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The Big Landlord 130.1

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Chapter 130.1 – The New Mayor

An Zi Ran sat by the window on the second floor of the only restaurant in Xinhe, opposite Fu Wu Tian with a calm face.

It has been five days since Xu Wei Ye and Zhou Shan were sentenced to death. Without them, Xinhe’s development has been smooth.

An Zi Ran’s initial purpose for coming here was only for obtaining land that was suitable for growing cotton, but since he accepted Ali Xiang, he did not intend to give up.

Ali Xiang was the property of the Imperial Fu Palace.

If there were no mishaps, then Ali Xiang would become their base camp in the future.

Just like An Yuan County, An Zi Ran also hoped that Ali Xiang could become prosperous, so while having the villagers grow cotton, they would also help them develop other resource advantages.

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Xinhe’s terrain was flat and it was particularly rich in natural resources. It was said that there used to be an ancient nomadic area here, but it has developed until there were fewer and fewer nomads. However, Xinhe’s water sources and grasslands were abundant, and it had dense forests. The natural resources have yet to be damaged like they would be in future generations, so it was very suitable for the development of animal husbandry.

Growing cotton was relatively simple in the early stages, but got troublesome towards the later stages, so An Zi Ran’s main focus now was on animal husbandry for Ali Xiang.

Unexpectedly, this focus of his allowed him to discovered something interesting.

When Xu Wei Ye was still alive, he also paid close attention to the animal husbandry industry in Ali Xiang.

Xu Wei Ye had established several pastoral areas in several areas with rich and fertile grasses in Ali Xiang, where a certain number of livestock were raised.

Although due to cutting corners, the number of livestock produced in each pastoral area each year was not large, and the meat quality was not good enough, the combined number of several pastoral areas was not small.

An Zi Ran discovered that, except for some of these livestock which were sold outside of Ali Xiang, the rest were gone, as if they had disappeared into thin air. After investigating, it was discovered that Xu Wei Ye actually had secret dealings with the people of Gaoze Country.

Ali Xiang bordered Gaoze Country, but because there was a huge mountain range between the two territories, which formed a natural barrier, even if the relationship between Gaoze and Da Ya was not very good, Gaoze never thought of going over this mountain range in a sneak attack, and Da Ya was also the same.

However, there would always be come outlandish things in life.

Although Ali Xiang was remote, Xu Wei Ye could not guarantee that his large accumulation of wealth would not attract the notice of others, so he turned his attention to the Gaoze Country beyond the mountain range.

Xu Wei Ye had conspired with the one0eyed man. The two dug a passage in the weakest part of the mountain. Word has it that it took five years to dig this passageway. It was wide and flat. It could be seen that the layout was thoughtful and intended for long-term development. With this passage, it didn’t even take hald an hour to travel between the two countries.

The full name of the one-eyed man was Gao Long. He was from Gaoze. His ancestors have been robbers for generations. He and Xu Wei Ye met by accident one day and they hit it off right away. Henceforth, they worked hand in glove to nefarious ends.

Gao Long, a Gaoze person, stood for Xu Wei Ye as a proxy in Gaoze Country, thus, smoothly selling off meat and other foodstuff. This helped them earn a lot of money.

In order to earn money, Xu Wei Ye did everything possible. The only good thing was that Xu Wei Ye and Gao Long were also worried about others finding out about the existence of this secret tunnel through the mountains, so they only told their cronies, and those people have already gone to see the King of Hell, so now only a few people left knew about thus passageway.

Due to territorial issues between the two countries, Fu Wu Tian immediately ordered people to close off the secret passage in order to prevent any side issues from cropping up, and he also ordered everyone who knew about the secret road to keep their mouths shut and not disclose a word to anyone, otherwise they would face the consequences.

“What are you thinking about?”

Fu Wu Tian’s low, mellow voice called his attention back.

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An Zi Ran withdrew his gaze from the window and said, “For the follow-up development of cotton, the procedures for this thing are more troublesome than for ramie.”

“That’s next year’s matter.”

“Early planning will prevent a rush job later, and I haven’t figured out where to set up the workshop yet, so I must do it as soon as possible.”

“What do you need?”

“Not much, but a place with a large labor force is needed.”

Fu Wu Tian smiled softly, “What does wangfei think about the Chang Province?”

An Zi Ran was startled.

Cotton was not like other domestic crops, such as coriander and cucumber, which must be sent to the market immediately after they’re picked, and sold in the freshest manner possible. Even if the delivery of cotton got delayed, there would be no problem with the product, so transporting it long distance was not a concern.

Due to natural disasters in Chang Province, the people’s lives were worse than that of An Yuan County. Although things have improved by a lot since then, there were still a lot of land that was seriously damaged and it was no longer suitable for planting crops. These places could be used to build workshops.

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