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The Big Landlord 49.1

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Chapter 49.1 – Homecoming Crisis*

[*T/N: 回门风波 I simplified the title in English, but the full meaning in Chinese would be “first return of bride to her parental home crisis”]

When Fang Jun Ping and Zheng Bi heard that An Zi Ran had come back, they immediately took their daughters along and rushed over.

When they saw that there was another man beside An Zi Ran, like Wang Qing Lan, they also froze up. They did not expect An Zi Ran to bring several strangers back with him.

“The young master of An is finally willing to come back. Looks like he found those relatives. How are the relatives of An family doing?” There were thorns in Zheng Bi’s words. As she spoke she looked around the hall, but she didn’t see An Yu Zhi’s figure, and so she thought that the girl had returned to her boudoir. She saw Fu Wu Tian sitting beside An Zi Ran in one of the two main chairs of the hall and thought that he must be An Yu Zhi’s husband.
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At this time, the news that An Yu Zhi fled from the marriage has not yet reached An Yuan County.

All the people present knew that the so-called ‘relatives’ was actually Fu Wu Tian (and his family). He was the contracted marriage partner of An Yu Zhi. Since the two have married and said their vows, naturally he would be a part of the family now, and thus a ‘relative.’

After seeing Fu Wu Tian, the jealousy within An Qiao E and An Ke Xin grew even stronger.

Fu Wu Tian had a handsome face and an impressive aura. He had a different type of attractiveness than his subordinate, Guan Su. His was a domineering and heroic type of charm, full of masculinity. His strong body gave off a sense of security. Compared to the pretty boy appeal of Guan Su, his type was even more likely to attract women. Especially against An Qiao E and An Ke Xin, these two girls who never left home, his handsome appearance was even more potent. They could practically swoon from just one look.

But one couldn’t blame them for being fascinated by Fu Wu Tian.

Ever since the rumors of Fu Wu Tian’s ugliness were shattered, the entire Jun Zi City now knew that Da Ya’s God of War was a handsome and unrestrained man.

Especially those young girls who saw Fu Wu Tian on the day of the big wedding, their hearts were practically tied to him now. Even though he was already married, there were countless people who still wanted to be his imperial concubine. If it weren’t for the fact that he has only been married for three days, there would certainly be a long line of women at the door of the Fu palace.

Zheng Bi’s eyes fell on Fu Wu Tian. With a handkerchief covering her mouth, she smiled and said, “This person couldn’t possible be our An family’s relative. Don’t know what is this gentleman’s esteemed name? And which of our An family’s relative are you?”

Her words were not very polite.

She has been married to An Chang Fu for almost twenty years, how could she not know all the people related to the An family? In spite of knowing that Fu Wu Tian could not possibly be a previous relation, she still said those words, and there was ridicule in her voice. In particular, the last sentence, it was said with the subtext of ‘I know you are not a relative of the family.’ It was purely with the attitude of watching a joke.

But who was Fu Wu Tian?

All of Da Ya’s hundreds of thousands of troops must obey before him, let alone one woman.

Fu Wu Tian’s pair of dark and fathomless eyes fell upon Zheng Bi. “Would the An family’s son-in-law be considered a relative?”

Zheng Bi had never seen such unfathomable eyes. She was scared stiff. She almost couldn’t hold on to her handkerchief and dropped it to the floor. Her scalp went numb and her tongue almost froze over. Barely managing to pull a smile onto her face she said, “This concubine has not heard that a daughter of An have been married. This gentleman must be joking.”

Fu Wu Tian spoke with insouciance, “Just because you have not heard does not mean that the An family does not have a son-in-law. If you don’t know, then that just means you are not qualified.”

Zheng Bi’s face twisted.

Fang Jun Ping and Wang Qing Lan’s expressions were also not good. To say that Zheng Bi was not qualified, that automatically included them too. Although they knew that a concubine’s status was low, to hear it in person was still hard to swallow.

Wang Qing LAn suddenly spoke up, “Zi Ran, why didn’t Yu Zhi come back with you?”

She was the first to come out and ‘greet’ them. At that time, she stood atop the steps of the hall and had a relatively wide field of vision. Although she couldn’t see the situation at the front door, even if An Zi Ran had An Yu Zhi return to her boudoir, it couldn’t have been that fast, so the only explanation was that An Yu Zhi did not come back with them. Why didn’t she come back? Intuition told her that there was something wrong with this.

An Zi Ran’s eyes snapped to her. He always knew that Wang Qing Lan was a smart person. It was not unexpected for her to realize that An Yu Zhi was not with them.

“She ran away from the marriage.”

When those words were said, everyone was shocked.

Even An Qiao E and An Ke Xin who had their eyes downcast couldn’t help but raise their heads, revealing a shocked expression. They couldn’t digest this heavy news for a while. They didn’t even have time to gloat.

Zheng Bi quickly used her handkerchief to cover her mouth and couldn’t stop the schadenfreude. “Our Yu Zhi is the Third Miss of An, how could she run away from a marriage?”

“That’s right. Could you have mistaken? How could the young miss of the first wife run away from marriage?!” Wang Qing Lan also echoed. Although she tried to express shock in her voice, she still could not hide the hidden shade of happiness within it.

Only Fang Jun Ping, who was not good with words, did not speak, but her eyes showed a hint of happiness.

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