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The Big Landlord 132.2

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Chapter 132.2 – To Restore

The next morning, they set off for Jun Zi City. Steward Su was reluctant to part. An Zi Ran brought Chef Wang and Zhou Laohan’s family along with him. Because there were children in the family, they decided to all go to the capital together as a family after some discussion. Based on their family’s current income, they were fully capable of buying a house in Jun Zi City.

Upon hearing the news that they were going to return to the capital very soon, everyone in the Fu wangfu was very happy. Even Head Steward Fu came back early.

This time he kept his promise and raised the little bun to be very rosy and healthy. However, the little bun was too round, and accidentally turned into a little fatty, but the result was still very gratifying.

“Oh, I haven’t seen him for a few months, Zi Ming is getting heavier and heavier.”

An Zi Ran picked up the little bun that was clinging on to his leg. As soon as he got his arms around the little bun, he could feel how heavy he was. The little bun really did get fatter. It wasn’t a misperception. The little face was especially round, ruddy, and adorable.


The little bun enunciated very clearly, and called to him excitedly. It sounded like he had been practicing a lot. His soft lips directly stamped a kiss onto An Zi Ran’s cheek, smearing his saliva everywhere. The little bun laughed happily, as if he had succeeded in getting away with a sneak attack.

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Blood relations cannot be changed. Even if the little bun had not seen him for a few months, he still recognized his older brother at a glance.

“Was Zi Ming a good boy while big brother was away?” An Zi Ran pinched his tender cheeks. They looked so plump. It was as if water could be squeezed out of them. The little bun’s skin was very nice and supple.

Although the little bun could talk, he could not understand sentences that were too complicated. He held onto his brother’s neck with his chubby paws and refused to let go.

Fu Yi spoke: “He was very good. He’s only so active now because you are here.”

“During my absence, I have troubled second uncle to take care of him.” After learning about Fu Yi’s background, An Zi Ran changed to calling him second uncle.

“We’re a family, and I also like little Zi Ming very much. This place hasn’t been so lively in a long time.”

An Zi Ran thought for a bit, but in the end he did not say what he was thinking. Actually, he very much doubted the authenticity of that sentence. If you asked him, the wangfu was lively everyday with the amnesiac laowangye around [to make trouble].

“By the way, why don’t I see grandfather?”

Fu Yi laughed: “Recently, there’s been a bit of problem with his brain. He has been hiding in his room for a couple of days and has not come out. Leave him alone. It will be better in a few days.”

“What’s the matter with grandfather, is his illness acting up again?” Fu Wu Tian raised his eyebrows in question.

“It can’t be regarded as his illness acting up,” Fu Yi replied ambiguously.

There was no need for him to illuminate any more. Fu Wu Tian could guess what was going on. With a calm face, he asked a few questions, “When did it happen? Did you have a doctor see to grandfather? Will it happen again?”

Fu Yi replied: “The doctor said that he needs to be observed for some more time, so I’m having him stay in his room more often.” After saying that, he gave An Zi Ran a meaningful look.

An Zi Ran noticed. His eyebrows furrowed imperceptibly. It seemed like the laowangye’s illness was taking a turn for the better, and his personality might deviate a lot. As a result, the laowangye who has recovered from his illness might not accept An Zi Ran as a male daughter-in-law*?

[*T/N: The text specified “male daughter-in-law” as opposed to simply “son-in-law”]

In the evening, the two went to bed after washing up and preparing to turn in for the night.

An Zi Ran put his head on Fu Wu Tian’s sturdy and broad chest, and listened to his strong and powerful heartbeat. After sharing the bed together for half a year, he was already very used to this.

After a while, An Zi Ran took the initiative to break the silence in the room.

“What did the doctor say about grandfather’s illness?”

When he married Fu Wu Tian, he did not put any thought into having heirs for the Fu wangfu, but it was different now. You could say that there’s still a second uncle around [to have children], but he was already forty years old.

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Judging from what Fu Yi said during the day, grandfather probably would not agree to Fu Wu Tian marrying a male wife who could not lay eggs, so An Zi Ran might have to make some preparations?

“There is a possibility of recovery, but it is uncertain. After recovery, it is the same, he might relapse at any moment.” Fu Wu Tian looked up at the canopy of the bed. He had one arm around An Zi Ran’s waist. His tone was absent-mindedly content.

An Zi Ran raised his head and looked into his eyes, “What if he insists that you marry a concubine?”

Fu Wu Tian met his gaze. His black eyes flashed with a bright light in the dark, “This prince has his own way to deal with him.”

“Second uncle?”

“It goes without saying.”

“Heh, that’s really something to look forward to!”

An Zi Ran actually wanted to see what the laowangye would be like after he recovered his memory. He heard that Fu Wu Tian inherited his personality from the laowangye, but so far, he has not seen how they could be similar.

“It would definitely surprise wangfei.”

At that moment, An Zi Ran really did not know how different the amnesiac laowangye’s personality was compared to his previous self. The laowangye before his amnesia was like Fu Wu Tian when he was about to kill someone. He was a powerful and fierce persona.

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  1. Wasn’t grandpa the one scolding FWT about hurrying to get married to AZR ? That scene in the “throne room”. Or was it before the girl eloped? I think it was after AZR came to notice them that his sister ran away and proposed something to compensate.
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