu Wei Ye’s corruption, he would not trust someone else with this task.

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