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The Big Landlord 39.1

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Chapter 39.1 – Disturbing the Bridal Chamber*?

[*T/N: 闹洞房 nao dong fang: “disturbing the privacy of the bridal room.” It is a Chinese custom where guests banter with and play pranks on the newlyweds.]

Fu Wu Tian’s grand wedding could be said to be the biggest event of the year.

The lucky hour has yet to arrive, but the Fu palace was already filled with guests. At first glance, most of them were important figures in Jun Zi City. Only a small portion of them was composed of lower officials. Based on this point alone, it was enough to see the emphasis that Fu Wu Tian placed on the wedding.
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He was the first wang ye in the history of Da Ya to take a man as his wang fei. Not only did he not receive severe criticism and obstruction, instead he got the emperor to agree to and decree the marriage. At the same time, all the officials of Jun Zi City came to the wedding bearing extravagant gifts. Fu Wu Tian’s influence could be seen. Da Ya’s god of war was indeed extraordinary.

“We have returned!”

There was a sudden clamor of noise. The guests who heard the announcement could not restrain themselves and ran outside. They watched the proceedings without blinking.

Fu Wu Tian’s bride welcoming team was especially spectacular and extravagant. An eight-person sedan traveled along the open road and counted on the people to clear the way. The streets were almost filled with people who were densely packed. Some people even compared the scene to the marriage of the emperor.

The valiant and formidable-looking Fu Wu Tian was riding on his horse with a pleasant smile on his face. For the first time, the handsome face was no longer wearing the expressionless and profound look of usual. His facial features were slightly softer. It could be seen that he was in a good mood. Some girls who came specifically to see him were blushing.

At this point, the rumors of Fu Wu Tian being ugly collapsed in the light of facts.

The welcoming team soon reached the grand doors of the Fu palace.

Fu Wu Tian turned and dismounted from his horse. He walked to the front of the sedan that was also coming to a halt. Behind the red covering curtain, the silhouette of a refined youth could faintly be discerned. A pair of jet-black eyes lit up with brilliance*. Even through a layer of cloth it could be seen clearly, the emotions in the eyes revealed a smile.

[*T/N: 流光溢彩 liu guang yi cai: lit. flowing light and overflowing color / brilliant lights and vibrant colors (idiom)]

Before the expectant eyes of everyone, who was looking forward to seeing the appearance of the future wang fei of the god of war, Fu Wu Tian stretched his hand out towards the red curtain. When the future wang fei stepped out, the crowd could not help but be disappointed.

Fu Wu Tian held An Zi Ran within his arms in the princess carry, but his head was blocked by his large sleeves. The youth’s face was completely hidden. Not even his chin could be seen.
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As for the person being held, when Fu Wu Tian went to carry him, he had struggled, but he was not as strong as the other. Fu Wu Tian’s arms were like copper walls and iron poles. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t move, so he could only give up in the end. The only thing that made An Zi Ran happy was that his face was blocked from view.

Fu Wu Tian carried his wang fei into the Fu palace.

He did not conceal the fact that his wang fei was a man. Instead, the great general and god of war boldly displayed affections. The gathered crowd looked at each other in speechless dismay. Only when Fu Wu Tian passed by them did they return to their senses. Sounds of congratulations echoed one after the other*. Only the speaker knew how sincere were their well wishes.

[*T/N: 此起彼伏 ci qi bi fu: to rise and fall in succession / no sooner one subsides, the next arises]

Within the guests, there was no lack of people from the imperial family. After seeing this scene, their expressions became weird. Within their hearts they were making plots that only they knew. Fortunately, they also knew that today was Fu Wu Tian’s big wedding.

The next step was the most important part of getting married: the ritual bowing to heaven and earth by the bride and groom.

For Fu Wu Tian’s immediate family member, there was only Fu lao wang ye. At this moment, he was sitting in the high hall position in a formal manner. Like a happy old man, if it were not for the excitement of his eyes, one would not think that he has dementia.

As for An Zi Ran’s elders, Fu Wu Tian investigated him and knew that his parents died in an accident. There were only three concubine mothers who could not parade around in public, so he was very considerate and did not mention it. He knew that An Zi Ran did not want them to come; otherwise he would’ve sent someone back to An Yuan County to inform them.

Although there were some problems with Fu lao wang ye’s brain, when he was not causing trouble he still seemed quite normal.

And the key point was that when he knew that his granddaughter-in-law was to be a man he did not display any anger. His face was very ruddy, and when Fu Wu Tian and An Zi Ran made the ritual bows, he smiled like a sunflower. Some people who were hoping that he would flip out were endlessly disappointed.

Fu Wu Tian not only knew how to handle the emperor, but he also had experience in dealing with his grandfather.
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After finishing the ritual bows, An Zi Ran was sent to the bridal chamber.

The guests stayed in the front yard to have a banquet. Because there were a lot of people participating in the event, apart from officials and members of the imperial family, there were also businessmen. They were all people of prestige who commanded respect. So there were four or five hundred tables set up inside and out. The hubbub of sounds has not stopped since the morning.

To host such a grand wedding with less than half a month for preparation, only Fu Wu Tian could accomplish it. Even An Zi Ran thought the wedding would be simpler.

A feast cannot do without wine. Although the people who dared to pour wine for Fu Wu Tian were few, but he was the groom after all, today was his big wedding day, so he could not completely avoid alcohol. Fortunately, his alcohol tolerance has been trained up in the military camp. Even after an entire jug of wine there was not a speck of red on his face. Those who wished to see him drunk were sorely disappointed.

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