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The Big Landlord 42.1

Warning: Censored Content. Please skip this chapter if you are sensitive to mature content. Otherwise, happy reading~

This entire chapter was censored and unavailable on the original site. I panicked for a bit because I didn’t want to leave an entire chapter un-translated. So glad I found this chapter somewhere else.

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Censored Content

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Look for Password in the Comments Section

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16 thoughts on “The Big Landlord 42.1

  1. I’m wondering about something that’s not about the chapter but your link: usually blog posts have time/day stamp in the url but yours don’t, why is that? :0c
    can you simply tweak the url in the draft page (i tried this but the url still retains the date)?

    1. You can choose whether or not you want the time stamp to be in the URLs of your blog by going to something called “Permalink Settings” and picking the format that you like. ^^

        1. It should be somewhere under “Settings”…
          But our editing screens might be entirely different, so I’m not really sure. Sorry, I’m not very good at web design so I don’t know what else to suggest. =(

  2. I’m really disappointed that I’m unable to access chapter 42.2. I couldn’t even find the correct/reliable password for the chapter. Oh, well I guess I have to abandon such an interesting story for such a trivial matter. Good luck, anyway.

    1. As stated in the comments section of chapter 42.2 the password for that chapter is “3ph0g”. [That would be a zero not an O.]

      And if you’re abandoning the entire story for that reason then evidently it’s not just a “trivial matter” to you. If it was “trivial”, you wouldn’t be abandoning the story. It means you were here for the smut only and not actually the story, which fair enough I’m all for the sexy bits, but the story is still comprehensible even if you skip the censored content. I’ve read so many Chinese web novels where the naughty parts were censored by the Chinese government (which means I couldn’t read those sections at all), I’m honestly surprised that this translator found and translated the restricted stuff.

      Btw, why are you commenting under chapter 42.1 when you’re looking for the password to chapter 42.2? Maybe that’s why you can’t find it.

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