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The Big Landlord 37

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Chapter 37 – Getting Married (Part 1)

The atmosphere of Jun Zi City was bustling with more noise and excitement than usual. The red lanterns hanging in front of the shops looked very festive. The flow of people on the streets was also more lively than usual. Because today was the big wedding day of Da Ya’s god of war. The god of war returned to the capital for not more than two months and he was already taking a bride. It was even more sensational than the emperor’s draft (sports).

But thinking that the god of war’s bride-to-be was the daughter of a landlord, most people still sighed. Even if the jun wang was not good looking, and had a sanguinary character, he was still a distinguished person with the titles of wang ye and war general. In the future, it was very possible that he will become the right-hand man of Da Ya’s crown prince. This kind of influential figure, marrying the daughter of a landlord…

Many people were lamenting, but more people were gloating*.

[*T/N: 幸灾乐祸 xing zai le huo: lit. to take joy in calamity and delight in diasater (idiom); fig. to rejoice in other people’s misfortune / Schadenfreude]

“That woman must be taking life too hard, to marry the jun wang.”

A woman in a pink dress stood in front of a stall selling jewelry. She was picking and choosing. The items on the stall were all pretty. They looked like luxury goods, but the prices weren’t high. They were perfect for putting on appearances. She often came here to visit as a customer.

Another young married woman with her hair done up in a bun heard what was said and could not help but let out the sound of a sneer.
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“That’s not it. What I think is that she’s after his status. If she marries the jun wang she won’t have to worry about food and clothing for the rest of her life. There will also be a huge group of servants at her feet to wait on her. Just thinking about that image, even if the jun wang is the ugliest person ever, so what.”

The pink dress woman bit her lip. “If it is me, it will be fine.”

The young married woman thought in her heart, if she were still an unmarried woman, for the title of “god of war’s wang fei” she would also want to marry that jun wang. Who does not like power and influence? Even if it was only a status, that would still be better than many people.

Of course, there were also some who paid attention to appearance.

The vendor of the jewelry booth suddenly laughed out loud, “ So the two of you still do not know, the jun wang’s marriage partner is not the daughter of a landlord. The news was already spread yesterday.”

“What did you say?” The girl in the pink dress looked surprised.

The young married woman did not believe it, and quickly asked, “A few days ago, the news was still going around. How could it not be the daughter of a landlord? Could it be that you’re deceiving us?”

The vendor did not mind and only laughed. “You two must’ve not been out yesterday. This information was released yesterday. A lot of people are saying that the one that jun wang wants to marry is not the daughter of a landlord. You can ask anyone and you will know.”

The two women couldn’t help but face each other. So it would seem that this piece of information was not false.

The woman in the pink dress impatiently asked, “Since it is not the daughter of a landlord, then who is it that the jun wang is marrying?”
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The young married woman also looked at him.

The vendor said, “I heard that it’s the older brother of the daughter of a landlord. It’s that young master of the An family. It is unclear whether it is true or false, but that is what everyone is saying now.”

The two were shocked.

Originally, they felt that the jun wang marrying that woman was an inconceivable thing, because based on the qualifications of the jun wang he could take a nobler woman as his wife. Even a princess would not be a problem. But now it suddenly became a man. They have never heard of taking a man as a wang fei before. It was preposterous!

The news that Da Ya’s god of war’s wang fei will be a man was spread all over Jun Zi City the day prior.

But this was not news released by Fu Wu Tian, because there were many people who paid attention to his movements. In addition, he entered the palace yesterday to explain the situation to the emperor. Some people could learn the news by inquiring just a little.

Although marrying a man does not necessary mean the end of the ancestral line, but many people were thinking of their own statuses. Some people were already plotting to insert people by Fu Wu Tian’s side to catch his attention.

An Family Courtyard

Today was the day that An Zi Ran was getting married.

There was no festive atmosphere in the courtyard. Instead, the mood over the courtyard was spiritless. No one spoke a word. If it were not for the red decorations, people would think a funeral was going on. The best representative was Steward Su. Since the day before his face was scrunched with worry.


An Zi Ran walked out from the side of the great hall. Hearing his voice, everyone turned to look. The young master had a bright appearance, and there was a feeling of being unable to look away from him.

An Zi Ran wore that exquisite red wedding apparel. The slightly white skin looked even more handsome in that red clothing. That face that still carried a bit of baby fat was beginning to mature and it made his features more prominent. Based on An Yu Zhi’s physical looks, one could tell that An Zi Ran also had good genes. Everyone discovered that their young master was growing up to be this good looking.

The only one who was not surprised was Steward Su, who still blamed himself.

He felt that he did not take good care of the young master, and that’s why things became like this. He has failed to live up to the expectations of the old master. His head was full of thoughts of how he didn’t have the face to see the old master when he passes away.
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“Steward, today is my big wedding day, you should be a little bit happier.” An Zi Ran gently held his hand. From henceforth, there will be many more things for the old steward to fret over. He did not tell the steward about the agreement between him and Fu Wu Tian. He had his own considerations. So he could only trouble him for the time being.

Steward Su looked at him and sighed heavily, “Young Master, I… I will try.” Saying so he tried to push forth a smile that looked like he was fast about to cry.

“He he he…”

Suddenly the laughter of a baby rang out.

Everyone turned around and saw that the laughter was coming from the second young master who was held in the arms of the wet nurse. The black grape-like eyes looked in the direction of the young master and Steward Su. He waved at the two energetically. His small short hands seemed very excited. The heart could not help by smile a little. The second young master was getting more and more intelligent.

Steward Su couldn’t help but reveal a sincere smile. Today was the day that the young master was getting married. He can’t be so frustrated.

An Zi Ran lips curled lightly into a smile.

Unfortunately, no one saw it. Everyone’s attention was on the little bun. Just as the sounds of laughter and cheer were gradually rising in the courtyard, the team of people from the Fu palace finally arrived, accompanied by the bursting of firecrackers and the clapping of copper cymbals from outside…

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    1. An Zi Ran is the only one in line, and he’s going to be the official wife. Every other lady in the city is too scared to become Fu Wu Tian’s wife/concubine. All the better, because I want AZR and FWT to be exclusive. Yeah!

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    1. I fussed over that sentence for the longest time ORZ, but eventually I just settled for “spiritual” because I had to finish the translation quick and get it posted.

      The original word was 灵性 which meant something along the lines of spiritual nature, like he could read the atmosphere or something. Since you brought it up I revisited the text and decided to change it to “intelligent,” I think that makes more sense then “spiritual” when you’re reading it in English. 🙂

      Fu Wu Tian will manage to convince our An Zi Ran of many more (naughty) things. After all, he will give An Zi Ran the title of “the one who was hoodwinked to death by a rogue.” Lol.

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