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The Big Landlord 41

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Chapter 41 – Sharing the Bed*

[*T/N: 同床共枕 tong chuang gong zhen: “to share the bed” or figuratively “to be married”]

After drinking the exchanged cups of wine, the last and most important step in getting married was… to consummate the union.

An Zi Ran did not think about this problem at all. Since he was only a substitute bride in this marriage there was no need for them to complete the sequence of events between a husband and wife. Not to mention, the two of them were men. So he took it for granted that Fu Wu Tian would think the same way, too.

[T/N: Oh you naïve child, how wrong you are…]

This was what he thought before drinking the cup of wine.

After drinking the wine, he wasn’t so sure.

An Zi Ran pretended as if nothing had happened and went to sit down at the edge of the bed. Fu Wu Tian set down the empty cup and headed towards the bed. An Zi Ran said, “I am going to sleep on the bed tonight, and will have to trouble wang ye to sleep on the floor. There shouldn’t be a problem, right?”
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“There is!” Fu Wu Tian did not give him a desired answer as he expected, bent down, and looked straight at him. “Wang fei, we are already husband and wife.”

“Sooner or later, we won’t be.” An Zi Ran looked calm.

Fu Wu Tian’s lips twitched slightly. “But before that day, we will always be husband and wife.”

In a split second, An Zi Ran’s face looked like it was submerged in displeasure. He clenched his fist as if he would punch Fu Wu Tian at any time.

Fu Wu Tian shot a glance at the two fists clenched at An Zi Ran’s side. They were only half the size of his. A flicker of mirth passed through his eyes. Suddenly, he reached over. Before he could make contact, the other moved backwards to avoid him. Smiling, he said, “Wang fei, today is my big wedding day, I never thought of wanting to sleep on the floor.”

“Then I’ll sleep on the floor,” An Zi Ran quickly made the call.

“That’s no good. How could I be willing to let wang fei sleep on the floor? Since I took you as my wife, I will take responsibility for you till the very end.” Fu Wu Tian said. Then he turned and walked back over to the table. He returned with the jug of wine and two cups. “Wang fei’s alcohol tolerance seems to be good. Let’s drink a few cups.”

An Zi Ran looked at him coldly. So he wants to inebriate him?

Unfortunately, he made a wrong calculation. Although he changed his body in this world, the original An Zi Ran was a good drinker. This was exactly the same as An Chang Fu. So there was a lot of good wine stored in the An family’s cellar. Although he was not to the level of “not getting drunk even after a thousand cups,” a mere jug of wine was not enough to make him drunk.

Fu Wu Tian poured a cup of wine and handed it to him.

An Zi Ran did not hesitate. After receiving the cup he drank it down in one breath. His determination was strong.

Fu Wu Tian’s eyes were rather deep with expectation/anticipation. The emotion that Fu Wu Tian’s eyes were revealing was rather meaningful.

An Zi Ran who was draining the cup of wine in one gulp did not notice. He only stopped after drinking three cups of wine in succession. There was no change in his face. Fu Wu Tian praised, “Wang fei has a good tolerance for alcohol. I admire.”

“I’ve finished drinking the wine. Can I sleep now?” An Zi Ran ignored the compliment. He only wanted to get through the first night of marriage safe and sound.

“Of course.”

To his surprise, Fu Wu Tian was very straightforward.

An Zi Ran looked at him unexpectedly and wondered if he was playing another trick, but there was nothing special about the whole process, and he was very sure that there was nothing in the wine. If there were something suspicious he would be able to taste it. Since he could not think of anything else, he stopped thinking about it. If worst comes to worst he will counter every move.

An Zi Ran took off the gorgeous wedding attire. Although he wanted to sleep with his clothes, the weight of the wedding attire was not light. He might not feel comfortable if he didn’t take it off. In a moment he took off the red outer robe. Just as he was about to hang it up, a pair of hands stretched over to catch his clothes. He looked over and saw Fu Wu Tian’s handsome face.

“I will help you.”

An Zi Ran frowned and watched as Fu Wu Tian hung the clothes up along with his own. He thought about it a bit and then changed the subject. “I’m used to sleeping on the outer side of the bed, so trouble wang ye to sleep on the inner side.”

This was not a request or an inquiry. When he finished speaking, he lied directly on the outer side and turned his back towards Fu Wu Tian.

Fu Wu Tian didn’t mind, but when he slept on the inner side of the bed, An Zi Ran turned again and faced the outside, so as to not look at him. Seeing this, Fu Wu Tian found it funny. Didn’t think that he was such an awkward little guy.

The dragon and phoenix candles have almost burned out. The two have not laid down for long. The candlelight gradually weakened. The room seemed to be shaded. The atmosphere was quiet and there was an indescribable strangeness.

Once he calmed down, An Zi Ran discovered that his body was a bit hot. Mid-April was not longer early spring. The weather was getting warmer and he was wearing quite a few layers of clothing. He bluntly lifted half of the quilt off his body. He thought it was because he just drank a few drinks, so he didn’t care too much. Until his body got hotter. Under his abdomen, there seemed to be a sinister fire coming up, burning him hotter and hotter, and finally found that something was wrong.

This feeling, clearly it was that type of drug.

It must’ve been in the wine!

Censored Content
Password: TBL41

An Zi Ran couldn’t care so much anymore, his fingers moved gently, and a big hand suddenly came in to hold his hand. A strange and familiar shadow shrouded him from above. The candlelight on his face revealed his astonishment. From the dark, a low voice said:

Wang fei, to eat on the sly by yourself is not right.”

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T/N: The censored content was cut out from the original text. Luckily I was able to find the deleted scene from the unofficial sites that my helpful readers have sent me. Personally I didn’t think the censored content in this chapter was that raunchy, but I guess China’s censorship is just stricter. Although I do wonder how the unofficial sites got their hands on the censored content if it wasn’t even available on the official website…

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