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The Big Landlord 141.1

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Chapter 141.1 – To Incite Disharmony

Ciming Palace

The Empress Dowager lovingly looked at the handsome young man sitting in front of her. He was like a white jade carving, with a peaceful face, and the more she looked at him, the more she liked him.

The young man could not bear children for the Fu wangfu, but at her age, she only hoped for her children and grandchildren’s happiness. She was flexible about the rest and ready to accept circumstances with good will. So from the bottom of her heart, she liked junwangfei, especially when she saw how Xiao Tian* cherished him.

[*T/N: Xiao Tian 小天 is a nickname and refers to Fu Wu Tian 傅无天. Xiao means “small / little” and it’s a form of endearment here.]

Although the time the empress dowager had spent with Fu Wu Tian was not long, she understood his character very well, and there were very few people that he was willing to accept into his circle. If he has given someone his trust, then it meant that person must be a good person.

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At first, she also thought that Xiao Tian’s interest [for An Zi Ran] was only temporary, and that it was not sincerely from his heart. But after so long, she found that the God of War, who was very cruel and ruthless in the eyes of outsiders, would always gain a softness in his eyes whenever he spoke of his wangfei. And that was when she knew that he was serious about him.

“Good child, it has been hard on you*.”

[*T/N: 辛苦你了 – literally “it has been hard on you” or “you’ve worked hard” and has the connotation of “thank you for your hard work.”]

The empress dowager held An Zi Ran’s hand and said this with a smile. Her eyes conveyed the most sincere joy. Right now, she was very similar to an ordinary grandmother, and you couldn’t feel the majesty and aloofness of her high status.

An Zi Ran didn’t know if he was imagining things or not, but he felt that the empress dowager’s words were alluding to something, and he suddenly didn’t know how to respond to her.

Wangfei is indeed working hard.”

Fu Wu Tian suddenly picked up the thread of conversation, looked at An Zi Ran, and even nodded seriously.

The empress dowager laughed out loud, “Xiao Tian, go back and give your wangfei more supplements. Look at how thin he is. It looks like he doesn’t eat much at all. This isn’t good. Young people are still growing. You must eat more.”

Xiao Tian?

[T/N: Because of the characters of FWT’s name, his nickname directly translates to “Little Sky.”]

An Zi Ran looked at Fu Wu Tian doubtfully. This nickname was too incompatible with the tall and heroic Fu Wu Tian.

Fu Wu Tian knew what he was thinking with one look. “Great-grandmother can rest assured that this prince will supervise wangfei well and prevent him from going on a diet in order to lose weight.”


The empress dowager’s face was full of surprise. She looked An Zi Ran up and down. “With such a thin body, wouldn’t you turn into a bamboo pole if you go on a diet? No, child, listen to your great-grandmother, you can’t keep dieting. It’s not good for your body…”

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The honorable empress dowager immediately turned into a nagging elder, chattering on and on in An Zi Ran’s ear with words of concern and consideration.

An Zi Ran glared at Fu Wu Tian when the empress dowager was not paying attention. He knew that Fu Wu Tian must have said it on purpose. An Zi Ran had obviously not lost weight.

Fu Wu Tian has long been unhappy with An Zi Ran dieting to lose weight.

An Zi Ran listened patiently. After a while, he realized that the empress dowager had no intention of stopping. He waited for her to pause to catch her breath, and then pretended to be ignorant about it to interrupt her, “Great-grandmother’s reprimands are valid. I will not do so in the future.”

The empress dowager nodded with satisfaction, “That’s good.”

Ke ke…”

[T/N: ke – the sound of coughing]

At this time, Fu-laowangye, who has been forgotten by everyone, finally couldn’t help running out to show people that he still existed. The old man’s expression was dark and gloomy. He did not look like the usual cheerful and friendly laowangye that An Zi Ran was familiar with. As he sat there, his whole person faintly exuded an aura that was no weaker than Fu Wu Tian’s.

Behind him was Head Steward Fu, who determinedly stood there with a smile on his face. The empress dowager was aware of his background and also cared greatly about him. It was just that they [An Zi Ran and Fu Wu Tian] came late and did not see such a scene.

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An Zi Ran knew that the laowangye before him had recovered his memories. The contrast was indeed huge. Several times, he felt the laowangye look at him with a vaguely displeased gaze. Just as he thought, the laowangye was probably still hoping for Fu Wu Tian to marry a woman who could carry on the family line.

The empress dowager asked with concern, “Does your throat feel uncomfortable?”

Laowangye coughed again, although this time it wasn’t intentional. He seemed to be stifling a breath*. After a while, he said, “Imperial Mother, erchen** is fine.”

[*T/N: In Chinese, “breath” can also be a metaphor for anger or annoyance.]

[**T/N: 儿臣 er chen – “this subject, your son”]

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