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The Big Landlord 138.2

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Chapter 138.2 – Consort Yan

“Does junwang and junwangfei know Consort Yan?”

Fu Yuan Cheng, who was sitting beside him, heard the conversation between An Zi Ran and Fu Wu Tian. A trace of astonishment flashed across his eyes. As soon as Consort Yan started making big waves in the harem, Fu Yuan Cheng and his people have already investigated her, but she was like a mirage that appeared out of thin air. They could not find even the tiniest clue about her person.

With every dead end that their investigate ran into, their curiosity rose more and more. So when Fu Yuang Cheng suddenly heard from An Zi Ran and Fu Wu Tian’s conversation that she might be related to them in some way, he could not help but look sideways at them.

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An Zi Ran withdrew his gaze from Consort Yan and looked at Fu Yuan Cheng. He also wanted to know if Consort Yan was the person that he knew. He considered it for a bit and then said, “I’m not certain if she is the person that I know or not. In other words, I just recognize her face.”

Fu Yuan Cheng’s mind turned. He immediately read between the lines and understood the subtext, “What the junwangfei means is that this person is not the same as the one that you know?”

An Zi Ran nodded and said, “Except for the fact that their faces look alike, everything else is different, as if they are two different people, so I also want to know if she is the one that I know. Does Prince Cheng know the name of this Consort Yan?”

Fu Yuan Cheng nodded and said, “This prince heard that Consort Yan’s maiden name is Wu Qi Si. I wonder if that is the person that junwangfei knows?”

Wu Qi Si?

He has never heard of that name before.

The surname Wu was not a common one, but that didn’t rule out the possibility that she might be afraid of being found out by other people, and thus purposely changed her name.

An Zi Ran did not tell Fu Yuan Cheng what he was thinking. He only shook his head, “The person that I know is not called Wu Qi Si. In truth, she is born from my father’s second concubine. Her name is An Qiao E. She is the eldest young miss of the An family. Her personality is very different from Consort Yan.”

Hearing this, Fu Yuan Cheng frowned with surprise.

He had thought that An Zi Ran might have just recognized her from another aristocratic family, but he never imagined that it would be the eldest young miss of the An family. It did not seem like An Zi Ran was lying about it. This wasn’t something that people joked about.

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Fu Yuan Cheng wanted to ask where the eldest young miss of the An family was at the moment, but he saw that An Zi Ran had already turned his head to whisper to Fu Wu Tian. It was apparent that he did not have the intention to continue this conversation with him. He thought about it for a bit but decided to give up. The days were long. There would be plenty of time in the future. At least now he knew that there was a great probability of Consort Yan being the eldest young miss of the An family.

“How likely do you think she is An Qiao E?”

An Zi Ran lowered his voice and asked for Fu Wu Tian’s opinion in a voice that only the two of them could hear.

Fu Wu Tian raised his eyes and looked at Consort Yan who was being pulled into the seat of honor by Emperor Chong Ming. Consort Yan was smiling wickedly. Her appearance could not be compared to that of the empress, but her every frown and every smile had an enticing charm that all the concubines did not. Her red phoenix eyes* were especially alluring, they were even more slender than the empress’s. If a man’s concentration wavered even a little bit, she could easily hook him and use him until his bones were grinded into dust.

[*T/N: red phoenix eyes – eyes whose outer corners incline upwards]

“The contrast is too great, but…”

“But what?” An Zi Ran asked.

“In this world, the chances of finding two people who look exactly the same are very low. Although the difference in their personality is incredible, it is not impossible. If she came across a fortuitous meeting, it is also possible.”

“Why not find an opportunity to test her?” An Zi Ran was a little concerned, whether this was a coincidence or some other reasons, he really wanted to know.

Fu Wu Tian said: “How is wangfei planning to test her?”

An Zi Ran narrowed his eyes, “As long as I have a chance to get close to her, I can find out who she is.”

He knew that since An Qiao E changed her name, she would definitely not want to let people know that she was the eldest young miss of the An family. If people knew that her mother was only a concubine, everything she has now would be lost, and she would become nothing again.

If Consort Yan was An Qiao E, then regardless of whether An Qiao E knew of his and Fu Wu Tian’s statuses, one thing was for certain, and that was she would never admit to knowing them.

“Opportunities are created by people.”

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Consort Yan’s arrival caused the atmosphere of the banquet to cool by several degrees. Instead of the turbulent atmosphere at the beginning, with people concealing needles in their silk*, now some people were even sizing up Consort Yan from time to time. As for Consort Yan, she was lying in a boneless heap in the emperor’s arms.

[*T/N: “concealing needles in their silk” – not literal, it means to hide a ruthless character behind a gentle appearance]

During such a grand and symbolic banquet, Consort Yan’s actions seemed frivolous, as if she were not treating the state banquet seriously at all. She did not have the noble temperament of being one of the four consorts, which inevitably made some people look down on her a bit and take her lightly.

A woman who used to be small-minded and without any personality traits could not completely change into another person no matter how much she changes, so there would be times where her act could been seen through in small habits.

An Zi Ran thought that she would at least reveal some flaws, but after observing her for two or three quarters of an hour, she was actually doing it perfectly.

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