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The Big Landlord 133.2

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Chapter 133.2 – Royal Banquet

“No one knows what will happen in the future.”

An Zi Ran only believed in human effort, with effort, one could achieve anything, whereas the future was a vague and illusory thing. No one knew whether or not mishaps would happen in the middle of a journey, thus distorting the predetermined trajectory.

Fu Yuan Fan just wanted to complain. He didn’t actually think he was going to die for certain. He’s actually someone who pursued timely enjoyments.

Not too long after, Fu Yuan Fan then left through the wangfu’s back door. He was afraid that someone would see him interacting with the people from the Fu wangfu, so when he came, he was also very furtive.

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Not long after he left, Ge Qian An and the others came over.

During his absence away from Jun Zi City, these were the people who helped him take care of the affairs in the capital. Second Uncle would occasionally help him take care of matters, but Second Uncle also had his own affairs to tend to.

Li Zhen, who managed the playing cards workshop, reported first.

After An Zi Ran left the capital, Li Zhen’s workshop launched several batches of playing cards. Each batch of playing cards sold out very quickly. After going up on the shelves, they would sell out within a few days. The sales results were even better than An Zi Ran had imagined.

The people in the capital were actually not as poor as he had thought. Many people still had a bit of money stored away. The playing cards were a bit expensive, but with a bit of forbearance, the money they spent could be saved up again. Even if the later market was a bit saturated [with playing cards], they still sold out very quickly.

However, playing cards were no longer a monopoly in the capital.

After they launched the third batch of playing cards, Bao Hao Gambling House also produced a batch of playing cards. The price of their cards was cheaper by ten yuan. The paper they used was the same: official card paper, but the appearance of the cards was not as exquisite as theirs. However, the masses were not very particular about how the cards looked, so it still attracted some customers.

Li Zhen remembered what An Zi Ran said before he left, and soon made adjustments. When the fourth batch of cards went on the market, they were twenty yuan cheaper than the previous batches.

He didn’t touch the profits, but rather decreased manufacturing costs.

An Zi Ran had anticipated this kind of situation, so he bought a certain paper workshop at a high price and expanded it a long time ago. Now this paper workshop specialized in the production of paper materials for the playing card workshop. The official card paper they used was no longer made from fine bamboo. Although there were differences in quality, there was no difference to the people as long as they could be used to play with.

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Bao Hua Gambling House’s playing cards took a hit, and their momentum languished slightly. It was too late for them to make adjustments. The market in the capital was already saturated [with playing cards].

Right now, Li Zhen was thinking of promoting playing cards in towns near the capital. But because there were no gambling houses in other towns for promoting playing cards, the results will definitely be worse, so he thought of two ways to solve this problem.

One was to find someone to specifically teach the locals how to play cards.

The second was to open gambling houses in those places. This method would take time, but the intensity of publicity was better than the first method.

An Zi Ran pondered for a while before speaking, “Both methods are fine. My idea is to combine them. More than one method can be implemented at the same time. Only in this way can we occupy the market first. If we wait for a new gambling house to be built first, it will be too late by then.”

“But other places are not like Jun Zi City, where we have Tian Long Gambling House to advertise the playing cards. The people may not be willing to spend more than a hundred yuan to buy a set of playing cards that is of little use in their opinion.”

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An Zi Ran knew what he was worried about, and said, “Don’t worry, there is more than one way of playing cards. In the future, I will continue to introduce various ways of playing with cards. It will also be good publicity for the newly opened gambling houses.”

Li Zhen immediately felt relieved when he heard this. After discussing about some more details with An Zi Ran, he got up and left.

Ge Qian An originally wanted to talk to An Zi Ran about the gambling house. After Bao Hua Gambling House launched card games at their casino too, it was inevitable that some gamblers would leave Tian Long Gambling House and go over there.

The amount of gamblers that they lost was not high. Tian Long Gambling House still held sway over the majority, but the card game was a little monotonous and it was not suitable for long-term development. The gamblers would only slowly share how to play the game with others.

But now that Ge Qian An knew that there were still various ways to play with cards, he could guess what the wangfei was planning.

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