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The Big Landlord 135.1

T/N: The author wrote a note at the beginning of this chapter. Because kinship words are not as complicated in English, it won’t be too big of a change for us, but Chinese has really specific kinship words that delineate your exact position on the family tree in relation to another person and whether they’re from your paternal side or maternal side.

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Chapter 135.1 – Zhang Sun Shao Qi

[A/N: Because the stupid author made a mistake, second uncle (二伯 er bo) will be changed directly to uncle (小叔 xiao shu) in the future.]

In the 27th year of Emperor Chong Ming, the imperial palace ushered in the grandest royal banquet of the year.

From very early in the morning, every level of the palace was busying about in preparation for the banquet. There were people running back and forth carrying plates and other things. This royal banquet was not like the previous ones before it.

A royal banquet has become a state banquet. It was nothing compared to a normal family banquet. The attendees of a family banquet would only include the harem’s concubines and all the members of the royal family, while a state banquet also included all state officials from the fourth rank and up. It was a very grand affair, and even Emperor Chong Ming attached great importance to it.

Before the start of the state banquet, both luxurious and low-key carriages began appearing on the avenue leading to the imperial capital. The horses pulling these carriages clipped and clopped along the road. Some of these people were very high profile and even attached a flag to the roof of their carriages to announce their identity. Some did not have anything on their carriages, but anyone with eyes could recognize which carriage belonged to which family at a glance.

The common people did not dare to approach these people.

They also knew what day it was.

The state banquet was a first-class event for the imperial family. On this day, all the people of high rank and status would bring their wives into the palace. If a normal person accidentally ran into one of these carriages and offended the people sitting inside, they would not be able to recompense even if they used all their family fortune.

At Fu wangfu

An Zi Ran was busying about outside for nearly the entire day, and as soon as he stepped inside the wangfu, Fu Wu Tian pulled him into their room. By now, there was less than two hours until the state banquet.

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There was a new set of clothes arranged on the table in the room. It was obviously for him.

An Zi Ran did not have any special requirements for the color of his clothes, as long as it was not particularly bright, so his clothes were usually royal blue, cyan, red, blue, etc. However, he rarely wore white clothing. In his memories, he has worn white only a few times. Furthermore, this was a white that carried a hint of crescent moon yellow.

[T/N: Yellow or gold is often the color of Chinese royalty in media, even though different dynasties in China prized different colors as a symbol of royalty.]

Fu Wu Tian had prepared a pure white outfit for him this time. There were lotuses embroidered in light blue silk thread along the hems of the robes. The white silky fabric was dignified and noble, and with the addition of some colors, it suddenly raised a few levels, making it noble and inviolable.

An Zi Ran rarely wore such cumbersome clothes, and it was a little uncomfortable wearing it for the first time.

Because he often ran about outside the wangfu for his work, his clothes would get in the way if they were too complicated, so his clothes have always been as simple as possible.

For the sake of attending the state banquet held by the imperial family this time, he could only bear with the discomfort.

After An Zi Ran bathed, Fu Wu Tian personally helped him put on the new set of clothes. As each piece of clothing went over the youth’s slender and tempting body, a tent began to bulge underneath Fu Wu Tian’s clothes. If they didn’t have to attend the state banquet soon, he would’ve just torn off the youth’s clothes and carried him onto the bed. Do first and talk later.

An Zi Ran didn’t see the bulge beneath Fu Wu Tian’s clothes and accepted his service with peace of mind.

Fu Wu Tian picked up the blue belt with his hand. The belt was made of pure white fabric, and embroidered in blue silk thread were the patterns of waves along the edges and bamboos in the middle. It was very beautiful.

Fu Wu Tian hugged An Zi Ran around the waist and carefully helped him put on the belt. Once on, the belt perfectly outlined An Zi Ran’s slender waist. Fu Wu Tian rubbed the youth’s waist lightly, reluctant to part.

An Zi Ran pulled his hand away.

Fu Wu Tian chuckled, plucked the snow-white brocade cloak from the folding screen, and put it on An Zi Ran. As the Chinese New Year approached, the weather got colder. The capital was not located in the warm south, so it snowed occasionally in winter.

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The snow-white cloak made the youth looked even more handsome and unparalleled. His skin was originally fair. After wearing this set of clothes, he looked like a translucent piece of jade, clear and delightful to the eye. Once you caught sight of him, you would not want to look away.

When the two men came out of their room, the servants were indeed really amazed at the sight of An Zi Ran.

The wangfei had an indifferent and noble temperament, but it was not to the point that it was enough to make people afraid to approach him. But after putting on this set of clothes, he instantly transformed into a lofty and untouchable flower. And his dark eyes were like the vast night sky, which was extremely mysterious and beautiful.

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