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The Big Landlord 129.2

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Chapter 129.2 – Conclusion

The one-eyed man drew the blade he carried and rushed towards Fu Wu Tian with a roar.

On the other side, Xu Wei Ye rushed towards An Zi Ran at the same time. His martial arts were mediocre, but he thought that he was more than enough to deal with a young master with delicate skin and tender flesh. So when An Zi Ran sent him flying with one kick, Xu Wei Ye’s eyes went as wide as dinner plates, and an expression of absolute disbelief painted his face.

That nimble kick was clearly the work of someone who practiced martial arts.

Xu Wei Ye fell upon the threshold of the main hall while screaming miserably. His back slammed against the elevated threshold. The cracking sound that resulted was evidently very painful.

[T/N: Back then, houses had an elevated threshold at the doorway that you had to step over in order to enter the house. Don’t quote me on this, but it’s something about keeping out the dust and dirt from outside, and apparently the higher the threshold, the wealthier the house. So yes, falling on that would be absolutely painful.]

Very soon, the one-eyed man followed in Xu Wei Ye’s footsteps.

One could almost feel the shattering of bones from the echoing of cracking sounds.

Xu Wei Ye looked over with a face contorted in pain. What he saw was so frightening that he nearly lost control of his bladder, because the one-eyed man looked extremely wretched. He was several dozen times worse off than Xu Wei Ye. Both his hands and legs were badly twisted, especially his legs, they were forcefully folded forward in two. Xu Wei Ye was so scared that his entire body went soft.

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The screams of the one-eyed man were too tragic. It was a miserable scene. The one-eyed man’s subordinates were so scared that they did not dare to move forward. They stared at Fu Wu Tian in horror and backed away one by one.

At this moment, the people outside finally rushed in. Guan Su and Shao Fei were in the lead. Behind them were a group of people dressed in peasant attire, but they were in fact soldiers.

They quickly took care of the people that Xu Wei Ye and the one-eyed man had stationed outside. When the others in the main hall saw this, they threw away the blades in their hands and took the initiative to surrender.

Guan Su had people take Xu Wei Ye and the one-eyed man away.

“Wangye, all of Xu Wei Ye’s people have been taken care of.”

Shao Fei suddenly jabbed him in the arm and motioned for him to look over at a certain corner, “There is another one over there!”

Guan Su followed his gaze and saw Zhou Shan hiding behind a pillar while shaking all over, but because he was too fat, most of his body was exposed.

“Take him away too.” Fu Wu Tian tossed these words over his shoulder and left Landlord Zhou’s house with An Zi Ran first. Now, all the pests in Ali Xiang could be considered taken care of.

What happened inside Landlord Zhou’s house was not hidden from the nearby farmers, but when they saw the corpses, they immediately hid inside their houses and did not dare to come out again. They have never seen people being killed before. Only after everyone has left Landlord Zhou’s house did they dare to come out again. The dead people have been removed, but the bloodstains on the ground told them that the scene they had seen before was not an illusion.

News of what happened in Landlord Zhou’s house spread like wildfire in Bailian Xiang.

Some people recognized that the one who took the lead, Guan Su, was Fu Wu Tian’s subordinate, but right now everyone had a good impression of the Imperial Fu Palace, so they were only confused as to why the people of the Imperial Fu Palace would have conflict with the people of Landlord Zhou’s house.

The next days, news of Xu Wei Ye and Zhou Shan conspiring together to commit corruption spread. And their crimes were not limited to just one thing. When everyone heard this information, they were all shocked.

An Zi Ran listed Xu Wei Ye’s top ten crimes, from small to large. The smaller crimes could be ignored, but the large crimes were enough to warrant taking his life, including the Xu Manor incident.

The villagers in Ali Xiang now knew that Xu Wei Ye, who had never committed a serious crime in their eyes, turned out to be a wicked person. He had really pulled the wool over their eyes.

“Heavens, I only know know that Xu Wei Ye is such a person!”

“Fortunately, the gods are watching over us. If it weren’t for the Imperial Fu Palace, we would have been kept in the dark for the rest of our lives!”

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“I told you so. Back then, how could Zhou Shan get rich overnight and contracted so many acres of land at once? His family was obviously very poor. Where did the money come from? It turned out that Xu Wei Ye used his power and deliberately allocated it to him. Retribution is finally here!”

“He cheated us for so long. He is truly getting his just deserts!”


Almost everyone in Ali Xiang shared these sentiments. They were especially salty over the fact that Ali Xiang was not suitable for large-scale rice production, yet Xu Wei Ye knew about it and still had them grow it. This made them even angrier because he was incompetent. This was why Ali Xiang was so poor.

Two days later, Xu Wei Ye and his accomplices were pulled out of confinement and paraded through the streets. One after another, the villagers threw rotten and smelly vegetables at them while condemning them incessantly.

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