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The Big Landlord 33.2

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Chapter 33.2 – Terrible Mess

An Zi Ran looked down. “Is that all?”

Xing Er nodded. “This is it. After that, the lady stayed in her room and rarely went out. This servant believes that the young miss’s decision to runaway from home is related to what those people said.”

In other words, she may not be pursuing happiness and love, but was afraid to marry an ugly person?

An Zi Ran: “…”

Steward Su: “…”

Although Xing Er explained the situation in a simple and deft manner, An Zi Ran still felt that it was not so simple. An Yu Zhi did not look like a woman without a brain, but she also did not seem like someone with a hidden face to her.

“Young Master, the young miss went overboard with her actions.” Steward Su finally could not help but reveal his anger. Whatever the reason, the young miss should not escape from the marriage. She was going to marry a high-priority lord, not an ordinary person. This kind of thing involved the dignity of the royal family. If news of this passed out, the first person to be denounced would be the young master.
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Xing Er hesitated and said, “Young Master, why don’t we go look for the young miss right now? It’s possible that she still hasn’t left the capital yet.”

“Yes. We must bring the lady back.” Steward Su immediately answered her words. The An family only had this one daughter born from the main wife. If she left, there was no one to replace her.

Both of them looked at An Zi Ran at the same time.

An Zi Ran replied, “It’s already too late to go look now. Furthermore, Jun Zi City is beneath the feet of the emperor. Nowadays, everyone knows about the marriage between the An family and the Fu palace. Our family’s every move is being observed under their watchful eye. If we send people out to look it would be the same as announcing that Yu Zhi ran away from home to escape the marriage.”

Fu Wu Tian absolutely must not find out that An Yu Zhi ran away to escape the marriage.

Even now, he (MC) still can’t guess what was going on inside that man’s head. If he (ML) got angry, he (MC) could imagine the final ending of the An family. At that time, he wouldn’t have to wait for An Chang De’s plot to target the An family, the An family would just disappear from An Yuan County forever.

Steward Su understood Young Master’s concerns, but he was more worried about the An family.

An Zi Ran thought for a while, “Second mother and third mother’s daughters haven’t married yet. Maybe one of them could be a substitute?”

“That won’t do, Young Master,” Steward Su denied without hesitation. “Eldest Miss and Second Miss are both born from concubines. Their status is not suitable for public. Moreover, the Old Master’s promise to Fu lao wang ye was for the daughter of a main wife to marry into the Fu family. If the Fu palace found out that we tried to substitute with the daughter of a concubine, then the consequences…”

An Zi Ran felt a headache building up. He was only throwing out some ideas without thinking the matter through.

“Young Master?” Steward Su couldn’t stand to see the troubled look on the young master’s face. The more he thought about it, the more he felt that the young miss was selfish. Even if she didn’t care about the An family, she should’ve at least considered the young master. They were blood-related siblings after all.
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An Zi Ran suddenly raised his head and looked at Steward Su with a look of anticipation. “Does it have to be the child of a main wife?”

Steward Su blanked a bit, and then he nodded.

An Zi Ran’s eyes suddenly moved to a small bun who will be four months old. “Well… is a male child okay?”

Both Steward Su and Xing Er turned wooden.

Fu Wu Tian sat on the steps in a gesture of randomness, not too dirty, and looked at the trees in the courtyard without know what to think. The handsome face had no expression until Ge Qian An’s voice rang in his ear.

Wang ye, this subordinate received a message. It is about the An family.”

Fu Wu Tian gave him a casual look. “Speak.”

Ge Qian An said, “An Yu Zhi ran away to escape the marriage.”

Fu Wu Tian raised his head. His lips lifted by a faint degree. In the blink of an eye the expression disappeared. Ge Qian An thought it was an illusion, except he knew it wasn’t, wang ye really smiled.

Ge Qian An continued, “In the morning, someone saw the An family’s Third Miss and one of her personal maids renting a horse carriage and then leaving the city in a hurry. They were both carrying bundles* with them. Then I sent people to investigate. It has just been determined that An family’s Third Miss did indeed escape her marriage.” A pause, and then he said, “Wang ye, do you want to send someone to catch her and bring her back?”

[*T/N: 包袱 bao fu: lit. bundle or bundle wrapped in a cloth. Because suitcases were not invented yet, a 包袱 was indicative of travel.]

Although it was only a landlord’s daughter, it would be bad for the Fu palace’s reputation if such news were spread about.

“No need, let’s see what he will do.”

He spoke this with an expectant tone. After dropping this sentence, Fu Wu Tian suddenly stood up and turned away.

Behind him, Ge Qian An revealed a grave expression. Wang ye seemed more and more interested in An Zi Ran. This was not a good thing!

[T/N: Hell yeah, it’s a good thing! XD]

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