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The Big Landlord 140.2

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Chapter 140.2 – Adultery

Consort Yan suddenly had a flash of inspiration and remembered something.

“By the way, bengong remembered something.”

Wei Shun Qing immediately asked, “Remember what?”

“Your hypothesis should be correct. I remember that the emperor once said in front of me that he hoped that I would be able to conceive an imperial heir as soon as possible. At that time, Imperial Physician Wu was also present. The emperor even asked Imperial Physician Wu if there was any major issue with his body. Bengong clearly remembers that Imperial Physician Wu said that there was no serious problem [with the emperor’s body]. Based on his expression, he did not seem to be lying.”

Consort Yan thought about it carefully, making sure that she remembered correctly.

Wei Shun Qing nodded, “Then there shouldn’t be anything wrong. Imperial Physician Wu is not in league with anyone, and he doesn’t have any information that can be used against him. He would not lie about this kind of stuff.”

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In the history of Da Ya’s emperors, Emperor Chong Ming did not have the most children, but it also could not be considered as too little. Asides from a few princes and princesses who died early, there were still five sons and four daughters left. No one would have thought that Emperor Chong Ming’s fertility would have problems. If someone really gave Emperor Chong Ming sterilization medicine, they would have done it many years ago, and would not have waited until now to make their move.

The question now was if Emperor Chong Ming lost his fertility, then how was Consort Yan going to get pregnant?

Thinking of this problem, Consort Yan’s expression became even more ugly. She paced back and forth. Her enchanting figure has been trained to be able to sashay unconsciously while walking.

On the contrary, Wei Shun Qing did not have a gloomy expression. His dark eyes fell on Consort Yan’s faintly discernable naked body beneath the white gauzy fabric. His gaze moved inch by inch from Consort Yan’s slender and supple waist to her erect and ample chest.

Although he went around as a Taoist priest, he was not an actual Taoist priest, so he would occasionally go out of the palace to find someone to relieve his carnal desires.

He has not been out of the palace for more than half a month. At this moment, while looking at Consort Yan’s body and thinking of the matter of imperial heirs, his carnal desires suddenly flocked to his groin.

Perhaps his gaze was too blatant, Consort Yan could feel someone’s eyes looking at her, but there was only she and the state preceptor in this place. All the palace maids and eunuchs were keeping watch in the main hall. It was impossible for someone to be peeping at them.

She looked over at the state preceptor and she saw the undisguised desire on his face. His eyes were staring straight at her chest. His explicit and scorching gaze made her feel as if she was being caressed by a pair of hands, and her delicate body trembled slightly.

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Wei Shun Qing threw his horsetail whisk to the ground. The sound of the whisk hitting the ground was amplified several times in the suddenly silent Zhaozi Palace. His heartbeat accelerated. He then walked over and stopped in front of her.

Consort Yan trembled even more, but it was not out of fear. Rather, her blood was boiling from the taboo feeling. She has never felt this way in front of Emperor Chong Ming.

Now, beneath the gaze of the state preceptor, she could already feel herself getting wet down below. She never knew that she was so lewd. Consort Yan hurriedly lowered her head, and did not dare to look directly at the state preceptor.

Wei Shun Qing grabbed her shoulders, “Consort Yan, I have thought of a wonderful method…”

His voice was trembling with excitement and bewitchment. Every word pounded against her heart. Her legs almost went soft.

Consort Yan opened her mouth, but couldn’t make a sound.

Wei Shun Qing continued to lead her astray by saying enticing words into her ear: “In any case, no one knows that Emperor Chong Ming has already lost his fertility, and Imperial Physician Wu can’t detect it. Others will only think that the emperor is old. In this case, we will create our own [child]. As long as we are careful, no one will ever know.”

“But, but… what if they find out in the future?” Consort Yan’s voice was trembling, but she still didn’t dare to raise her head.

Wei Shun Qing stared at her thin white neck, and the desire in his eyes became stronger, as if it would overflow at any time.

He said, “So what if it’s found out? Who knows when Emperor Chong Ming lost his fertility? Even if some people have doubts in the future, it’s impossible to detect whether the child is biological or not with the so-called blood-dripping recognition test.”

There was a look of struggle on Consort Yan’s pretty face. She was very aroused, but she was afraid of being discovered. After all, no matter how the appearance changed, the essence could not be completely changed.

Wei Shun Qing had already made up his mind to do this. Whether Consort Yan wanted to or not, she had no choice. If that incident had not happened, then he would not have looked for her.

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Wei Shun Qing pulled away the hand that she was using to block in front of her chest. His grubby hands reached for the gauzy clothes on her body. With a shredding sound, the clothes became tattered fabric, thrown on the floor of Zhaozi Palace. What followed was her long skirt. The next thing to go was her phoenix-embroidered white undergarment. Finally, a beautiful body without an inch of thread was completely displayed in front of him.

With reddened eyes, Wei Shun Qing suddenly picked up Consort Yan and strode towards the big bed in the palace. Then he threw her on it forcefully.

Consort Yan rolled around in embarrassment. Her legs spread out in front of him. Her private parts were completely exposed in front of him, and the fragrance continued to tempt him.

Wei Shun Qing suddenly let out a low roar, and he couldn’t help but pounce on her.

Two naked bodies intertwined, and the lewd smell soon filled the inner hall. The woman’s enticing moans echoed all the way to the outside, and from time to time came the low roar of a man’s voice.

The palace maids and eunuchs looked at each other, as if they did not expect things to develop like this. Soon, they turned their faces away, pretending as if they did not hear anything. At the same time, they looked around to prevent someone from breaking in suddenly.

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