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The Big Landlord 127.2

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Chapter 127.2 – Finally?

“Xu Wei Ye, return our daughter to us!”

Seeing that Xu Wei Ye was finally willing to come out, the two elders of the Zhou family flushed with anger. They weren’t putting on a show this time. They really hated Xu Wei Ye. It was he who had ruined their daughter.

Xu Wei Ye glanced at them with an insincere smile. Then he said to An Zi Ran and Fu Wu Tian: “Household matters. I have exposed you to a nonsensical scene.”

“It doesn’t sound like a household matter. They are saying that Mayor Xu forcefully abducted a village girl.”

How could An Zi Ran let him go? As soon as he opened his mouth to speak, his words indicated that he was ready to intervene in this matter, and it also hinted that his crime of abducting a girl would result in jail time, which immediately made Xu Wei Ye’s complexion go black.

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Xu Wei Ye’s expression was stiff: “Wangfei should not be misled by what they are saying. I did not abduct anyone. It was mutual. Their daughter had agreed to marry me. Their son can even testify for this matter…”

Old woman Zhou sneered, “If you didn’t force Ling Long ot be your concubine, then why have you refused ot let us see her for six years? If it’s not for a guilty conscience, then do you need to be so defensive?”

“This is a misunderstanding… Ling Long’s health has always been poor.”

With both An Zi Ran and Fu Wu Tian present, Xu Wei Ye was even more adamant about not wanting the Zhou elders to see Zhou Ling Long. He didn’t want any unfortunate mishaps to occur.

Old woman Zhou continued to sneer: “As her mother, I am most aware of my daughter’s health condition. Before she got married, her body was always healthy. How come she’s unwell as soon as she entered the Xu Manor, and to be sick for six consecutive years at that? Mayor Xu, do you not feel ashamed to spew such lies?”

Xu Wei Ye’s complexion flip-flopped between blue and white at her words, but he still did not yield. But if he knew what old woman Zhou was going to do next, then he would definitely regret not complying right away.

Seeing that Xu Wei Ye was still refusing to agree, old woman Zhou abruptly walked up to An Zi Ran and Fu Wu Tian and knelt down with a plop. “Wangye, wangfei, this old woman knows that you are Mayor Xu’s master. I beg you, please help us. Let us meet with our Ling Long.”

She kowtowed to them twice. Each bow resulted in her head knocking soundly against the ground.

An Zi Ran helped her up and promised her: “Rest assured, I will definitely stand up for you.”

Xu Wei Ye’s expression immediately crumbled. “This is a matter between the Xu family and the Zhou family. Even if you are my master, you can’t just intervene in this subordinate’s household matters, right?”

“Normally, I can’t.” An Zi Ran gave him a meaningful look. “But if it involves abduction, then it’s a different matter.”

The implication of his words was that he still intended to get involved.

Xu Wei Ye knew that they would not change their minds. In the end, he had no choice but to take them to see Zhou Ling Long. The two elders were afraid that he would go back on his words, so they wanted An Zi Ran and Fu Wu Tian to go with them. Xu Wei Ye also had to concede to this demand.

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The courtyard where Zhou Ling Long lived was relatively remote. Not many people were there. But there were four people taking care of Zhou Ling Long, two men and two women. They were practically attached to her sleeves, following her wherever she went. Xu Wei Ye had specifically chosen these four people. There was one man and one woman who understood sign language, so they normally took turns.

In order to prevent them from secretly passing messages, he had her directly summoned to the front hall.

A beautiful white figure soon came stumbling out before them. The rumors were true. The girl was as beautiful as a fairy, like a rose dewed with clear water, she was elegant and pure like a lotus. Her eyes were extraordinary limpid, like a lake with water so clear that one could see through to the lakebed.

Zhou Ling Long could not believe that Xu Wei Ye was finally letting her see her parents. She had run out in a great hurry. But no matter how hasty her appearance looked, a beauty was still a beauty.

Seeing the parents that she had been separated from for six years, Zhou Ling Long started to cry.

The two elders of the Zhou family also had tears in their eyes. No longer caring about the situation and location, they ran over and gripped their darling daughter’s hands. A pair of wrinkly and dried up hands cupped her cheeks.

“You’ve lost weight…”

Zhou Ling Long shook her head vigorously.

Old man Zhou gently wiped away the tears from the corner of his eyes and turned to look at Xu Wei Ye: “Mayor Xu, we want to say a few intimate words with Ling Long in private. There shouldn’t be any problem with that, right?”

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Xu Wei Ye opened his mouth to protest, but then he saw An Zi Ran observing him. If he refused too vehemently right now it might arouse their suspicion. “Fine. Ling Zhi, bring them to Ling Long’s room to chat.”

Receiving the hint, Ling Zhi nodded.

The two elders have not seen their daughter for six years. Taking advantage of this opportunity, they talked for a long time, up until Xu Wei Ye became impatient and sent someone to rush them, only then did they reluctantly parted from their daughter and came back out to the front hall.

However, in order to ensure that they could see their daughter at any time in the future, the two elders forced Xu Wei Ye to make a promise in front of An Zi Ran and Fu Wu Tian.

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