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The Big Landlord 137.3

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Chapter 137.3 – I Have, You Don’t Have?

Fu Yuan Wu’s expression twisted. He lowered his voice and said in a volume that only the two of them could hear: “Fu Wu Tian, don’t be too complacent. When this prince ascends to the throne, sooner or later, the whole Fu wangfu is going to get it.”

“You are not suitable.”

A third person suddenly joined in the conversation, and from his words it was evident that he heard what Fu Yuan Wu had said.

Fu Yuan Wu was stunned for a moment. Then he turned and saw the speaker to be An Zi Ran. The youth had an indifferent expression on his face as if he was standing on a high place and looking down on Fu Yuan Wu. His expression was confident and certain as if he were predicting the future. Fu Yuan Wu’s face sank in an instant. Just as he was about to refute, the youth looked away.

These two – Fu Wu Tian and An Zi Ran – were indeed a married couple. Even their actions were the same.

“An Zi Ran, this prince will remember you!”

A wave of humiliation washed over Fu Yuan Wu, and the hands hanging by his side slowly tightened into fists. The gaze that he pierced An Zi Ran with was like a sharp knife.

It was not that An Zi Ran did not perceive the other person’s glare, but he simply did not care.

Fu Yuan Wu was indeed talented, but his temperament was lacking. He had the support of the Zhang Sun family, but if he were to ascend the throne in the future, he would become an emperor that was naturally predisposed to suspicions, and the slightest provocation would lead to him digging his own grave.

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In contrast, Fu Yuang Cheng had a better chance of winning the fight for the throne. People were more inclined to like him for his gentle and elegant appearance. He was a person with a strategic mind, he knew forbearance, and he was good at winning people’s hearts. Such a person was the most suitable person to become an emperor.

The only disadvantage to him was that he didn’t have a strong and powerful family as a backer. Although the Zhao family was currently on his side, he has not completely subdued the Zhao family. Moreover, the Zhao family also has a prince, so he could not completely trust the Zhao family no matter what. And flawed trust was a great hidden danger. No one knew when things would break down.

This was Fu Yuan Cheng’s greatest weakness. If his enemies could make good use of this point, it would be a huge blow to Fu Yuan Cheng, and it might even nullify his ability to complete for the throne.

Finally, there was the third prince, Fu Yuan Yang.

An Zi Ran glanced at Fu Yuan Yang lightly.

From the very beginning, he felt that Fu Yuan Yang possessed a turbulent aura about him, and his family’s power was also very strong. But if he were allowed to ascend the throne, then he might become the first tyrant of Da Ya.

Seemingly aware of his gaze, Fu Yuan Yang suddenly looked over. His eyes were full of cruelty and cold-bloodedness.

An Zi Ran frowned. Even though there was another person between him and Fu Yuan Yang, he could still feel the suffocating aura emanating from the other person’s body. This person’s hands must be drenched in the blood of countless people. His intuition could not be wrong about this.

“What is it?”

Fu Wu Tian’s low-pitched voice sounded in his ears. When he traced An Zi Ran’s line of sight, he could only see Fu Yuan Yang’s profile. His facial features were the most prominent among the five brothers. He had a broad forehead, a narrow nose, and hard facial features. He bore a great resemblance to his uncle Yu Bo Fei.

An Zi Ran shook his head. “Didn’t grandfather say he would come? Why don’t we see him yet? And the empress dowager, does she not plan to attend this banquet?”

“The empress dowager is old and likes peace and quiet. She also did not attend the state banquets in previous years. She’d only occasionally attend a family banquet. Grandfather must have gone to Ci Ming Palace by now. When the state banquet is over, we will go see the empress dowager.”

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If possible, An Zi Ran didn’t want to attend the state banquet either.

When Fu Wu Tian was forced to surrender his military power, he had taken it as an opportunity to withdraw from the battle for the throne. Thanks to this, the Fu wangfu could expect to be peaceful for this year. If he got into trouble because of this, he would also have a headache.

“Can we leave early?”

Fu Wu Tian caressed the fold between his brows affectionately, “Don’t worry, there is an oral order from the empress dowager, so we can go anytime.”

“Then is right now possible?” An Zi Ran quipped.

“Of course.”

Hearing what Fu Wu Tian said with such an affirmative tone, An Zi Ran shrugged, “Forget it, let’s wait a little longer, it’s too conspicuous to leave now.”

“We’ll do as you say.”

The people who were paying attention took note of the intimacy between the two men. Some people’s eyes flashed with surprise, as if they didn’t expect their relationship to be so good. Among them, one pair of eyes was gazing particularly intently. But it was coming from the opposite side. Just when An Zi Ran was about to look over to see who it was, the eunuch at the door shouted loudly.

“Consort Yan has arrived!”

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