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The Big Landlord 42.2

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9 thoughts on “The Big Landlord 42.2

  1. Hi. I recently look for the raws of the novel. I found most of them are for VIPs. My friend and I look for a website that do not ask for payment and safe to surf into.
    This is the link for the novel.
    http: //txt.33mai. com/novel/index4043. html
    This is not a spam.
    If you are woried, do not click it.
    But yeah. Thank you for your translation.
    I’m a translator of korean novel/webtoon. I appreciate people that does the same as me. Thank you always.

    1. Awww, thank you very much!!! ♡
      Fellow translators unite! I appreciate the work that you do too. I read Korean webtoons sometimes when I have enough time. I’ll take BL in any form that I can get. XD

  2. I got so used to read explicit fanfictions that almost nothing could faze me anymore. These web novel smut writing-style however, I found them so erotic somehow~~ its like a forbidden pleasure~

    Thank you so much ♡

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