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The Big Landlord 22

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Chapter 22 – Imperial Family

Through the opened window, An Zi Ran saw a group of people surrounding one person. At the moment, that one person was telling an interesting story. You could say it was gossip. The person spoke with spittle flying. The group listened with relish. He listened for a while and found that he was talking about some palace gossip. It was hard to distinguish between true and false, but none of it was what he wanted.
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After a while, the server brought over the plates of dim sum that he ordered.

An Zi Ran took the opportunity to ask, “Brother Server, I want to ask you about a person.” Saying so, he took out a fragment of silver and placed it on the table. “Whether you can answer or not, this money is still yours.”

With a face full of smiles, the server took the money and said, “Sir, whatever you want to know, go ahead and ask without hesitation. If this little person knows, I will definitely tell you everything without leaving anything out.”
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An Zi Ran nodded and said without hesitation, “I want to ask you about a person named Fu Feng Zheng. In this Jun Zi City, have you ever heard of this person?”

As soon as the server heard this name he stood in stunned amazement.

“What is it? Is there some problem with this name?” An Zi Ran was keenly aware of the changes on the server’s face.

The server recovered his senses and smiled apologetically. “Sir misunderstood. There is no problem. It is only that this little person have not heard this name for a long time, so was unable to react right away.”

An Zi Ran said, “Then can you tell me about this person?”

“Of course.”

“This sir does not know, but old Fu wang ye* was once an influential figure in Jun Zi City. The older generation of people has all heard of him. However, the old wang ye is, after all, older. His body is not as good as it used to be. In recent years, he has rarely appeared before people. So the news about him is getting less and less…” The server said.

[T/N: I don’t know why the author separated the “of course” from the rest of the sentence when they’re all spoken by the same person…]

[*T/N: 王爷 wang ye: title for a prince, marquis, or other nobleman]

When An Zi Ran heard “old Fu wang ye,” these four words, his expression changed slightly.

He did think that Fu Feng Zheng may be a powerful person, or a businessman with good connections, but he never thought that he would be royalty. According to his age, it was very likely for him to be the imperial uncle of the current emperor.

The imperial family. There was no way whatsoever that the An family could claim connections with such high ranking people. Fu was the surname of the country, and it was the surname of the royal family. If An Zi Ran were an authentic citizen of Da Ya then he may have thought of this point, but unfortunately, he was not.

What the server told him was no secret. Asides from outsiders, many people in Jun Zi City knew of this. When the server started talking about how lots of women used to fall all over themselves over old Fu wang ye’s good looks during his prime, An Zi Ran stopped him.
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“Brother Server, do you know about old Fu wang ye’s family members?” An Zi Ran asked. Those things about Fu Feng Zheng can be said later, what was most important now was that marriage contract. Even though his family’s status could not measure up to that of the imperial family, since there was such an opportunity, they still had to take a chance and try. Not to mention, the person who proposed the marriage in the past was Fu Feng Zheng himself.

The server replied, “I do. Old Fu wang ye only has one grandson. The present emperor personally conferred the title of jun wang* to him (the grandson). Everyone in Jun Zi City knows this. There is no one who does not know.”

[*T/N: The text uses 珺王 jun wang with jun meaning “beautiful jade” and wang meaning “king or monarch.” The “king or monarch” status here is still below the level of emperor.

Alternatively, a different character with the same pinyin 君王 jun wang means “sovereign king.” In either case, this guy has a high rank that is conferred by the emperor. The first instance may just be a fancy title to denote his prestige (along with certain responsibilities). In the second instance, it is a title that carries inherent responsibilities with it.]

“May I ask for his name?” An Zi Ran said.

Unexpectedly, the server shook his head and said apologetically, “I’m sorry, sir. Jun wang’s name* isn’t something that us small folk can casually say. Please forgive me. If sir does not have other questions then this little person will excuse himself.”

[*T/N: 名讳 ming hui: taboo name (e.g. of emperor). Basically the person is of such a high rank that it is impolite and even taboo to say their name.]
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“Go ahead then.” An Zi Ran did not make things hard for him. He could understand.

After the server left, the atmosphere in the private room immediately calmed down.

Qiu Lan looked at the pensive young master and dared not speak, but there was a kind of premonition in her heart. The reason they came to Jun Zi City this time very likely had to do with the people that the young master had just inquired about. However, the other side was the royal family. She was confused but dared not ask.

After a quarter of an hour, An Zi Ran left the restaurant with Qiu Lan.

Not long after he left, that server told the shopkeeper what transpired, without leaving out a single word.

The shopkeeper patted his shoulder. “Well done. Don’t mention this matter with others for the time being. In addition, keep an eye out for that young master and see if he shows up again. If he inquires about old Fu wang ye again, immediately inform me. Do you understand?” He decided to observe for the moment. If that young master really were coming at the old wang ye, it wouldn’t be too late to report the matter then.

“Yes, Shopkeeper.” The corners of the server’s mouth drew back into a grin.

On the other side, An Zi Ran still did not know, he only went to ask some simple questions, yet he was already marked. At this time, his mind was preoccupied with worries, and he did not have room for other thoughts.

The imperial family was a very troublesome creature.

If it were possible, An Zi Ran would rather not get the An family mixed up in the imperial family’s circle. They (royalty) were too complicated. An Yu Zhi that simple young girl would definitely be eaten until not even bones were left. But if he did not do this, then the An family would still be in trouble. He thought back and forth about this. In the end, he still decided to put the decision in An Yu Zhi’s hands.

In the afternoon of the same day, An Zi Ran had Qiu Lan call An Yu Zhi over.
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Ever since knowing that she had a marriage contract, An Yu Zhi had been very nervous. Hearing that her brother wanted to see her, she thought that the situation had a conclusion. When she entered, her face was red, and even her steps were cramped with tension.


An Zi Ran had her sit and opened the door to view the mountain path. “About your marriage partner, I need to seek your opinion…” Then he told her the information he was able to get from inquiring in the restaurant.

An Yu Zhi’s whole person become wooden. She had also thought that her marriage partner was a businessman.

“Tomorrow, I will send someone out to inquire about the jun wang. It shouldn’t take long for them to bring back results. At that time, you will also come to listen and see, if you have no opinions, then older brother will choose a day to bring you to find them, and have him marry you,” An Zi Ran said.

An Yu Zhi was already unable to think, her brain had become like paste.

Upon seeing this, An Zi Ran did not force her. Right now, he was only giving her a shot of courage, to have her prepare herself, to prevent her from becoming stunned like so in the future.

This time, An Zi Ran did not go out personally to seek information.

He still remembered that server’s reaction. Although the server was able to collect himself quickly, An Zi Ran could tell that it wasn’t that the server could not say, but rather did not want to say. That jun wang must not be an ordinary person. So this time he took that into consideration.

The next day, the person he sent out had yet to return, when Steward Su finally arrived.

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