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The Big Landlord 140.1

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Chapter 140.1 – Adultery

State Preceptor Hao Ran and Consort Yan went directly to Zhaozi Palace together.

Zhaozi Palace was a unique and unmatched palace bestowed to Consort Yan by Emperor Chong Ming. Asides from Emperor Chong Ming who could enter and exit at will, State Preceptor Hao Ran was also someone who could come and go freely.

Although Emperor Chong Ming trusted them very much, there were many pairs of eyes watching them in the palace. So just for in case, the two of them didn’t meet up that often in private. Instead, they mostly passed messages to each other through the palace maids and eunuchs.

The palace maids and eunuchs serving Consort Yan were all Wei Shun Qing’s people. He has been cultivating his own people since ten years ago. These people have been with him for a long time, so they were all trustworthy people.

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Although it looked like she was being watched by Wei Shun Qing’s people, Consort Yan didn’t mind. Her current status and position were given to her by Wei Shun Qing, and she had no special ambitions. As long as she could enjoy a lifetime of prosperity and wealth, then it was enough for her. As for the position of empress, she didn’t dare to think about it when she wasn’t even pregnant yet.

Wei Shun Qing’s obscure gaze fell on Consort Yan’s flat and fair belly, “Consort Yan, when will your belly work hard for a baby?”

[T/N: Side note, I hate that question in media and in real life. Does people think a woman can control when she gets pregnant? It’s more than just wanting a baby. There are so many other factors involved: health, ovulation, infertility, low sperm count, etc.]

“Does the state preceptor think that bengong doesn’t want to have a baby? Bengong’s belly is already working hard. The problem lies with the emperor, so what can bengong do?” Consort Yan’s coquettish face showed a hint of helplessness. She also wanted to hurry up and get pregnant.

[*T/N: She’s using 本宫 bengong to refer to herself. It translates to “this palace.” Only high-ranking concubines in the imperial harem may use bengong to refer to themselves. The empress also uses bengong.]

For fifteen days out of every month, the emperor would spend the night at her place. Emperor Chong Ming was very promiscuous. Who knew where that old pervert’s physical strength came from, but every night he would always tossed her to the point where she couldn’t get out of bed the next day. With such frequent sex, it stood to reason that she should have been pregnant long ago, but after a few months, her stomach still did not show any changes.

Consort Yan was horrified and thought that something was wrong with her body. Later, she asked the state preceptor to send an imperial physician to give her a check up, but the imperial physician said that her body was fine and very healthy, so it should not be a problem for her to get pregnant with the emperor’s child.

She immediately guessed that there might be something wrong with Emperor Chong Ming’s body.

Consort Yan wanted to ask Imperial Physician Wu, who usually attended to the emperor, to inquire about the situation, but Wei Shun Qing stopped her. Imperial Physician Wu was not one of their people. If she went to ask him without careful consideration, then the entire palace would find out not long after.

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Since they couldn’t ask the imperial physician directly, Wei Shun Qing later used his spy in the imperial hospital to get the medical records of Emperor Chong Ming. From the medical records, it could be seen that Emperor Chong Ming was very concerned about whether there was anything wrong with his body.

Contrary to their expectations, although Emperor Chong Ming had a lot of physical problems, none of the medical records were related to fertility, so the matter was even more confusing. In the end, the two decided to wait for a while to see. Perhaps it was not time yet.

This one wait lasted a month and a half.

In order to get pregnant with the emperor’s child smoothly, Consort Yan specially asked Wei Shun Qing to find some remedies for her, such as what kind of sex position was easier to get pregnant, or drinking medicine and so on.

For this reason, Consort Yan asked the imperial physician to take her pulse every few days to see if she was pregnant, but she was disappointed again and again.

Presently, it has been five days since the last time the imperial physician checked her pulse. During this period, Emperor Chong Ming only spent one night at her Zhaozi Palace.

Consort Yan has always felt that the problem could not be with her. Perhaps the medical records have been tampered with long ago. She told Wei Shun Qing what she thought.

“Your guess is not unreasonable.”

Wei Shun Qing pondered for a while before nodding. This was the first time he agreed with Consort Yan’s conjecture. But he didn’t know that Consort Yan just wanted to put the responsibility on Emperor Chong Ming, because in her cooperation with the state preceptor, she was the passive one. If he knew that she had no value, then everything she has now would be lost.

After rejoicing due to the state preceptor’s agreement, Consort Yan became worry again.

“If the problem lies with the emperor, then bengong will not be able to conceive an imperial heir in this lifetime. Then what will become of our plan?”

Wei Shun Qing’s expression was a little gloomy. The first step in their plan was to get Consort Yan pregnant with the emperor’s seed. If this step could not be completed, the subsequent plans would not be realized.

“If there is really something wrong with Emperor Chong Ming’s body, it’s impossible for me not to know.”

Wei Shun Qing got his current status entirely by bewitching Emperor Chong Ming. If the emperor died, it would not be good for him, so he had arranged people around Emperor Chong Ming very early on, and kept people closely monitoring Emperor Chong Ming’s health in secret. Thinking of this, he once again rejected Consort Yan’s conjecture.

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Modifying the emperor’s medical records was a major crime worthy of beheading. Imperial Physician Wu had no reason to do so, and none of the concubines in the harem had the courage to slip a drug to Emperor Chong Ming, especially the empress, noble consorts, and four consorts.

They have all given birth to a prince for the imperial family. Once the matter [of messing with his medical records] was exposed, not only would their son lose the qualification to inherit the throne, but their family would also be implicated, which was of no benefit to them; moreover, Emperor Chong Ming’s diet was strictly controlled. It would be difficult to slip a drug to the emperor without anyone knowing.

After much deliberation, Wei Shun Qing still thought that the most likely reason was that Imperial Physician Wu did not find out that there was a problem with Emperor Chong Ming’s fertility.

If you wanted to know if there was any problem with fertility, you would need to obtain the semen of the emperor for easy examination. Moreover, the time that it took to examine was not short, so it was impossible for there to be no signs of activity, so he thought that this probability was very high.

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