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The Big Landlord 135.2

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Chapter 135.2 – Zhang Sun Shao Qi

Many people were stunned at the sight of An Zi Ran.

Before, the people saw him often, and when wangfei first married into the wangfu, he did not look as good as he did now. At that time, he still had some baby fat, so his appearance could only be regarded as cute at most. Later, he gradually lost weight and his facial features began to change.

For the people in the wangfu, they could see wangfei everyday, so the gradual changes that they saw each day did not shock them. It was not until now, that they realized how good-looking the wangfei was.

One of the servants wiped the saliva that almost dripped out of the corner of his mouth, “Our wangfei is so good-looking. When our wangfei goes to the state banquet, it will surely surprise many people.”

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“That’s right, let’s see who would dare to say that our wangfei is ugly.” The little maid immediately felt indignant. Their wangfei was clearly so good-looking, so how could he be ugly. If he was still considered ugly, then there was no one on this earth who could be considered pretty.

As servants of the Fu wangfu, they would occasionally go outside to make purchases, so they inevitably heard the people outside talking about An Zi Ran.

Among them, the most gossiped about topic was An Zi Ran’s appearance, because not many people have seen how he looked like, and those who had any impression of him were of the original An Zi Ran. Although some people later saw him after losing weight, it was only a small number of people, so even till now there were people saying that wangye had married an ugly wangfei.

“Is grandfather not coming into the palace with us?”

Seeing that the laowangye had yet to come out at this time, An Zi Ran was surprised. He thought that they would be going into the palace together.

Fu Wu Tian explained: “Grandfather is not going with us. Later, my uncle will be taking him into the palace.”

An Zi Ran understood that the laowangye’s status was quite special, and because of his illness, it was not suitable to meet with too many people. Most likely, he would return to the wangfu after seeing the empress dowager.

The two of them then got on the carriage and headed to the palace.

The black horse-drawn carriage ran quickly down the street like a whirlwind. The people living here were all high-ranking officials and powerful people, unlike the crowds in the downtown area, so there was no need to worry about bumping into people.

However, in addition to their carriage, there were also other carriages on the street rushing towards the palace in a hurry. After a while, you could see several carriages vying to compete for who was faster. Only a few chose to yield the way. Fortunately, the streets were relatively wide, so they were unlikely to collide.

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An Zi Ran looked at Fu Wu Tian, who was sitting next to him. He was wearing a black and gold-rimmed broad-sleeved official robe [worn by ministers] today. The edges and corners of his facial features looked even sharper than usual. Even when Fu Wu Tian had his eyes closed, you could still feel the tension of having his eyes on you. His casual posture also gave off a strong sense of presence.

Wangfei, if you keep looking at this prince like this, this prince won’t be able to endure anymore.”

Fu Wu Tian suddenly opened his eyes. An Zi Ran did not withdraw his gaze fast enough and was met with Fu Wu Tian’s stare. Something seemed to flash in Fu Wu Tian’s eyes.

An Zi Ran was not embarrassed. He calmly retracted his gaze, opened his mouth and was about to change the subject. The carriage abruptly braked, and his body was immediately flung forward uncontrollably. He was about to bump into the carriage when a strong arm looped around his waist and pulled him back.

An Zi Ran sprawled back against Fu Wu Tian’s body instead.

From outside came the sound of the frightened horse, and there seemed to be the sound of something falling over. It took a while before things calmed down.

Before they could inquire about the situation, a questioning voice suddenly sounded.

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“Do you not have eyes? Can’t you see that there is someone here? Look at our carriage. It’s ruined. How are you guys going to pay for it?”

That person’s tone was extremely arrogant and haughty.

The Fu wangfu’s stable lad wasn’t someone that others could bully at will. Although the identity of the other party did not seem to be ordinary, the stable lad also had backers. He immediately retorted: “It’s obvious that you rushed out suddenly, how can you blame us?”

“You dog servant, there is no place for you to speak here. Call your master out. This gongzi would like to see what kind of person has the guts to ram into this gongzi’s horse carriage.” The speaker changed to someone else. It was evident that this was the true master of the other horse carriage.

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