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The Big Landlord 31

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Chapter 31 – Before Fleeing*

[*T/N: The Chinese word used here is very specific to the situation. It is 逃婚 tao hun and it literally means “to flee to avoid an arranged marriage”]

After leaving the study, Qiao Er and Xing Er hurried back to the lady’s boudoir.

An Yu Zhi, who was sitting on a chair, immediately stood up and hurriedly asked, “What did Brother ask you two about?”

“Young Miss, do not worry, Xing Er and I did not say much about your situation, the young master still does not know.” Qiao Er said placating. Her smiling face held a hint of smugness*.

[*T/N: 邀功 yao gong: “to take credit for somebody’s achievement.” The author used this word because the one that responded to An Zi Ran was Xing Er, and here Qiao Er is making it seem like she was the one that cleverly duped him when she said nothing at all.]

An Yu Zhi finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Xing Er could not help wrinkling her brow and saying, “Young Miss, is it okay for the two of you to fool the young master like this? If the young master finds out, he will definitely be very angry.” When she was just speaking to the young master, she did not dare say too much. She only said a part of the truth, so if the young master found out, the responsibility would not be as heavy.
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An Yu Zhi was dissatisfied when she heard her. “Can’t let Brother find out.”

She was consciously hiding this from An Zi Ran. Especially after hearing that the marriage talks went well, she became even more adamant in her idea.

“Xing Er, you’re worrying too much. Even if the young master knows afterwards, it would be impossible for him to punish the young lady. Once our lady marries into the Fu palace she will be a wang fei, who dares to bully her then ah!” Qiao Er said with a look of pride.

Xing Er saw her like that and just shook her head.

Neither of them noticed An Yu Zhi’s emotional expression.

Three days later, the wedding date was finally settled on. It was on April 17. It was an auspicious date. Because the sole senior member of the Fu household had some problems with his memory, all the marriage preparations were handled by Fu Wu Tian himself. On the fourth day, the wedding gifts from the Fu palace were sent over to the An family.
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The courtyard that they lived in was no longer a rented one. An Zi Ran had spend a few thousand silvers and bought the place. Then the courtyard was converted into one of their houses. This was to prevent An Yu Zhi having to marry out from a rented house. If some ill-intention person found out, there would be an article of gossip.

News of the marriage between the An family and the Fu palace had spread throughout Jun Zi City, causing a great sensation to rock the city.

The war god’s reputation was illustrious. Ever since Fu Wu Tian led numerous high-ranking military officers in their return to the city, many people wanted to witness the truth and bravery of the God of War. However, Fu Wu Tian rarely appeared before the masses. He had returned to the city for more than a month, but he still wore a mask while riding outside. Therefore, except for a small group of people, almost no one knew what he was like.

Thus, many rumors spread in Jun Zi City. Most of it was speculation about his appearance, as well as his battle record at the border. News of his marriage roused the people more than the emperor’s harem selection event*.

[*T/N: 选秀 xuan xiu: 选秀女 “harem selection event” or “talent selection”]

The emperor of Da Ya, Fu Chong Yi, was alarmed. Da Ya’s God of War, his relative was going to get married. Even he, as the emperor, did not know. So that night, he summoned Fu Wu Tian into the palace.

The names of everyone in the imperial family were recorded in the ancestral hall. Only then would it be recognized. It also needed the emperor’s approval. In other words, it meant that the emperor was in control of their marriage. Only he could assign their marriages. The imperial family could not marry casually.

Fu Wu Tian’s marriage was worth more to the emperor than his sons.

Although he only returned to the capital for a month, the emperor had already brought up the topic of Fu Wu Tian’s marriage more than once. There had been the idea of marrying the minister’s daughter to him. Later, because of something, the idea was dispelled, but it did not mean that he gave up.
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If Fu Wu Tian wanted to take someone as a concubine then he (the emperor) would not say anything, but the wang fei position, that was no good. The daughter of a landlord in some county wanted to climb into the royal family. It was absolutely impossible!

The emperor’s anger soon extinguished.

Although Fu Wu Tian was his close relative, he had control of a large part of the army. For more than ten years, his prestige in the military was even higher than that of the emperor. What made the emperor most afraid was if Fu Wu Tian did not want to do something, even if the emperor ordered it, he still won’t do it. Not to mention he still had a grandfather with a changeable character.

Fu lao wang ye was the emperor’s uncle. In his hands he held the dragon whip of the previous emperor, which gave him the right to supervise the emperor. Although he had not been at court for a long time because of his illness, his right was still there. If he got worked up, even the emperor himself would have to give way*.

[*T/N: 退避三舍 lit. to retreat three day’s march (idiom); figuratively “to give way in the face of superior strength;” a strategic withdrawal]

Fu Wu Tian brought his grandfather into the palace for a roundabout stroll. No matter what ideas the emperor came up with it was all no use. He could only acknowledge that the lao wang ye had promised a marriage contract.

Only seven days left until April 17.

While everyone in Jun Zi City was discussing the matter, An Yu Zhi was in a panic.

