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The Big Landlord 39.2

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Chapter 39.2 – Disturbing the Bridal Chamber?

But not everyone was afraid to pour for Fu Wu Tian. Among his subordinates, some were brother in arms that he went through fire and water with. They have been with him for over a decade. In the past, when they had celebratory feasts for heroic deeds, these were the rowdiest people.
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A man who was a few years older than Fu Wu Tian, and who has once served under Fu Wu Tian’s father, relied on the fact that he was a senior to bluntly hand over the wine in his hand to him. He poured half of the wine within the jug for Fu Wu Tian, and the junior drank it all down without blinking. The gathered soldiers who saw this thought that was exceedingly boring.

“I say you guys can’t get the general drunk. Within the army he is known as the man that won’t get drunk even after a thousand cups (of wine).”

The only soldier who has yet to pour wine for Fu Wu Tian laughed out loud. He felt that he was comparatively smarter. Although today was the general’s big wedding day, he’d rather not be remembered by the general for pranking him.

Someone saw through his thoughts and immediately held him in contempt.

Although the one the general was marrying was a man, perhaps in the future there would be another grand wedding reception, but no one could be certain of events in the future. Of course, such a rare occurrence should be taken advantage of, however some people still felt that what he said made sense, so they quietly withdrew from the ranks of heckling soldiers. They also did not want to be noted down by the general.

The young man who took the lead was suddenly isolated. In anger he screamed, “How good of you guys, leaving me alone like this, are you guys still good brothers?”

After he finished, he escaped with the saucepan lid and made everyone laugh.
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Ge Qian An, who was infected by the atmosphere, also showed a faint smile, but when his eyes glimpsed a figure in the corner, his smile shriveled up.

A hand suddenly landed on his shoulder.

Ge Qian An turned his head and saw the face of Guan Su. He immediately concealed the bit of emotion that leaked into his eyes and restored that dead man’s expression.

Guan Su followed his line of sight and saw a figure in the corner drinking alone. He lifted the cup of wine in his hand and drained it. Then he said in a meaningful manner, “Qian An ah, there are some things I will not say more on, you should be very clear about the matter in your own heart.”

“Are you kidding with me?”

Ge Qian An’s eyes settled on his face for a second and then immediately shifted away. His eyes were serious and solemn.

Guan Su smiled and walked away.

After drinking it was time to disturb the bridal chamber, but at this step, everyone couldn’t help by face each other. Who dared to go and disturb the wang ye’s bridal room. It was possible he already noted down everyone who poured wine for him. If they delayed the wang ye from consummating* his marriage he may bear a grudge against them and then there will be hardships for them. Thinking this and that, the crowd of soldiers pushed forth that first soldier who took the lead in heckling the groom to drink.

[*T/N: The text uses the phrase “one night of spring,” which is a euphemism for two people having sexual intercourse.]

“You go, ba.”

The young man scowled miserably, “You guys…”

At this moment, Fu Wu Tian suddenly came over. The color did not change in his face even after having drunk two jugs of wine. His eyes swept the crowd, “You want to disturb the bridal chamber? Fine, come along with me.”

Everyone’s scalp went numb. The general’s tone was obviously not good. Rather than letting them think they could disturb the bridal room, why not let them think that the sky will rain red instead.
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Fu Wu Tian did not pay attention to what they thought in their hearts. After they finished, they went to the inner courtyard of the Fu palace.

“Let’s go. Going to take a look is also good.” Guan Su, who had a handsome face that could bewitch good and innocent women, took the lead to respond to Fu Wu Tian’s call. His face even revealed a look of expectation, seeming eager to want to disturb the bridal chamber.

Others were affected by him and they hesitantly followed.

“I’m not going,” Ge Qian An suddenly spoke.

Those who were falling behind in the procession heard his words. They stared blankly. What is this person saying? Two people grabbed him by the arms and marched him along. “Do not talk nonsense. He doesn’t want to go, we will go. This is a rare opportunity.”

The bridal room was originally Fu Wu Tian’s room. Stuck on the door was a huge piece of paper cut into the character for the word ‘joy.’ The space inside looked like it was completely submerged within a red ocean. Near the entrance to the room, there was a big square table covered in red cloth. In front of them was an even bigger ‘joy’ character. There was a pair of dragon and phoenix candles burning red flames. The table was full of exquisite and beautiful pastry snacks. To the right was a red bead curtain. Beyond that was the bridal room.

The noisy people were quiet in an instant.

Wang ye wouldn’t really let them disturb the bridal chamber, right? Why does this feel unrealistic?

Their hearts were beating loudly within their chests. They really arrived at the door to the bridal room, but they dare not speak out.

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