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The Big Landlord 132.1

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Chapter 132.1 – To Restore

At the end of the 27th year of Emperor Chongming

After discussing with Fu Wu Tian, An Zi Ran finally decided to return to Jun Zi City. Guan Su, Shao Fei and Zhong Yue left with them.

Guan Su didn’t want to stay in Ali Xiang anymore. He had been in Ali Xiang for several months. Shao Fei was someone who couldn’t stay idle for long, so he couldn’t stay either. Thus, the group of people went back in a grandiose manner.

An Zi Ran was thinking of sending someone to Ali Xiang to oversee everything after he went back to the capital. It wasn’t that he didn’t believe in Ta Li, but Ta Li was indeed too young, so An Zi Ran was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to continuously subdue the masses.

Fortunately, things were easier with the nomads. They considered each other as family after all. But it was different for the foreigners. Both sides hoped that the person sitting in the mayor seat could be their own, so the conflicting views between the two sides was still vaguely visible.

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When they passed by An Yuan County, they stayed there for one night.

An Zi Ran could not avoid hearing about Zheng Bi and her daughter’s situation.

After they were evicted from the An family, the mother and daughter pair’s situation could be described with the idiom “can bu ren du,” a spectacle too horrible to endure.

Who knows how they’ve been living, it’s only been a few months, the two were once wealthy women, but now they’ve ended up in dire straits. They squandered the money that they got from selling the courtyard, and ended up spending everything in less than half a month.

The next day, the two women came knocking on the An family’s door.

Zheng Bi and her daughter naively thought that if they spent all their money then they could just ask the An family for more, but they didn’t know that An Zi Ran had already decided to sever all relationship with them the day that he kicked them out of the An family. So why would the An family still support them?

Thus, Steward Su rejected them and had the servants drive them out.

Zheng Bi and An Ke Xin were so angry that they came to the gate of the An family house everyday, and scolded An Zi Ran for having no conscience. They said he kicked them away as soon as he gained power, and all sorts of other unpleasant words. Shrews were still shrews.

Steward Su didn’t want to pay attention to them at first, but found that their words got more and more unpleasant, so he finally threatened to take back the house [that was given to them]. Only then did the two women exercise restraint, and afterwards Steward Su did not see them anymore.

Until half a month ago, someone said that they had seen them leaving An Yuan County with a man.

That man didn’t seem to be a good person.

As for the Lin family in Tong Tai County, they might have been afraid of revenge, or it might have been due to the incident with An Ke Xin, but after An Zi Ran left An Yuan County for Ali Xiang, the whole Lin family relocated.

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Steward Su later learned that the Lin family actually intended to move their business away from Tong Tai County to a larger town for development. Lin Xin already had this idea before An Ke Xin had married into the Lin family. Rumor has it that Lin Xin only took his second and third concubine with him, and he divorced the fourth concubine.

“Steward, I didn’t expect you to be such a gossip.”

After listening to these words, An Zi Ran looked at Steward Su for a long time before opening his mouth to speak. He was really surprised.

Steward Su’s old face was embarrassed, “ Young Master, don’t get me wrong, I just paid attention to it habitually because it had some connection with the An family. There is absolutely no other meaning. But I do want to ask your opinion about something.”

“What is it?”

“It’s about the second young lady.”

An Zi Ran immediately guessed what he wanted to say, and said mercilessly: “There is no need to pay attention. They are already grown ups with their own thinking and judgment capabilities. If they are deceived, they can only be blamed for their own ignorance. Furthermore, they have already left the An family. Whether they are alive or dead has nothing to do with the An family.”

Steward Su thought for a while. Eventually his thoughts turned into a sigh. Thinking back, he had watched the second young lady grow up into an adult with his own eyes, and now he was also watching her fall from grace with his own eyes. He thought regretfully, things have remained the same, but people have changed.

“By the way, Young Master, there is something I want to discuss with you, it’s about the An family restaurant.”

“What about the restaurant?”

“We’ve opened five restaurants and the results are all good. So I discussed with Chef Wang and Zhou Lao Han’s wife some time ago. We were wondering if we could expand the restaurant business to the capital. What do you think?”

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Steward Su looked at him expectantly. Originally, he didn’t intend to touch the food industry, but now that he has made achievements, he wanted to expand the restaurant to various places. There was no shortage of money in the An family right now, so he wanted to try it.

“That’s possible, but Jun Zi City is not like An Yuan County. There is more competition there. At that time, we would need Zhou Lao Han’s wife and Chef Wang to join me in Jun Zi City.” An Zi Ran nodded.

Steward Su’s face lit up, “No problem. I have discussed with them already. Chef Wang accepted several apprentices some time ago, and all of them have inherited some of Chef Wang’s techniques and recipes. If we hand things over to them, there shouldn’t be much of a problem.”

“Then let’s do it like that. Is there anything else?”

“There’s nothing else for now.”

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