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The Big Landlord 136.1

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Chapter 136.1 – To Surge Like a Gathering Storm*

[*T/N: “to surge like a gathering storm” – idiom for to grow by leaps and bounds]

When their carriage reached the main gate of the palace, the guards standing outside stopped them.

Today was the royal state banquet, and the attendees were not low ranking people, so the security was a little tighter than usual. There were also more guards patrolling the city than usual.

Deputy Commander Gong Yun’s eyes flashed when he saw the carriage.

The carriage driver took out the identity card that he had prepared ahead of time and handed it to the guard.

Gong Yun took a look at it, determined that it belonged to the Fu wangfu, and then returned it to the carriage driver: “So it is the wangye. Can you let this commander take a look inside?”

In order to prevent people with malicious intentions from sneaking in, this was a procedure that everyone must go through, even the prime minister. He was responsible for guarding the imperial city. Gong Yun was upright and honest, and he would not make an exception because of the guest’s noble status. These were the reasons why Yu Bo Fei entrusted this important task to him.

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The people inside the carriage did not say anything, but they parted the curtain very cooperatively.

There were only Fu Wutian and An Ziran in the carriage. They didn’t bring anyone else to the state banquet this time. The number of occupants inside the carriage could be clearly determined with one look in.

This was the first time Gong Yun was seeing Fu Wu Tian’s wangfei. The young man sat quietly. The snow-white cloak he wore made him seem flawless and impeccable, just like a while jade sculpture.

Gong Yun nodded at them and had his subordinates step aside to let them through.

Not long after the Fu wangfu’s carriage had entered the palace; Zhang Sun Shao Qi finally arrived late. Due to his damaged carriage, he had no choice but to ride a horse over. Just as he was about to enter the palace with the horse, the guards stopped him.

“What are you doing? This gongzi is here to attend the state banquet.”

Zhang Sun Shao Qi immediately shouted loudly. Because he had just returned to Junzi City, he did not come with Zhang Sun Cheng De. In the past, it was always Zhang Sun Cheng De who attended these events, so Zhang Sun Shao Qi did not know the necessary procedures and rules.

Gong Yun said blankly, “Please show your identity card.”

Zhang Sun Shao Qi raised his chin arrogantly, “I am the prime minister’s grandson, Zhang Sun Shao Qi.”

“Please show your identity card.”

Gong Yun’s tone was cold and hard as he repeated himself again.

Zhang Sun Shao Qi expression sunk, “Didn’t you hear me when I said I was the prime minister’s grandson?”

Gong Yun raised his dark eyes, “Even the prime minister has to show his identity card here. There are no exceptions.”

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Zhang Sun Shao Qi saw that this guard did not know how to be flexible. He snorted coldly, however he still took out his identity card and threw it to the guard. He didn’t dare to make a big deal out of it. He could only secretly make a note of Gong Yun in his mind. He would definitely show this person what was what in the future, so he better pray that he didn’t end up in Zhang Sun Shao Qi’s hands.

After confirming his identity, Gong Yun let him go.

Zhang Sun Shao Qi gave him a cold look, and then arrogantly left.

“Deputy commander, this Zhang Sun Shao Qi seems to be a vengeful person. You have to be careful in the future. I heard that Zhang Sun Cheng De attached great importance to him.” His subordinate saw the look on Zhang Sun Shao Qi’s face when he left, and he felt a little worried for his deputy commander.

“He’s just a wanku*. He can’t make any big waves.” Gong Yun didn’t care. Even if it were Zhang Sun Cheng De, he would not let him do whatever he wanted. Right now, the eldest prince’s party was awfully busy fighting with the second and third prince. He certainly hoped that nothing troublesome would happen.

[*T/N: 纨绔 wanku refers to the children of wealthy families. It implies that they only depend on their family’s money and don’t really know how to do things for themselves.]

The subordinate wasn’t clear on the situation, and there was still a trace of worry on his face.

Gong Yun didn’t intend to explain too much to him.

Taiqing Palace was where the emperor handled his daily government affairs. Every year the state banquet was held there, and it has become habitual ever since the first emperor of the dynasty. Attendees could arrive early or late, but they could never be later than the emperor, so they usually chose to arrive early.

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At this time, the officials were talking in groups of twos and threes. The factions were clearly defined, and it was easy to see who was from which faction at a glance. There was only a quarter of an hour before youshi*, and most of them had already arrived, except for some of the more fussy ones, or those who deliberately waited until the last moment to arrive to elevate their sense of existence, or to prove that their identity was extraordinary before appearing on the stage.

[*T/N: 酉时 youshi – based on ancient time keeping system, it is the time between 5 and 7 pm]

But this did not include Fu Wu Tian and An Zi Ran.

The two have never attended a state banquet before. This included Fu Wu Tian, who was a member of the imperial family.

He stayed at the country’s borders all year round and didn’t come back very often, so he has never participated in one of these events even once. Even when he did come to the capital, he would leave and go back to the borders in a hurry. So when the eunuch announced, “junwang and junwangfei has arrive,” everyone present was silent for a split second.

As one everyone looked at the door in unison.

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