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The Big Landlord 130.2

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Chapter 130.2 – The New Mayor

The gears in An Zi Ran’s brain turned rapidly.

The Chang Province’s human population was highly mobile, especially before and after natural disasters. But it was close to several provinces with even greater population mobility; so locking down a labor force was not a problem.

The most important thing was that Chang Province was close to the capital, so if a problem arises it would not be beyond their sphere of influence.

“Let’s go with that. After going back, you send someone out to do a survey for me to see where is more suitable…”

When An Zi Ran was almost done talking, Fu Wu Tian opened his mouth and asked, “Wangfei, the matters in Ali Xiang are almost hone, when do you plan to go back?”

An Zi Ran thought for a while and replied: “When Xu Wei Ye died, the mayor position was vacated. I need to find someone who can take on this important task without being like Xu Wei Ye.”

Zhong Yue has been helping during this period, but she couldn’t stay here forever, and he didn’t plan to leaver her in Ali Xiang, otherwise Ge Qian An’s heart would be stuck in Ali Xiang, and he would no longer have the mood to help him do things.

“Doesn’t wangfei already have a candidate in mind?”

Fu Wu Tian’s gaze shifted to a person who just passed by outside the window. That person was only thirteen years old this year, but he was very tall, nearly 1.8 meters tall. No one would think that he was only thirteen years old.

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An Zi Ran noticed his gaze and followed it downwards. His eyes immediately landed on the self-confident Ta Li. Last time he heard the two women talking, so he had someone go and investigate Ta Li. The results were that Ta Li was indeed as his mother had said, he was a rare genius and he has a good reputation. He has been very warmhearted since he was a child. All the people around him liked him and had nothing but praises for him whenever his name was brought up.

Although Ta Li was mentally prepared, he was still surprised when he heard that people from the Imperial Fu Palace were looking for him. This was much faster than he had expected.

Xu Manor. Right now, it has already been changed into the Fu Manor.

Xu Wei Ye probably never expected that he would toil for ten years, but in the end, all of his things would fall into the hands of Fu-wangye, including the Xu Manor, which he had used a lot of money to build.

“Ta Li-gongzi, the wangfei invites you in.”

Zhong Yue was ordered to bring Ta Li inside.

Ta Li has seen her around before.

When he came back out it was an hour later. Although Ta Li had the mentality of an adult, he was still a thirteen-year-old boy after all, and the sudden good news made him overjoyed. His face showed unconcealed joy.

“Ta Li.”

Seeing him come back, the crowd gathered around him with strong curiosity. They all heard it when someone from the Imperial Fu Palace came to summon Ta Li.

“Ta Li, what did the people from the Imperial Fu Palace want from you? Seeing your happy appearance, it’s a good thing, isn’t it?” A woman couldn’t wait to ask. If it were a good thing, she would be happy too. She saw Ta Li grew up with her own eyes after all.

Ta Li nodded heartily, “It is indeed a good thing.”

Everyone would know sooner or later anyways, and he had nothing to hide.

“What kind of good thing, tell us so that we can be happy [for you] too. By the way, have you seen the wangye and wangfei? Word has it that they’re good looking.”

Ta Li smiled and said: “I saw them. They’re both good looking.”

At that moment, a cold snort suddenly sounded from outside the perimeter of the crowd.

The lively atmosphere suddenly became quieter. This voice was no stranger to the crowd. In fact, it was even very familiar.

They worked at the herbal hall. The herbal hall was a distinguishing feature of Ali Xiang, because Ali Xiang was abundant in wild medicinal plants.

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Some time ago, the Imperial Fu Palace opened several herbal halls. Each herbal hall recruited nearly twenty workers, and Ta Li worked in one of those herbal halls. However, he was very good in all aspects of his work, so there were people who thought that he was fully capable of being the head of the herbal hall. Therefore, it inevitably aroused some people’s jealousy.

“Ta Li, ignore them. Quickly, tell us, what did the Imperial Fu Palace summon you for?”

The woman was worried that those jealous people would ruin his mood, so she quickly changed the subject.

Ta Li was not an impulsive kid, so of course he would not fuss with those people too much. If he were narrow-minded, he would’ve long started a fight with them.

“Actually, it’s not a particularly big thing. They just asked me if I have the confidence to be the mayor of Ali Xiang.”

When they heard the first sentence, everyone thought that it really wasn’t some big thing, but then in the next sentence he said the word “mayor.” Outside of the Imperial Fu Palace, the mayor was the highest official rank. If the people of the Imperial Fu Palace left in the future, then the mayor would be the biggest official in Ali Xiang. How could this not be a big deal?

Even the envious people in the herbal hall showed expressions of astonishment, as if they were pinched by their throats.

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