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The Big Landlord 131.1

T/N 1: Sorry for being a day late with this update. Had to do overtime last night. (>_<) Luckily I have a day off today, but I had to run some much neglected errands first before sitting down to translate this.

T/N 2: Change in translation… I was translating 傅王府 fu wang fu (Fu Wu Tian’s residence) as the Imperial Fu Palace, but now I feel like the “palace” part might be confusing. So I’m going to translate it as Fu wangfu from now on.

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Chapter 131.1 – Nomads

Two days later, news of Ta Li becoming the mayor of Ali Xiang spread.

After Xu Wei Ye’s death, some people with high seniority and ambition in Ali Xiang were staring at the mayor position with covetous eyes. They weren’t trying to be like Xu Wei Ye, wanting to hide the sky with one hand*.

[*T/N: to hide the sky with one hand – Chinese idiom meaning to hide the truth from the masses]

After all, it was because Xu Wei Ye was too full of himself and he also took the Fu wangfu* too lightly, that he ended up dying like that.

[*T/N: 王府 wang fu – prince’s mansion]

They just yearned for the power that the position would give them, and nothing more.

But who would have thought that the post of mayor would eventually fall into the hands of a thirteen-year-old boy? Many people have heard of Ta Li’s name. He was indeed a rare talent, but that didn’t mean that everyone agreed with him being the mayor. Many people still felt that he was too young and that he did not have enough life experience.

One of the representatives of this group of people was the deputy mayor, Ha Si Mu.

Ha Si Mu was already in his fifties, and has always been working under Xu Wei Ye. Because Xu Wei Ye was a strong and vigilant person, he has always been excluded. But he has never given up aiming for the post of mayor. Originally he thought that the position of mayor would definitely be his, but in the end the post went to Ta Li.

At first, he thought that it was merely a rumor, until the day that the rumor was confirmed to be the truth. Ha Si Mu finally couldn’t sit still anymore, and went in search of the Fu wangfu.

“The deputy mayor wants to see this prince?”

The person speaking this time was Fu Wu Tian. It was rare for someone to not be looking for An Zi Ran.

Zhong Yue said: “Yes, he said that he has important matters to discuss with wangye, and that he must meet with wangye.”

“You go out and tell him, have him wait.”

Zhong Yue nodded and went off. Just before she walked out of the room, she subconsciously glanced at An Zi Ran. Her gaze no longer contained so many complicated thoughts as they did before.

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Fu Wu Tian walked up to An Zi Ran and placed his hands on his shoulders without actually exerting any force, “What are your thoughts?”

“People in their fifties should retire. It’s time for the young people to step up to the plate.” An Zi Ran’s deep tone, matched with his face, gave off the aura of someone that was proud of his age and experience.

Fu Wu Tian could not help but squeeze his cheek once.

An Zi Ran sensed his intention and wanted to avoid it but couldn’t.

“Don’t pinch my face.”


When he said this, Fu Wu Tian changed pinching into touching. He let out a soft sigh as if he had touched the finest silk. With a “pa” sound, An Zi Ran mercilessly swatted his hand away.

By the time they arrived at the main hall, it was a quarter of an hour later. It actually wasn’t that long, but Ha Si Mu’s impression of the two wasn’t good. He was very upset in his heart, but he didn’t dare to lose his temper in front of them. He did not forget how Xu Wei Ye had ended up.

Ha Si Mu expressed his thoughts euphemistically. He did not directly speak out against Ta Li taking office. Instead, he adopted a roundabout method, believing that Fu Wu Tian must be able to read between the lines.

“The prosperity of Ali Xiang today depends entirely on the wangye and wangfei. Without you, Xu Wei Ye would have hollowed out Ali Xiang long ago. On behalf of all the villagers in Ali Xiang, Ha Si Mu would like to sincerely express thanks to the two of you.”

“The deputy mayor speaks too heavily. Ali Xiang is the territory of Fu wangfu after all. This prince and wangfei should naturally work hard for Ali Xiang.” Fu Wu Tian spoke with his hands crossed behind his back.

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Ha Si Mu touched his salt and pepper beard and nodded. “No matter how you say it, Ha Si Mu still wants to thank wangye and wangfei. Now Ali Xiang is getting better and better. This is precisely when a large number of talented people are needed. This old one is willing to contribute his efforts for wangye and wangfei.”

This hint was certainly obvious enough, right?

His current position was the deputy mayor of Ali Xiang. The post above that would be the mayor.

“For the deputy mayor to have this willingness, this prince and wangfei are very touched.” Fu Wu Tian said with satisfaction. “Don’t worry, deputy mayor. We do indeed need your help next.”

Hearing these words, Ha Si Mu smiled with satisfaction.

An Zi Ran said suddenly: “Ta Li will take office in two days time. He is still young, so we will have to trouble deputy mayor to give him more guidance.”

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