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The Big Landlord 61.2

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Chapter 61.2 – Imperceptible Influence

An Zi Ran’s scalp began to go numb. He had never been this close to another person before. The last time was an exception. He was so tense that his body had become rigid. He tried to take in a deep breath. “I can’t sleep if you’re like this.”
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Fu Wu Tian turned him around and then drew him tightly into his embrace. Although An Zi Ran’s back was towards Fu Wu Tian now, his back was pressed firmly up against the other man’s chest. The other person’s body temperature was even more obvious than before. Fu Wu Tian tucked An Zi Ran’s head into the crook of his neck and rested his chin on the top of the youth’s head. It felt like he was sinking into the other person. His buttocks were turned towards the other person’s lower body and he could feel a soft lump through the thin layer of their clothes.

This position…

Although he didn’t have to face Fu Wu Tian, it felt even worse.

“I think you should let go…”

Before An Zi Ran could finish speaking, Fu Wu Tian suddenly turned him back around and the two became face-to-face again. The eyes that were looking at him seemed to be shining brightly.

An Zi Ran relented. “…Just turn me back around.”

Fu Wu Tian did not comply this time. His voice floated over to him in the dark. “Wang fei, have you forgotten your promise to this prince?”

An Zi Ran, “…”

He’s been had!

Just as An Zi Ran was about to fly into a rage out of humiliation, Fu Wu Tian suddenly buried his head in his neck again. The low laughter seemed as far away as the sound of a violin, sexy and charming, it was the best laugh that he had ever heard. He was usually proud and calm, but this time he did not know how to react.

Wang fei.”

Fu Wu Tian slowly withdrew his head from his neck.

An Zi Ran raised his head. A shadow suddenly covered him and warm lips blocked his mouth. The hormonal scent of the two men was like a blend of water and milk. Fu Wu Tian’s kiss filled his mouth with a thick, mature scent, almost confusing his nerves.

The two slept together day after day, and they were almost always together, so he slowly got used to the scent of Fu Wu Tian’s presence. At this moment, he was kissed by the other man, but he did not feel repulsed or uncomfortable at all. Instead, he had a very accustomed feeling…

Looking at Fu Wu Tian’s handsome face from up close, the frequency of his heartbeat increased. At that moment, An Zi Ran finally understood, he was imperceptibly influenced.

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