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The Big Landlord 125.3

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Chapter 125.3 – Counterfeit Contracts

Shao Fei’s mouth widened as he listened to Guan Su talk. “No way. He really hid the account books in the concubine’s room?”

Guan Su shook his head, “This matter is not for certain yet. We only know that Xu Wei Ye often works in his fifth concubine’s room, but we don’t know if he just brings the account books there to work, or if he really hides the account books in his fifth concubine’s room.”

“Find out where the account books are being kept as soon as possible,” An Zi Ran said.

The planting of the cotton could not be delayed anymore. If Bailian Xiang was not suitable for growing cotton, then An Zi Ran could consider temporarily slowing down his management of this place, but since it was the same as Xinhe, then it was necessary to solve the issue as soon as possible.

“Understood,” Guan Su replied.

When Guan Su left, he dragged Shao Fei, who still wanted to stay in the study, away with him, leaving the study room space to An Zi Ran and Fu Wu Tian.

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An Zi Ran felt a pair of big hands covering his head. Rough finger pads pressed against his temples and soothed away the tightened nerves with gentle force. After a while, he lifted his hands to grasp Fu Wu Tian’s hands.

The white hands were a sharp contrast to the big honey-colored hands. He had always known that Fu Wu Tian was very burly, but every time he compared himself with the man, he felt as if he looked like a woman, because only women were petite.

“I don’t think I’ve ever given you a massage before.” An Zi Ran raised his head, looked at Fu Wu Tian’s close up, handsome face, and suddenly thought of this topic.

Fu Wu Tian lowered his hand and kissed him gently on the lips. There was a hint of a smile in his gaze. “This prince is very happy to serve wangfei.”

An Zi Ran has realized that Fu Wu Tian, this man amongst men, this human fighting machine was not like other men at all, and he did not care about saving face. He was actually very good with emotional words, and he was the type that said whatever he wanted, without having any misgivings or apprehensions.

An Zi Ran didn’t know if Fu Wu Tian was doing it intentionally or unintentionally, but he always felt that the man’s words were very sincere, like a hand gently plucking the strings of his heart, stirring up incomprehensible ripples in his heart.

“After we finish dealing with Xu Wei Ye, let’s go back to Jun Zi City. I’ve been away for more than a month already. I don’t know how the little bun is doing, and I don’t know if Grandfather has been secretly bullying him while his second uncle* is away.”

[*T/N: ‘second uncle’ should be referring to Fu Yi Ming. As a refresher, he is the head steward of the Imperial Fu Palace, and also the illegitimate son of FWT’s grandfather.]

An Zi Ran stroked his lips with his finger, and then changed the subject as if nothing had happened.

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

However, Fu Wu Tian was not going to pretend that nothing had happened. He felt that the wangfei was seducing him, so he needed to do something. Thinking like this, he immediately grabbed An Zi Ran by the arm and lifted him up. While An Zi Ran was reeling in surprise, Fu Wu Tian leaned in and kissed him. His tongue slipped passed An Zi Ran’s lips to entwine with his tongue.

In this zero distance contact, their bodily fluids mixed together, and lust gradually pervaded the space between them.


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