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The Big Landlord 136.2

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Chapter 136.2 – To Surge Like a Gathering Storm

Standing at the entrance were two figures: one in black and one in white. Everyone’s gazes followed these two as they walked in. First, they looked at Fu Wu Tian, and then at the young man beside him. Just like the maids at the Fu wangfu, everyone was stunned by An Zi Ran.

Didn’t the rumors say that the Fu wangfei was not good looking?

If the young man before them was not good looking, then there were no good-looking people in the whole of Da Ya. No one was stupid enough to think that this young man was not the junwangfei. This kind of occasion cannot be attended by anyone casually; otherwise, it will be disrespectful to the imperial family.

“He seems to look better than when I last saw him.”

Fu Yuan Cheng’s eyes followed An Zi Ran and a faint smiling aura seemed to flow from him, as if he had different feelings towards An Zi Ran each time he saw him.

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Zhao Yi seemed to understand what he was thinking, and said suddenly, “He is the junwang’s wangfei.”

Hearing this, Fu Yuan Cheng gave him a funny look, “Of course I know that he is a Wu Tian’s wangfei. No one knows this better than me.”

On the opposite side, Zhang Sun Shao Qi also happened to arrive at the banquet just then. Because he came over on horseback, his traveling speed was a little faster than Fu Wu Tian and An Zi Ran. Almost as soon as they stepped into the venue, he came in from behind, but everyone’s attention was on Fu Wu Tian and An Zi Ran, so not many people noticed him.

“Grandpa.” With a frown, Zhang Sun Shao Qi came in front of Zhang Sun Cheng De.

“I heard that your carriage is broken. Did you come here on horseback?” Zhang Sun Cheng De glanced at him and surreptitiously shook his head.

For a moment, Zhang Sun Shao Qi’s seemed to spark. Then he said in an aggrieved voice: “Grandpa, my carriage was damaged by someone. Your grandson was almost injured. If it wasn’t for luck, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to see you right now.”

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Zhang Sun Shao Qi deliberately did not tell the truth. He wanted to provoke his grandfather’s anger and have him target Fu Wu Tian, but he was too impatient but forgot, since Zhang Sun Cheng De knew that his carriage was broken, how could he not know the situation at that time?

Zhang Sun Cheng De glanced in the direction of Fu Wu Tian and An Zi Ran, and said calmly, “You crashed into the Fu wangfu’s carriage, didn’t you?”

Ice shot through Zhang Sun Shao Qi’s heart. His grandpa knew? In the next second, his face flushed red with embarrassment. In front of his grandpa, he was like an infant playing in the sandbox.

“It’s fine as long as you’re okay. But you have to remember not to rampage around on the streets next time. If you hurt someone, the Zhang Sun family will be there to support you, but if you hurt yourself, you will suffer.”

Hearing his grandpa’s calm words spoken in a dignified tone, Zhang Sun Shao Qi showed a happy expression. Grandpa did not blame him, but worried about his safety instead. Did that mean there was no need to be afraid of Fu wangfu?

“Grandpa, I’ll remember your words.”

Zhang Sun Cheng De nodded. At this moment, his attention was not on his grandson, and it was not good to be reprimanding him in such a public venue, so even the cunning and astute him did not notice his grandson’s thoughts. If he knew, he would definitely teach him a lesson before anything else.

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Curious eyes followed Fu Wu Tian and An Zi Ran before looking away again. Everyone’s interest in them was just because the two of them rarely appeared in front of the public, so they were just curious for a while. As for trying to pull Fu Wu Tian into their camp, these people would not rashly extend an olive branch until the emperor’s hostility towards his nephew was eliminated.

For the moment, everyone came to the tacit mutual decision to not approach the two, thus forming an invisible forbidden zone around them.

That was until Fu Yuan Fan appeared. He didn’t want people to know that he had an inextricably linked ‘relationship’ with Fu wangfu, but this was a state banquet, so it was all right to exchange greetings.

Tangge, Tangfu*.

[*T/N: Fu Yuan Fan addresses Fu Wu Tian as 堂哥 Tangge, which means “older male patrilineal cousin.” 堂夫 Tangfu is a made up term, and translates to “husband of older male cousin via male line” based on the story’s context.]

Fu Yuan Fan joyfully walked up to them and greeted them very happily. Da Hei followed behind him step by step. He didn’t wear the same helpless expression as they saw before. Instead, he looked like a serious real bodyguard.

An Zi Ran looked him up and down once. Usually, when Fu Yuan Fan left the palace, his clothes would be more casual for the sake of convenience. The majority of his clothes were sunny and vibrant, for example, azure in color. Today was the same, but his clothes were clearly much finer than usual. It was just that the embroidered white peony on his clothes did not really match up with a masculine guy like him.

Fu Yuan Fan followed An Zi Ran’s line of sight and saw the embroidered peony on his clothes. His expression abruptly fell, “My mother chose these clothes for me. I told her I didn’t want this peony, but she said that peonies look nice. A woman’s taste in fashion is naturally good, but I’m clearly a man.”

Fu Wu Tian also looked him over, “Don’t you normally like to show off your literary skills? The peony is a good match for you.”

Fu Yuan Fan just knew that this cousin of his never had nice things to say, so he tactfully left after exchanging a few words.

He didn’t dare to stay with them for too long. His fifth brother kept staring at him. It would be troublesome if his fifth brother started to suspect his tangfu.

Not long after he left, the eunuch’s shrill voice suddenly sounded.

“The emperor and empress have arrived!”

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