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The Big Landlord 128.2

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Chapter 128.2 – To Shed All Pretenses

On the other side, Xu Wei Ye didn’t know that his death was near at hand, and was currently plotting how to destroy An Zi Ran’s plans.

“Mayor Xu, everyone is ready, we can take action at any time.”

A man with one eye and a fierce-looking knife scar across his face said to Xu Wei Ye. His entire person exuded an air of arrogance, and one could tell that this person had taken a lot of lives with his hands. He was evidently a recidivist who committed murder without blinking an eye.

Hearing the man’s words, a ruthless darkness flashed through Xu Wei Ye’s eyes, “Very good, but you have to remember, I don’t want a single person left alive.”

The one-eyed man looked him up and down once and suddenly burst into laughter, “Mayor Xu, you’re suddenly rushing forward the plan, did something big happen? Also, if you kill all of them, aren’t you afraid of Da Ya’s imperial family finding out? After all, that wangye with the surname Fu is still a member of the imperial family.”

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He had always known that Xu Wei Ye was a bold and ambitious person, but he did not expect that he would dare to kill a member of the imperial family.

“Even if I don’t make a move, it’s not like they will let me go. So why not strike first and gain the upper hand? As for the imperial family, if the emperor finds out about this, he might even thank me for removing a thorn from his side.” Xu Wei Ye was confident. He had made inquires ahead of time, otherwise he would not dare to take such a big risk.

“Why do you say this?”

The one-eyed man was curious. He didn’t know about the goings-on in the far away capital, but shouldn’t they be blood-related uncle and nephew. How could the emperor regard his nephew as a thorn in his side?

Su Wei Ye gleefully said: “You think the relationship between an uncle and his nephew must be harmonious? Fu Wu Tian holds Da Ya’s military power, but he is not on the side of the emperor. Of course he would regard his nephew as a thorn in his side. Moreover, I don’t necessarily need to take their lives, I only need control over them, and then Ali Xiang will always belong to me.”

However, due to Ali Xiang being too far away from the capital, Xu Wei Ye had no idea that Fu Wu Tian had already handed his military power to the emperor.

“Hope your plan succeeds. When shall we start?”

“The morning after tomorrow. I have already spoken with Landlord Zhou to have him set up an appointment with An Zi Ran and Fu Wu Tian at the Zhou family manor the day after tomorrow. The other side has already agreed. On the day of, we will go early and lie in wait for them.”


In the blink of an eye, the appointed day dawned.

Early in the morning, An Zi Ran and Fu Wu Tian left the house without bringing anyone with them.

Uncharacteristically, Landlord Zhou changed his tune yesterday and said that he would sell the remaining time on the deed of Bailian Xiang to them. So he asked to meet with them in the Zhou family manor to talk about remuneration.

An Zi Ran agreed.

Landlord Zhou welcomed them warmly, “Please sit down. My home is simple and crude. It cannot compare to the houses in the capital. Asking wangye and wangfei to please bear with it.” Then he had the servant serve up two cups of hot tea.

An Zi Ran glanced at the steaming tea. He didn’t touch it. Instead, he said straightforwardly: “There’s no need for formalities. How about we get straight to business?”

Landlord Zhou laughed, “Wangfei is indeed a really busy person. He doesn’t even have time to drink a cup of tea.”

“Since you know that I am busy, then let’s get this done quickly.” An Zi Ran gave the outside of the main hall a meaningful glance. He really was busy, so he wasn’t interested in dragging things out with the other party.


A familiar laugh suddenly echoed in from outside. An Zi Ran looked over and was not surprised to see Xu Wei Ye walking in with an extremely proud expression on his face. Behind him was a one-eyed man with an expression full of ill intentions.

“It seems like the wangfei has already realized that I was outside. Since you guys want a quick fight and fast resolution, then I can only risk my life to accompany the noblemen.”

The two husbands’ keen gazes fell upon Xu Wei Ye.

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Xu Wei Ye gained confidence this time and looked at them with an unflinching and self-confident gaze. He said coldly: “An Zi Ran, Fu Wu Tian, today is your death day.”

“Xu Wei Ye, you have a lot of guts.”

Fu Wu Tian looked at him calmly.

Xu Wei Ye patted the clothes on his body, not taking him seriously. “It’s not like the wangye does not know, I, Xu Wei Ye, have always had a lot of guts.”

If he did not have the guts, would he dare scheme to seize Ali Xiang from the imperial family of Da Ya?

“It seems that you are also not afraid of death. So even if this prince kills your entire family, you would not bat an eye.” From start to finish, Fu Wu Tian’s bearing was understated, as if he would not flinch even if the heavens were to come crashing down.

The one-eyed man’s eyelid suddenly jumped. He didn’t know why, but his eyelid has been jumping this whole time. Especially after he laid eye on Fu Wu Tian, his eyelid has been twitching even more. This rumored man deserved to be called Da Ya’s god of war. Right now, they were merely face to face, not even crossing swords, yet he already exuded a faint aura that frightened him.

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  1. I think there is an error here “So he asked to meet with them in the Zhou family manor to talk about renumeration.”
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  2. They don’t know the reason why the emperor and Fu Wu Tian is at odds is that he could behead the emperor if he (emperor) couldn’t fulfill his duties properly. A power given by the previous emperor.

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