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The Big Landlord 60.1

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Chapter 60.1 – An Qiao E’s Determination

News of the situation concerning An Ke Xin and Lin Xin soon spread to the ears of Fang Jun Ping and her daughter, An Qiao E. They immediately began to panic.
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Only now did Fang Jun Ping realize something that made her frightened. After the master died, the young master, An Zi Ran took over as head of the household. It was just like the time when the master was still alive. He held absolute authority over the family.

And it was as An Zi Ran said.

The eldest brother was like a father!

An Zi Ran had even more power to decide their future.

“Mother, I absolute, absolutely, must not let him decide my future!” The gloomy character of An Qiao E raised her head after hearing the news. She stared straight at Fang Jun Ping. The always dull and wooden face of An Qiao E suddenly held a tint of determination.

Fang Jun Ping immediately tried to placate her daughter and said, “Qiao E, Mother understands. Mother also doesn’t want him to decide your future. Rest assured. If he dares to casually marry you off, Mother will fight him to the death with these old bones.”

An Qiao E took hold of her mother’s hand with a blank expression on her face and said, “Mother, I swear to get married to a member of the royal family. Even if it is only as his concubine, that is still fine.”

Fang Jun Ping’s heart trembled and her eyes widened in disbelief, “Qiao E, you really think like this?”

An Qiao E nodded firmly.

Fang Jun Ping’s agitated mood suddenly fell back down. She had an expression that reflected her desire yet hesitation to say something. Finally, looking at her daughter’s unshakeable expression she couldn’t help but to say, “Qiao E, you must think about this carefully. Once you become a concubine, people will always look down on you. Just like your mother. In front of Liu Mei Xiang, I could never lift my head. People say that the matriarch of the An family is Liu Mei Xiang. And when they speak of me, their faces are full of disdain. You should know this clearly…”

“I don’t care.” An Qiao E interrupted her words.

Fang Jun Ping suddenly had nothing to say.

“In order to break away from the An family and to put An Zi Ran beneath my feet, the imperial family is the best choice. I know that they may not look upon me highly, but I still have beauty. I still have my means. Men are lascivious. Based on my qualifications, I can do it!”
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An Qiao E proudly raised her face. Her pale white face seemed to glow differently at this moment.

Fang Jun Ping looked at her daughter. She never knew that her daughter could be so beautiful. Just like she said, which man was not lascivious? And her daughter was so beautiful; she could definitely do it.

Although the concubine of a high-ranking official and the concubine of an imperial family member were both concubines, the status and identity of the latter was higher than the former by a big gap.

“But Qiao E, not being able to leave the An family, your goal is…”

Fang Jun Ping suddenly thought of this problem. They were now living in the An family residence and freedom was also restricted. An Yuan County was far away from Jun Zi City. It was impossible to achieve that goal from this small place.

An Qiao E lowered her eyes. “Mother, no matter what, I will not change my mind.”

An Zi Ran, don’t think that you can control my life!

She must marry into the imperial family!

Fang Jun Ping looked at her daughter and was very shocked. This was the first time that she discovered that her daughter could be so decisive.

In Da Ya, the parents arranged the marriages of their children. Most of the children had no right to choose. They could only obey and could not defy. Otherwise, they were not filial.

When he was alive, An Chang Fu was very concerned about the marriages of his two daughters. He was a selfish person, so he had hoped that his two daughters could marry someone with good status and identity to help pave a path for himself. As a result, he rejected many marriage proposals. The families that came to propose marriage were actually well matched in terms of social status, but they were all business people, and not the type of in-laws that An Chang Fu wanted.
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An Chang Fu often expounded on the benefits and advantages of marrying a high official or a dignitary in front of his daughters, An Qiao E and An Ke Xin. Plus, Fang Jun Ping and Zheng Bi also hoped for their daughters to become phoenixes, often brainwashing them. Over time, they really did succeed in brainwashing their daughters.

After that, An Chang Fu often bought some beautiful jewelry and clothes for his two daughters, hoping that they could dress up beautifully to catch the eye of some big fish, and then he would occasionally let his two concubines take them out to the temple to pray.

An Qiao E and An Ke Xin found their father being good to them, and there were even pretty clothes and jewelry to wear everyday, so they became even more convinced that they would marry someone of a high post. Therefore, this thought process of An Qiao E’s was not without an origin.

When An Zi Ran heard about this from Steward Su, he was very silent.

Perhaps not all women were brainless, but he could be sure that An Qiao E and An Ke Xin were absolutely brainless vases.

If An Chang Fu was really being good to them, why didn’t he let An Yu Zhi also be like them? Instead, he limited An Yu Zhi’s freedom and very rarely let her go out.

Unfortunately, in their eyes there was only short-lived glory and wealth.

However, what An Zi Ran did not expect was that he had yet to think of anything, but An Qiao E and her mother were already beginning to plot how to leave the house. At the moment, he did not bother to pay attention to them.

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  1. Wow. Talk about stupidity! That girl sure had thick skin and no brains. It’s not only the distance to the capital that is the problem. Does she really think she is the only beautiful girl to try that? That she will be let within ten foot of the imperial family? She is literally a daughter of a concubine of a landlord, which means her status is very low, and she thinks if she seduces someone from the royal family they will marry her? Even as a concubine? Please *rolls eyes* Not only does she have to get to the city safely which is a problem for a pretty woman travelling alone, she needs money to get there and live there too. Talk about dreaming big.
    All this women are brainless. Some do not even realize that being the head of the family An ZI Ran can literally do whatever he wants to them as it is within his right yet they continue to cause trouble and antagonize him. If An Zi Ran was an asshole he could sell them to a brothel and be done with it. They are lucky that he is actually a decent person. Thank for the new chapter))) I look forward to face slapping! I wonder what will happen if she does get to the city… only to learn that An Zi Ran is waaay ahead of her and already married into the imperial family.)))

    1. Lol. The irony of her situation. She’s technically related to royalty now, because of AZR.
      I thought it was a long shot too, for her to even be a concubine. Maybe a ‘tong fang’ which is basically a servant that the master of the house sleeps with.

  2. An Qiao E doesn’t understand that even if she will become the first wife she won’t be able to “put An Zi Ran beneath her feet”. Keep dreaming girl ~
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  3. And I’ve reached the latest chapter… boo-hoo.

    I binge read this novel, and it’s so good. I love the characters, and the plot, and the humour, and the romance. It’s so soft and cute and funny. I’m really looking forward to see Zi Ran falling in love with FWT. And the bad people to get what they deserve.

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    1. Yay, new reader! ^-^
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  4. …. as the old saying goes, never interrupt an enemy when they are making a fatal mistake, it’s bloody rude.

    If I was AZR, I’d be rolling the red carpet for the idiot that wants to “run away and marry into the royal family with her oh so special good looks.” Oh, you want to leave? Here’s the door, don’t let it hit your ass on your way out of my life for good.

    He’s too nice to them, I swear.

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    Oh well, I can’t wait for the looks on everyone’s face when they all realize just WHO FWT is.

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting ^-^

      I think AZR is handling them rather well all things considered. He doesn’t actually know these people so he doesn’t have any prior grudges or good will towards them, so he treats them neutrally and fairly, but if they betray him he won’t take it lying down either.

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