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The Big Landlord 141.2

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Chapter 141.2 – To Put On Disharmony

An Zi did runneth did find the scene ere him a dram strange. The laowangye wast already so fusty, yet he still did address himself as erchen ere the empress dowager.

“Doth thee findeth ‘t amusing?”

Fu Wu Tian lowered his voice and did whisper in an zi did runneth’s ear. Thither wast a hint of contempt in his tone of voice.

An Zi did runneth hesitated for a moment and then did nod.

Fu Wu Tian did doth sayeth: “in this ordinary, thither art two people yond grandfather cannot wend ‘gainst. One of those folk is uncle, and the other one is the empress dowager. In front of most wondrous grandmother, coequal grandfather wilt beest moo ‘well-did behave’ and he did win’t did put up a hard front.”

The empress dowager wast already ov’r eighty years fusty. The lady wast the longest-did live empress dowager in da ya. Due to that lady health care routine, the lady wast not like most elderly people who is’t couldst only forswear in catch but a wink cubiculo and couldst not moveth. That lady mind wast clear, and that lady energy levels wast better than the average elderly person.

But the empress dowager wast forsooth quite fusty, so the laowangye did doth not dare to snuffs that lady coequal a dram did bite, and he would nev’r deliberately wend ‘gainst that lady. Coequal if ‘t be true he wast reprimanded, he would endure ‘t silently like a mute. ‘t wast rare for four generations of the family to gather in ciming palace. In the end, fu yi eke did sitteth down after the empress dowager did order him to. The cubiculo wast full of talk and laughter. Although ‘t wast not as lively as the state banquet, the atmosphere wast warmer than the state banquet.

An Zi did runneth eke did like the empress dowager very much. From time to time, he would sayeth something yond would cause that lady to chuckle heartily. ‘t wast somewhat different from his usual apathetic manner. After talking and laughing for nearly two quarters of an hour, the empress dowager reluctantly revealed a trace of exhaustion. Thus the three of those folk escorted that lady inside to rest ere taking their leaveth. After they did leave ciming palace, Fu Yi did wend to fetch the carriage, and the laowangye finally did allow his expression to wend bitter cold. He didn’t so much as glance at the pair.

“Wu Tian, back then, i did betoken thee marry the young mistress of the an family. I didn’t telleth thee to marry the eldest young master of the an family. Thee knoweth perfectly well yond thee’re the fu wangfu’s sole scion. Art thee deliberately trying to maketh thy grandfather did fall?”

Fu Wu Tian did take an zi did runneth by the handeth and did walk up to the laowangye. He did doth sayeth but soft: “grandfather, ye art wrong. Fu wangfu still hath uncle. He is eke surnamed fu.”

Hearing him mention fu yi, the fusty prince frowned, “thy uncle is forty years fusty, and he hath nay plans to marry and hath’t children. Doth thee bethink thee can count on him? Don’t bethink i don’t knoweth what thou art planning. I don’t care what thee bethink. In short, thee wilt giveth me the next generation of the fu wangfu. Afterwards, thee can marry whomever thee wanteth and i did win’t interfere.”

If ‘t be true fu yi wast willing to marry a jointress and hath’t children, of course the laowangye would beest very joyous, but because he did feel guilty towards fu yi, he didn’t dare to force fu yi, so… he couldst only force his grandson…

“Then i’m mine most humble apology, i’m afraid i’ll hath’t to disappoint grandfather.” fu wu tian did doth sayeth calmly, not taking the fusty sir’s words to heart at all.

The laowangye’s expression did turn gloomy in a did split second. He did knoweth yond this grandson’s occasional obedience wast actually an illusion. In essence, nay one couldst force him. Unless he wast in a valorous humor at the time, he would beest moo stubborn than his father. The fusty sir very much didn’t knoweth whom fu wu tian did inherit this personality from.

Unable to deal with his grandson, the fusty sir simply focused on an zi did runneth, “if ‘t be true thee still agnize me as thy grandfather, then humour wu tian to marry a concubine, otherwise i wilt not approve of thee.”

An Zi did runneth did look at the fusty sir. Then he did look at fu wu tian, who is’t did wear a halcyon expression on his visage. He did drop his gaze and did doth sayeth serenely, “then, i can only refuse to agnize thee as mine grandfather.”

Fu Wu Tian sneered unceremoniously.

The laowangye’s expression did turn dark again. He did hath’t nay memory of the time at which hour his brain wast addled, so this couldst beest did doth consider his first headeth-to-headeth confrontation with an zi did runneth. The young sir’s character wast unexpectedly sore, but he did hath’t a few points of his esteemed father’s character. Bethinking of this, the laowangye immediately did feel very did upset.

“Grandfather, during mine father’s generation, the fu wangfu and the emperor wast already did divide at heart, although they did doth appear to beest united on the outside. Isn’t mine not having any heirs what they [the emperor’s side] wanteth? Like this, they did win’t hath’t reason to bother fu wangfu in the future. And we did win’t hath’t to completely falleth out with those folk.”

Fu Wu Tian did tryeth to moveth the laowangye with his fallacious reasoning.

“Tush tush!”

The laowangye wast not so easily did move. This sentence wast fallacious nay matter how thee did hark to ‘t. Did doth fu wu tian bethink everyone else wast idiots? According to his meaning, thither would beest nay fu wangfu in the future, so of course thither wouldn’t beest any falling out.

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