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The Big Landlord 137.2

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Chapter 137.2 – I Have, You Don’t Have?

The people from the First Prince’s faction also subtly laughed at An Zi Ran’s expense.

Indeed, An Zi Ran had married into the Fu wangfu, and most people who get married into another family were women. So what Zhang Sun Shao Qi said was not wide of the mark, but his behavior could also be considered trying to pick a fight. After all, An Zi Ran was still a man, so how could he sit with a group of women? What kind of image would that make?

Fu Wu Tian glared at Zhang Sun Shao Qi, but to everyone’s surprise he did not speak up for his wangfei. However, his gaze was deep and immeasurable, and there seemed to be something strange mixed in with the emotion in his eyes. Those who were secretly observing him could not help having some misgivings.

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“Whether or not I am a man, my wangye can testify for me. But rather, Zhang Sun-gongzi, I’m really curious, how is Zhang Sun-gongzi different from me? Could it be that something I have, you… don’t have?” When An Zi Ran said the last two words, he looked down vaguely at Zhang Sun Shao Qi’s lower body, but the underlying thing that he was hinting at was obvious to everyone present.


Fu Yuan Fan was the first to cooperate with a laugh, and his line of sight was much more direct than An Zi Ran’s. His gaze directly fell on Zhang Sun Shao Qi’s crotch. His eyes were full of mirth, as if asking ‘you really don’t have [it]? Oh my, I’m really curious!’

The atmosphere suddenly took a turn for the ambiguous, and due to Fu Yuan Fan’s cooperation, many people’s eyes also fell onto Zhang Sun Shao Qi’s crotch.

Zhang Sun Shao Qi flushed beet red and resisted the impulse for violence.

He had only wanted to embarrass An Zi Ran, because if An Zi Ran were to be embarrassed, then Fu Wu Tian also wouldn’t look good. But he never imagined that this An Zi Ran was no ordinary person. When it came to glib talk, he was not inferior to him at all.

Some people were now starting to understand why Fu Wu Tian didn’t stand up and speak for his wangfei. It turned out that he knew that his wangfei was capable of dealing with it. Moreover, his wangfei was not an ordinary character. With just a few words, he embarrassed the only seedling of the Zhang Sun family in public.

“You… you’re just a…”

“Shao Qi!”

Before Zhang Sun Shao Qi could finish speaking his words, Zhang Sun Cheng De’s majestic voice suddenly boomed. His voice held no hints of anger, instead, it was very calm, but to Zhang Sun Shao Qi it was like being struck by lightning at midnight. He was so frightened that he broke out into cold sweat.

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If he said something terrible to An Zi Ran on such an important occasion, it would be like slapping Fu Wu Tian on the face. Fu Wu Tian was a member of the imperial family. You could imagine what would be the consequences of offending royalty. Offending Fu Wu Tian for a trivial matter would not be worth it.

No matter how much the emperor disliked Fu Wu Tian, he still would never allow an outsider to slap the face of the imperial family. Beside, the emperor had personally approved of their marriage. Most importantly, the competition among the three factions in the imperial court has become more and more fierce lately, and the emperor was just hounding for an opportunity to weaken the factions’ power.

However, Zhang Sun Cheng De stepped in a bit late.

Anyone with brains could already guess what Zhang Sun Shao Qi wanted to say.

Whether it was An Zi Ran or Fu Wu Tian, the look in their eyes have gained a dangerous light, and the atmosphere abruptly turned cold.

The strange atmosphere quickly attracted other people’s attention, including the emperor and the empress, who also looked over to their area.

Emperor Chong Ming’s eyes were such thin slits that it was hard to discern his expression. When the empress saw that members from her family were involved, her phoenix eyes instantly sharpened.

Everyone dispersed in tacit understanding, and no one mentioned the matter that occurred just then.

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As soon as An Zi Ran took his seat, he was acutely aware of someone’s gaze on him. When he turned his head he saw that it was Fu Yuan Cheng looking over at him. When Fu Yuan Cheng saw An Zi Ran looking at him, he gave An Zi Ran a friendly smile, but An Zi Ran did not reciprocate.

“Cousin Wu Tian, your wangfei is really impressive.” Fu Yuan Wu said.

Fu Yuan Wu, who was sitting half a table away on Fu Wu Tian’s right hand side, suddenly looked over at them with an expression that was like a smile yet not a smile. Anyone with ears could hear the ill intentions in those words. But who could blame him? Zhang Sun Shao Qi was his younger male cousin via the matriarchal line. After being embarrassed in public, it would be weird for him to be happy.

Fu Wu Tian’s indifference gaze glanced over the other man’s face carelessly. Just when Fu Yuan Wu thought that Fu Wu Tian was going to retort, Fu Wu Tian only hummed lightly in response and then looked away.

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