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The Big Landlord 138.1

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Chapter 138.1 – Consort Yan

Consort Yan, as a figure in the harem, has attracted much attention for her appearance.

She arrived at the banquet later than the emperor and empress, which showed how self-important she was. Some people expected Emperor Chong Ming to be angry, but they were evidently going to be disappointed.

Not only was Emperor Chong Ming not angry, but also he had an excited expression on his face. It was as if Consort Yan coming to the banquet was giving him face. Seeing this scene, the empress, who was sitting beside Emperor Chong Ming, wrinkled her shapely eyebrows imperceptibly. Although she did not have any feelings for the emperor, it did not mean that he could figuratively slap her face in public like this.

If it weren’t for the empress dowager’s intervention, then the person accompanying Emperor Chong Ming to the state banquet would not be her – the empress.

Zhang Sun Tian Feng thought that she understood Emperor Chong Ming very well, but ever since the appearance of Consort Yan, the emperor’s thoughts has become more and more opaque to her. Because every time anything related to Consort Yan happened, Emperor Chong Ming would act out of character and make many decisions that she couldn’t understand, just like this state banquet.

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The emperor and the empress were the two most honorable people in all of Da Ya. Whether it was a state banquet or a family banquet, both of them must arrive at the same time to highlight their status.

In the past, no matter how much Emperor Chong Ming favored this concubine or that consort, he would not violate the ancestral precepts. But this time, Zhang Sun Tian Feng miscalculated. The appearance of Consort Yan completely changed Emperor Chong Ming, turning him into another person. He was not acting like an emperor at all.

Emperor Chong Ming actually wanted Consort Yan to accompany him to the state banquet.

When Zhang Sun Tian Feng heard this, Da Ya’s most honorable woman was so stunned that she did not know how to react for a long moment. Even the expensive longan fruit that she held in her hand fell onto the floor without her realizing it.

How could a mere consort be compared with her, the empress? What was Emperor Chong Ming thinking by doing something like this? If she really allowed him to do this, then she would lose all her face as the empress, and the whole harem would laugh at her for not being able to protect her dignity and honorable status.

Zhang Sun Tian Feng knew that she could not be able to persuade Emperor Chong Ming on this matter, so she went directly to the empress dowager.

At first, Emperor Chong Ming did not listen to the empress dowager at all, and his attitude on the matter was even very firm. That was until the empress dowager depleted her vital energies over this whole debacle and fell ill. Only then did the emperor finally give in. As for the empress dowager, she had intended to attend the state banquet, but she ended up not attending due to her poor health.

To be able to anger the empress dowager to the point of illness, this Consort Yan was indeed very capable.

Coming back out from her thoughts, Zhang Sun Tian Feng’s eyes immediately zeroed in on Consort Yan as she walked in. Consort Yan was dressed in a bright yellow gauze dress and was even more attractive than usual. Zhang Sun Tian Feng really could not allow this Consort Yan to continue staying in the harem!

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Just as Zhang Sun Tian Feng’s desire to commit murder was brewing, An Zi Ran finally glimpsed Consort Yan’s face and he was completely stunned.

He did not expect that this Consort Yan would be someone that he knew.

An Zi Ran always thought that this person would be in dire straits by now, but in actuality she had became Emperor Chong Ming’s consort. Moreover, she had even climbed to the position of the fourth consort.

“A twin?”

Fu Wu Tian’s voice sounded in his ear.

An Zi Ran shook his head in disbelief, “Impossible. If it’s not just a simple resemblance, then it is most likely her. But how could she have the means to do this?”

Although An Zi Ran has not lived with her for long, but just a few days time was enough for him to thoroughly understand her personality. Like her mother, she always had a wooden face. When she spoke, her words were biting and cold, as if everyone in the world owed her money or something.

How could such a person know any seduction tactics, and even be conferred the title of Consort Yan? If she knew such methods from the beginning, then An Chang Fu would have been completely beguiled by the mother and daughter pair, and handed over the family property to them with both hands.

Regardless of whether this Consort Yan was the person that he knew, there must be some hidden secret behind her, and it was most definitely an unusual secret.

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