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The Big Landlord 135.3

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Chapter 135.3 – Zhang Sun Shao Qi

Hearing what the other party had said, An Zi Ran felt like he really would be looked down on if he didn’t show his face. He also wanted to see what kind of person would still have such arrogant confidence after crashing into someone. His identity and status must not be low.

The curtain of the horse carriage parted and two figures came out one after the other.

The people subconsciously raised their heads and looked over. They saw two people, one was soft and supple, and the other was hard and strong. Standing together, they created a peerlessly magnificent tableau. Those who had stopped to watch the spectacle were all shocked into a stupor.


[*T/N: 郡王 – a respectful term of address]

The person who was calling himself ‘this gongzi’ could not help crying out involuntarily when he saw Fu Wu Tian’s face. When he said the words ‘junwang,’ the onlookers immediately started to whisper fiercely. Of all the people to bump into, this person had bumped into the junwang’s horse carriage. Man, this was going to be a good show!

Fu Wu Tian’s indifferent gaze fell upon the other person’s shocked face, and he couldn’t help but to raise an eyebrow, “Zhang Sun Shao Qi?”

“That’s right, this gongzi is Zhang Sun Shao Qi.”

Zhang Sun Shao Qi quickly put away his look of astonishment. Although Fu Wu Tian was no ordinary person, this did not mean that he would be afraid of him. The Zhang Sun family had quite a bit of influence in the imperial court. As the Zhang Sun family’s sole scion, he definitely had the power to walk sideways*.

[*T/N: People normally walk forwards, so “to walk sideways” means you’re flouting conventions because you’re arrogant and/or powerful.]

Speaking of Zhang Sun Shao Qi, one must also mention what a super lucky person he was.

Zhang Sun Shao Qi was not Zhang Sun Cheng De’s biological grandson. Zhang Sun Cheng De only had one daughter, who was the current empress. Although the eldest prince was his grandson, he did not have the surname Zhang Sun, since he took the father’s surname as per custom. In order to pass on the Zhang Sun’s family legacy, Zhang Sun Cheng De brought back Zhang Sun Shao Qi.

Zhang Sun Shao Qi was the grandson of Zhang Sun Cheng De’s younger brother. When they were young, the two brothers took different paths in life and eventually split up. When they reunited, one was already the prime minister of the imperial court, while the other was a rich merchant.

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It was a pity that the two brothers had not reunited for long when the younger brother’s family was killed by bandits on the road to the capital, leaving only the young Zhang Sun Shao Qi and a huge family business.

Afterwards, Zhang Sun Cheng De found Zhang Sun Shao Qi and brought him back. Zhang Sun Cheng De instructed Zhang Sun Shao Qi with great care fomr a young age. It was unfortunate that Zhang Sun Shao Qi’s abilities were mediocre and he wasn’t very clever, so he was unsuited for politics.

Although Zhang Sun Shao Qi had to change families as a young child, he was also a fortunate one. In the blink of an eye, he suddenly changed from the grandson of a wealthy businessman to the grandnephew of the prime minister.

[T/N: The raws did indeed say 侄孙, which means grandnephew. But I’m a little confused, since I thought he was already Zhang Sun Cheng De’s grandnephew from birth… It would make more sense to say 孙子, grandson, implying that he’s been adopted as a direct descendant of Zhang Sun Cheng De’s line… =\ ]

His status rose by several class levels. This was a blessing that others couldn’t even envy. With the Zhang Sun family backing him, it was no wonder that he dared to be so harsh and unreasonable. There were very few people in Jun Zi City who were willing to offend him.

“Zhang Sun Shao Qi, your carriage frightened this prince’s horse, how are you going to compensate?”

Fu Wu Tian folded his arms behind his back and looked at Zhang Sun Shao Qi condescendingly. His black eyes seemed to emit a faint sense of oppression.

Zhang Sun Shao Qi’s eyelid has been jumping ever since he laid eyes on Fu Wu Tian. Although he was not afraid of Fu Wu Tian, his grandfather had once told him not to confront Fu Wu Tian, and to take a detour if he were to ever see the other man. His grandfather had warned him that the one to suffer a lost would be him. At that time, he was unconcerned with his grandfather’s words. With the Zhang Sun family’s strength, why should they be afraid of a wangye that the emperor hated?

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Due to years of feeling superior to everyone else, Zhang Sun Shao Qi somewhat looked down on Fu Wu Tian, but now he was being suppressed by Fu Wu Tian’s aura, and his complexion immediately turned ashen.

“Fu… junwang, take a good look for yourself, your carriage smashed my carriage, yet you dare to say that my carriage scared your horse?”

Zhang Sun Shao Qi’s brain was not muddled. In the end, he did not dare to call Fu Wu Tian by name in public. Otherwise, he might end up making trouble for himself.

But he regretted his words as soon as they left his mouth, because he knew that it was his carriage’s fault for rushing out, otherwise, it would not have crashed into the other person.

If the owner of the carriage he hit was not Fu Wu Tian, he could use his status to crush the other party, but clearly, the person in front of him wasn’t some ordinary person that he could casually extort under false pretenses.

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Fu Wu Tian narrowed his eyes slightly, “Since you are not convinced, this prince can bring you to the prime minister for a discussion and see who is right and who is wrong.”

Zhang Sun Shao Qi’s complexion flipped between blue and white. If his grandfather found out about this, he would definitely be reprimanded. He did not dare to keep insisting. He cowardly spat out one more line and then left with his people.

“You sure are something*.”

[*T/N: Implies “you win” or “you got me.”]


Fu Wu Tian leisurely uttered one word that carried endless contempt.

An Zi Ran couldn’t help the twitch of his lips.

This small episode did not affect them at all, and they set off for the palace again.

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