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  1. Yeah, I am not a fan of this young lady. It seems highly irresponsible to me to let this go like that, let them set the date, buy the house, receive gifts, all the while lying to her brother and planing not to go through with the marriage. I clearly remember her brother telling her that if she didn’t want to marry ML he won’t force her, and yet she chose such a way. Not only that, but with the royal family! Who f*cks with royals? Is she really that stupid as to not realize the boatload of trouble her family will be in for that? Also, those servants are idiots too, they may be serving the young lady, but the one who pays them is MC and the one who can fire them and punish them for lying to him, too. So… yeah, not the brightest lanterns, are they?

    1. You’ve so eloquently put my feelings into words. If the MC was forcing the marriage then I could understand her secrecy, but he gave her the option to choose and it was she herself who chose to get marry. But now she’s backing out without taking any responsibility for the situation. I’m trying to be sympathetic to her plight, like she’s young and she heard some things that might’ve made her afraid of the ML, but I still feel like she should speak up. However, her character is rather inconsistent. One minute she’s quiet and submissive, and the next she’s passionate and fierce. While I would like to see some character development with her, I’m about 80% sure she’s just a mob character to get the two leads together and won’t show up again after her role is done. Sadly…

    2. Yeah, actually I was kinda relieved tho. If she behaved like that and flee in the middle night or something that’d be disaster 🙁
      Then again I hope the MC is pretty enough to fool the mass for a while ?

      Thanks for the chapter, Vanilla!

  2. An Yu Zhi, I might not like you for your weirdsome attitude but I shall just thank you for your existent. You have indeed play your part, so please step aside now (シ_ _)シ It’s time for my boy to shine _(:3 」∠)_ Ty <3

  3. Hello translator sama, thanks for your effort in translating this novel for bl fans like me. I think 选 秀 here means 选 秀女 selecting talented ladies to enter emperor’s harem. I don’t know for sure coz I myself is not native Chinese and still learning?.

    1. Yay, we have a new BL comrade on this story! Heehee. Thanks for your comment. I think your interpretation makes a lot more sense. I’m going to change it. 😀

  4. I can’t wait to see mc and ml getting married. An yu zhi, you go now, the faster the better.

    Thank you for the chapter.

  5. Pftt!! emperor! this is BL universe so unless that wangfei is our MC, no way! the progression is a bit fast i wish we had a date or two before talks of marriage, but … I guess long wooing might attract trouble!
    I really do get the sudden, ‘oh she’s going to run!?’ feels very irresponsible, she had said ‘yes, I want to marry him’ couple of times! it’s no small thing! I think she has to talk to someone sensible, (like her brother) he had tried to include her in the process more than other ladies would be, it’s so sad she still stews in her own anxiety
    if she runs, I don’t think Ziran’s going to forgive her… (except if next chapter we find out they fake-kill her because she said no last minute…….) + I’ve never seen maid this …. realistically simple, because sometimes MCs are simple but cute, and they are intelligent in other aspects…. befitting of their own role in the story, if they’re smart lil sis won’t run away/maids might get married to a lord/king and that’s another extra storyline

    1. The emperor doesn’t know that he is a ruler in a BL universe. ?
      I, too, feel that An Yu Zhi is being very irresponsible. At no point in time did An Zi Ran force her to get marry, and she’s the one who originally wanted to marry a “hero,” so I don’t know why she isn’t being honest with him. If nothing else she is contributing to the BL plot…

  6. I can’t wait to see the look on
    An Zi Ran’s face when he finds out that his sister ran away! I also can’t wait to see how our dear MC ends up taking his sister’s place~ do you think she ran away because she heard rumors about his looks.(I had this thought after reading the summary.)
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    1. Thank you for your kind comment. I will do my best to reach the finish line with all of you lovely people. ^-^ <3

      I don't think this is too much of a spoiler so I'll say it here:
      I was kind of hoping that An Yu Zhi didn't just run away because of the ML's supposed ugliness. People were commenting on how brutal and savage the ML is as a war general, so I was thinking maybe she got scared by that (along with his ugly looks). But sadly, we don't really get to see inside her head much so we don't know exactly what drove her away, but the story kept emphasizing the ML's supposed ugliness, so it makes An Yu Zhi come across as shallow. In my head, I try to give her a little more credit and say that she was scared away by both factors: his looks and savagery.

      1. Part of me wishes that she will pass by at some point and accidentally see ML without his mask and feel regret. Though I think it will add more to the novel if she does try to steal him. Do you think she has it in her to feign pregnancy in desperation if it did happened?

        1. I do enjoy the just desserts angle, but I don’t think the author has much planned for her character arc except to bring the MC and ML together. As to whether or not she’s manipulative enough to feign pregnancy… I don’t think so… but then again her characterization is kind of inconsistent, so it’s possible for the author to make her do it, but her base character doesn’t seem to be that type. That would be my opinion.

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  8. i just want to see the little sister’s face when she learns the no longer future husband but brother-in-law was handsome lol then again, i reckon he would at most treat her as decoration had things been according to plan, their personalities are nothing alike

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