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The Big Landlord 20.2

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Chapter 20.2 – Enter the Capital

“This matter is very important. I will send someone to investigate it clearly. If it is true, I will inform da ren.” Qian You Hao made a quick decision, and then he hurriedly left.

An Chang De’s head was also mired in thoughts. He needed to go home and consult with his wife on this matter. Not only did the Old Master never tell him about the marriage contract, he also gave such a good thing to Chang Fu’s daughter. Obviously he also had a daughter. On what basis was it given to Chang Fu? In his heart, he could not help but feel a trace of resentment towards his dad.

At the same time, An Zi Ran and his convoy have already traveled a long way. In just one more day they will reach Jun Zi City.
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Jun Zi City and An Yuan County were but a day and a night’s travel away, but their journey was slow. After all, their group included women and children.

Passing through the town of Mei Zhen, An Zi Ran’s face revealed his weariness, so he ordered the party to stop. Then they found an inn to rest in.

While the others were resting, An Zi Ran called An Yu Zhi to his room.

An Yu Zhi stared blankly at the indifferent face of her older brother. She didn’t know why they were suddenly heading to the capital. She only knew that it was a sudden decision made by her brother. He didn’t even bring their father’s concubines.

“Older Brother, what did you call me for?” An Yu Zhi looked at him timidly.

An Zi Ran picked up the teapot and poured two cups of hot tea before he said, “I know you are puzzled by this. Sit down. I will tell you, and then you will tell me your decision.”

An Zi Ran’s tone was serious and it made An Yu Zhi nervous.

He pushed a cup of hot tea towards her. “First, have some tea.”

She quickly picked up the hot tea, and the heat spread to the palm of her hand. Strangely this calmed her for a moment. When she lowered her head to take a drink, the hot tea warmed her throat. “Brother, please speak.”

An Zi Ran said, “Before you stayed in the inner court (of the house) so you are unaware of the current state of our family. I will tell you now. The An family is currently faced with a catastrophe. The enemy’s power is too great. If we don’t handle this properly the family will fall into the hands of outsiders. At that time, everyone in the family is likely to fall to the streets (becoming beggars). Your brother, I, may even be thrown into prison…”

An Yu Zhi’s eyes widened. She never knew. Since she was a child, she was taught that if she managed herself well then that was good enough. Outside was the men’s domain, and inside was the women’s. Women cannot interfere with men’s affairs. So she never deliberately made inquiries.
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“Brother, why are you telling me this?” An Yu Zhi kept her head lowered. The hands on her lap were twisting a handkerchief so tightly that the tips of her fingers were slightly reddened.

An Zi Ran poured himself a cup of tea. He drank it and then said, “Because us going to the capital concerns you. Two days ago, Steward Su told me that Grandfather helped you arrange a marriage. The other person may be a capital dweller. Our purpose in going to the capital this time is to seek them out, and have them fulfill their marriage agreement with you. This is the token that the other party left behind.” So saying, he handed her the half jade pendant.

An Yu Zhi did not accept the jade pendant, but looked at him distractedly.

An Zi Ran could understand her feelings. She was suddenly told that she had a marriage contract. If this were the twenty-first century, the girl would resist, and might even run away from home.

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An Yu Zhi’s face was shy and in a small voice she timidly asked, “Brother, what is that other person like?”

An Zi Ran unexpectedly looked at the flush on her face. She’s accepting just like that? Maybe there’s a difference in thinking, and the feudal women were poisoned by the four virtues. They only knew how to obey and would not resist.

“Your brother also does not know. After we enter the capital we will go look for him.”

An Yu Zhi nodded. “Everything will be up to brother to decide.”

After an hour, the group headed off again. It was a smooth journey and little brother did not cry. An Zi Ran occasionally went to see him. He was beaming with joy. Those black, grape-like eyes became brighter. One day later, the party finally arrived at Jun Zi City.

The buzzing atmosphere rushed at them. As the capital of Da Ya, Jun Zi City was festive and exciting, far from being comparable to the small county town of An Yuan. Apart from An Zi Ran, everyone else in the group had wide-opened eyes and their faces expressed both amazement and excitement.

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