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The Big Landlord 134.2

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Chapter 134.2 – A New Game

The complacency on the gambler’s face immediately turned into rejoicing, “Damn, fortunately I called you, or I would lose.”

The other two looked at his cards with jealousy. If this hand of cards were theirs, how good would that be?

The neglected middle-aged man was a little unhappy. He rolled his eyes and then suddenly thought of the rumor he had heard before he came up, and he abruptly laughed.

The four people who heard the laughter looked up, thinking he was laughing at them, “What’s so funny?”

“Of course I am laughing at you for being too outdated. You are still playing Chinese poker.” The middle-aged man put his parrot on the table and then he stubbornly scooted a seat for himself beside Wang-laoer*.

[*T/N: 王老二 Wang is the person’s surname, laoer means the second-eldest child in the family]

With a sneer, Wang-laoer reached out to poke the head of the parrot on the table. The latter quickly dodged back. The parrot was very intelligent. Wang-laoer said, “You’re the one who’s outdated. Who doesn’t play with cards nowadays? Only someone outdated like you would play around with a dumb parrot all day long.”

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“Don’t mess with my parrot. I bought it for fifty taels of silver. It is expensive!”

The middle-aged man immediately took the parrot off the table, lest Wang-laoer damaged its head.

“I say you guys are outdated, but you don’t believe me. Just now when I was outside I heard that Tian Long Gambling House has a new card game. I heard that this new card game is different from Fight the Landlord and Chinese poker.

The four gamblers looked at each other and doubted the authenticity of these words. Who knew if this guy was deliberately lying to them, but it might not be impossible. The four of them were a bit curious, and finally Wang-laoer spoke first.

“Do you know what’s going on?”

“How would I know? I just heard someone say this by chance. It’s not like you guys don’t know that I’m not interested in gambling.”

The middle-aged man’s biggest hobby was playing with his parrot. The amount of money that he spent on his parrot was more than what the gamblers lost in their games.

The four gamblers pondered for a bit and finally decided to go to Tian Long Gambling House to see for themselves. They hurried away without even exchanging any greetings.

The middle-aged man laughed at their backs. He didn’t tell them this piece of news out of the goodness of his heart. He just wanted to watch them fall into a pit. How dare they laugh at him? He spent a lot of money on the parrot, but the parrot was real. It was not like gambling. If you lose your money, you don’t get anything back for it.

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As soon as news of Tian Long Gambling House’s new card game spread, many gamblers learned of the news one after another.

The gamblers who originally flowed to other gambling houses came back. New things were always attractive to people, especially to people who liked to gamble.

The new game play was different from Fight the Landlord and Chinese poker.

The two card games – Fight the Landlord and Chinese poker – were actually mild game plays. They were fun but not exciting enough. Some experienced gamblers would get bored after playing it a few times and then go back to playing other gambling games. So when someone talked about the new card game at Tian Long Gambling House, some people thought at first that it surely wouldn’t last long.

Other gambling houses also began to wait to see Tian Long Gambling House make a fool of itself.

Until Chinese poker came out, many people did not know that there were other ways of playing with cards. So some gamblers that were lost were gradually attracted back.

However, Chinese poker was similar to Fight the Landlord. It could be popular among the masses, but not in casinos. So many people were waiting for Tian Long Gambling House to launch a new card game. This one wait took one month.

Wang-laoer’s group learned of the news relatively early, but when they arrived outside Tian Long Gambling House, there were already crowds of people inside.

“Have you guys seen it? I heard that this new game is even more incredible and more fun than Fight the Landlord and Chinese poker!”

“There are too many people inside, I haven’t seen it yet.”

“I have heard that the name of the game is blackjack. It’s all luck, but if you can double it, you will win more.”

“What’s going on? Quickly, tell us more.”

Wang-laoer and them pricked up their ears.

“Blackjack means that the points of the few cards in the hand do not exceed the number of twenty-one. If it exceeds the number, it will go bust. If the banker also busts, it will be a tie. If the points are higher than the banker, you can win. It’s very fun. Whether you want to play or not depends on your own wishes.”

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All the people around who heard him were all itching to play. It sounded more fun than Fight the Landlord and Chinese poker.

Wang-laoer and them immediately followed the crowd and squeezed up to the second floor.

The card games were all on the second floor. There were several large wing rooms*. There were nearly ten gambling tables in each of the wing rooms. The sides of the gambling tables were all full of people. There were many people playing. There was no room for four more people. So they could only stay on the side and observe the rules of the game.

[*T/N: 厢房 xiang fang – wing (of a traditional house) / side room]

When the new card game was launched, the other gambling houses were also affected.

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