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The Big Landlord 18

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Chapter 18 – Little Bun

An Zi Ran wasn’t just talk. Not even two days later he started to take action.

He had already looked over all the accounts that were in a poor state. An Chang Fu’s favorite thing before his death was shining white money*. He charged the tenant farmers high rent, earning a lot of money every year. After taking out a portion of the money to buy presents for his elders and superiors, the rest were stored in the family vaults. Over the years, he accumulated a lot of wealth.

[*T/N: Probably in reference to the silver pieces that were used as money.]

After the death of An Chang Fu and his wife, the only one who knew of this matter was Steward Su. Even An Chang De was unaware that his little brother had a treasury, otherwise he definitely would’ve bribed someone in the An family to investigate.
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Although the money in the treasury was gained through exploitation of the common people, it now served as a solution for the An family’s current predicament. This liquid asset was convenient for transferring and there was no need to purposely go out and exchange for money.

But the problem was how to transfer this vault of money!

God forbid, if An Chang De found out about this, then his main wife, Wu Zhi, would also know, and then they would tell the Prefectural Magistrate of Yong Zhou. When that happens An Zi Ran would be hard press to hold onto this wealth.

For this matter, An Zi Ran stayed up all night.

The next morning, he appeared at the dining table sporting a pair of panda eyes. For breakfast there was congee, buns, and a few slices of pancakes. It was simple and not extravagant. He’d gotten used to this type of breakfast over the past two months, unlike before where he just drank a cup of coffee for breakfast.

After breakfast, he went to the study as usual, which was located at the corner of the hallway. Because he was so absorbed in thinking about how the An family will develop in the future, he almost bumped into a maid. The maid was shocked, and unable to react in time, she fell onto her butt.

“Are you okay?”
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Only after hearing that light voice of An Zi Ran’s did she come back to her senses.

It was then that she realized that the youth standing before her was the young master. Suddenly remembering her purpose for coming over, she hurriedly said, “Young Master, quickly go see the Second Young Master, he is not good.”

An Zi Ran finally recognized who the maid in front of him was, and he also recalled his three-months-old younger brother. Because problems kept cropping up one after the other, he only went once to see his little brother. Therefore he was unable to immediately identify Yue Ju, one of the maids that took care of him.

The two rushed over to Maple Court. The wet nurse was looking after An Zi Ming.

On their way over, An Zi Ran heard from Yue Ju that his brother suddenly had a fever this morning. Although the temperature was not very high, for a baby who was only three months old, if not careful, it could endanger his life.

The wet nurse did not dare delay, she immediately sent another maid, Cai Ju, to go find a doctor, and then sent Yue Ju to notify him.

An Zi Ran walked over to the cradle and looked down at the little bun, whose face was red (with fever). This little bun was his little brother. His heart couldn’t help but stir. In the previous world, forget a little brother, he didn’t even have parents.

As if feeling a gaze on him, the drowsy little bun opened his eyes slowly, revealing two grape-like eyes. He looked at An Zi Ran, lifted his hands as if to beckon to him, and suddenly revealed a happy smile.

[T/N: I have no idea what “grape-like eyes” mean. If there’s a special meaning then please enlighten me in the comments.]

An Zi Ran was stumped for words.

The wet nurse said in a timely manner, “Second Young Master is so smart. He must’ve known it was Young Master. Just now, no matter how this lowly servant tried to coax him, he would not wake, but as soon as you came, he opened his eyes.”

As if demons and gods were at work*, An Zi Ran took hold of that small hand. That tiny thing moved even more joyfully. What a strange thing it was, this thing called blood (relations).

[*T/N: Idiom for a curious coincidence.]

The doctor came quickly. The little bun was already worn out from his playing and had fallen asleep.

After checking the baby over, the doctor said that it was not serious. It was only a slight low-grade fever. He wrote up a prescription, instructed them on what to pay attention to, and then left.

An Zi Ran did not stay too long, but in the afternoon he came again. The little bun was awake, having recovered quickly. By the afternoon, there was no more fever. His eyes were particularly spirited, and his small mouth opened happily. It wasn’t until Steward Su came to get him, did An Zi Ran realized two hours had passed. To him, it felt like he had only been sitting for a while.
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Steward Su entered Maple Court and saw the smile on the young master’s face dwindle. This is the first time in two months that he has seen the young master smile. He was originally hesitant, but then firmed his resolve. He decided to tell the young master about the incident and let him decide for himself.

“Steward, is there something the matter?”

An Zi Ran saw him standing at the doorway without coming in and gave him a puzzled look.

Steward Su came forward and said in a low voice, “Young Master, I have something very important to tell you.”

An Zi Ran arched his eyebrow in surprised. To the wet nurse and the two maids he said, “Go out and stay outside. Don’t let people come here.”

The three did not dare to say anything and immediately went out.

Soon, they were left alone in the room. …Plus a fragrant bun.

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T/N: Oh my gawd, oh my gawd, it’s happening. Next chapter is called: Engagement. I can’t wait.

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