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The Big Landlord 128.1

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Chapter 128.1 – To Shed All Pretenses

Five days later, the two elders of the Zhou family came to the Xu Manor again.

At first, Xu Wei Ye wondered if they were planning something. Coincidentally, Zhou Ling Long did not sleep for the past two days in order to look for the account book, causing her appearance to look very haggard, which deepened his suspicions, so he had Ling Zhi monitor Zhou Ling Long strictly in the coming days.

But not even two days later, he dismissed this conjecture, because Zhou Ling Long was very obedient afterwards, and stayed quietly within her room.

Ling Zhi figured that Zhou Ling Long probably couldn’t fall asleep at night because she was missing her father and mother. From outside the door, she could hear the sounds of Zhou Ling Long tossing and turning sleeplessly over and over again.

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Xu Wei Ye also thought that this was the reason, so he temporarily banished his suspicions of them. He thought that the two elders were here only because they missed Zhou Ling Long, and this time An Zi Ran and Fu Wu Tian were not present, so he agreed to let them meet without much thought.

This time, Xu Wei Ye did not allow them to talk in private.

The two elders also did not insist. They spoke with their daughter for half an incense stick of time before Xu Wei Ye separated them.

They left the Xu Manor with reluctance and returned home straightaway without making any pit stops. Guan Su and Shao Fei were already waiting for them inside.

“Are you really going to help us get Ling Long out of the Xu Manor, and make it so that he will never trouble us again?” Elder Zhou asked, still uneasy. This matter was very important. If it failed, Xu Wei Ye would definitely come make trouble for them, and at that time, the one who would suffer the most would definitely be Ling Long. Their daughter has already suffered enough.

Guan Su said: “We have already reached this point. What is there left for you to doubt? Since our wangye and wangfei have already promised the two of you, then it will definitely be done.”

Elder Zhou did not say anything more.

Then old woman Zhou hesitantly asked: “This gongzi, if, that is, if you get the account book, then A’Shan, he…”

[T/N: A’Shan is a nickname for Zhou Shan, who is their son and also Landlord Zhou.]

“My wife.” Elder Zhou said a word of warning.

Guan Su knew at a glance what they were worried about, and said truthfully: “Zhou Shan and Xu Wei Ye have done so many bad things. He can’t escape responsibility for this.”

Shao Fei suddenly tugged at his sleeve.

Guan Su replied with a look that told him to keep calm.

The expressions of the two elders couldn’t help but become gloomy. Although they had guessed that things would not end well for A’Shan, it was still their son whom they were personally sending off to death. It was hard to take for the both of them, but then they thought of Ling Long, who was still suffering inside the Xu Manor, and the two elders had to force themselves to harden their hearts.

A’Shan has already enjoyed blessings that shouldn’t have been his for so many years. He should be content.

After all, it was he who had personally sent Ling Long to Xu Wei Ye. He must take responsibility for the disgraceful things that he did back then. This was what he owed Ling Long.

“Ling Long said she has already found the account book.”

Guan Su and Shao Fei returned to the Xu Manor. At the door, they ran into Xu Wei Ye, who was about to leave the manor. The latter saw that their complexions were not good, but he only snorted once, and then hurried out.

Shao Fei made a rude gesture towards Xu Wei Ye’s back. “You only have a few days left to be happy. After two days, you won’t even be able cry even if you want to.”

“Don’t be stupid.” Guan Su dragged him inside.

The two went straight to the rooms of An Zi Ran and Fu Wu Tian. The latter two had been waiting for news for a while now. Guan Su and Shao Fei recounted all the information about the account book in detail.

A surprised expression bloomed across An Zi Ran’s face after listening to their findings.

“You said Xu Wei Ye hid the account book in Zhou Ling Long’s room?”

He did not expect Xu Wei Ye to be so bold.

Shao Fei grinned: “Exactly, I heard that he had put the account book into a box that he openly gave to Zhou Ling Long. The box was filled with new clothes that Xu Wei Ye had ordered to be made for her, but because Zhou Ling Long hated him, she never touched that box. Apparently there are several layers of dust on that box.”

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Zhou Ling Long was a stubborn and resolute girl. If she said she wouldn’t touch something then she really wouldn’t touch it. Likely, Xu Wei Ye had anticipated this point, and was therefore bold enough to put his things in there. This was not only brazen, but also very clever.

Zhou Ling Long was not able to find the account book before because she thought that it was impossible for Xu Wei Ye to put the account book in her room. This was a subconscious act, furthermore, Xu Wei Ye likely added to this misconception. The two may be husband and wife, but the number of times that they did married couple stuff was not much.

Xu Wei Ye disliked how she was motionless in bed, just like a corpse, so he would leave in the middle of the night after finishing up the accounts, and he seldom set foot into her room.

That night, Guan Su sneaked into Zhou Ling Long’s residence, and even retrieved the account book very smoothly without disturbing Zhou Ling Long. With the account book in hand, Xu Wei Ye would not be able to escape. Even though he couldn’t escape in the first place.

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