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The Big Landlord 64.1

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Chapter 64.1 – Fu Wu Tian’s Power

Ever since Jiang Zhong Ting’s arrival at An Yuan County, County Magistrate Zhang has been so anxious that he was beginning to foam at the mouth.
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Yong Province and Hong Province were two different places, no matter what they couldn’t be mashed into one piece. As the prefectural magistrate of Yong Province, for Jiang Zhong Ting to come to Hong Province, it was the equivalent of intervening in another family’s affairs. He certainly must have thick skin to do so. But County Magistrate Zhang was only a small county magistrate, so he didn’t have the power to resist Jiang Zhong Ting.

Don’t know what Jiang Zhong Ting said to the prefectural magistrate of Hong Province, but the prefectural magistrate not only didn’t stop him, he also gave Jiang Zhong Ting the right to dispatch his men and local officers. Now, even County Magistrate Zhang had to listen to Jiang Zhong Ting.


Madam Zhang looked worriedly at County Magistrate Zhang, who was pacing around in the room. She was a woman. She didn’t know much about outside matters, and she rarely participated in matters concerning men, but that didn’t mean she didn’t understand anything.

Ever since the An family changed masters, from An Chang Fu to An Zi Ran, the people of An Yuan County benefited over and over again. Every household received some sort of favor, whether big or small. Someone good and kind like the young landlord of the An family definitely did not deserve a bad ending. Furthermore, if the An family went down, then An Yuan County will also be implicated in some way. The people’s livelihoods, which have finally stabilized, will start to waver again.

County Magistrate Zhang released a heavy sigh. “Wife, I am just a small county magistrate.”

He knew what his wife was thinking. He also wanted to help the An family. These days, he also felt the joy of the people of An Yuan County, but he could do nothing.

Madam Zhang said in a low voice, “Husband, it’s not that I am telling you to stop this from happening, but you can still send a letter to the An family right?”

County Magistrate Zhang said, “I am discontent, my wife. I have already written a letter, but to deliver it into the hands of the An family’s young master will be difficult.” Jiang Zhong Ting was staying inside the county right now, and he had eyes everywhere. If they were discovered trying to help the An family, then they would suffer.

Madam Zhang suddenly took hold of his hands with joy, “Husband, you forgot you still have me!”

County Magistrate Zhang was stunned for a moment, and then he realized that his wife was indeed the best messenger. Having her go would be perfectly proper and justifiable.

Madam Zhang had a habit of going to the temple every month to light incense. She didn’t have a set schedule of going, just every month three or five times. The month had just changed to May, and she had yet to visit the temple. This was the perfect excuse.

“Then I will have to trouble my wife for this task.”

County Magistrate Zhang took the letter hidden in his sleeve and handed it over to his wife.
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Madam Zhang quickly stuffed the letter into her sleeve. The couple discussed some places of attention, and then went to arrange the temple visit.

Jiang Zhong Ting’s people didn’t doubt her at all, and allowed Madam Zhang to leave with her two maidservants.


The letter soon arrived in the hands of An Zi Ran.

On the letter, An Zi Ran’s name was written as the receiver, but the sender’s name was not present. The other party said that the letter was very important and that An Zi Ran must open it personally.

Who would write to him at this time in the junction?

An Zi Ran couldn’t guess who the sender might be. He opened the letter and read it. At the end of the letter, a name was written.

The name was Zhang He.

Zhang He was County Magistrate Zhang’s full name. Before, he and An Chang De worked together to make things difficult for the An family. An Zi Ran never forgot about this matter, so seeing that the sender was actually Zhang He, his heart was inevitably surprised.

“It seems that this Zhang He still has a bit of conscience.” Fu Wu Tian swept over the contents of the letter and immediately guessed his purpose. If it were not for the people of An Yuan County, he would not dare to take such a big risk.

The superior above Zhang He’s head who could influence and decide his future career was Liu Fei Hong, the prefectural magistrate of Hong Province. Although he was not the first prince’s person, he was a student of Zhang Sun Cheng De. And most of the officials listed in the bribe book were officials of Hong Province, including this Liu Fei Hong.

Liu Fei Hong’s greed was not small. Recorded in the ledger, he was the one who accepted the most bribes.

Since Fu Yuan Wu, the first prince, already knew about this, then Liu Fei Hong must also know. Rather than wanting the credit for accomplishing a meritorious deed, Liu Fei Hong was more anxious about getting the ledger back. Otherwise, once the book was presented to Chong Ming Emperor, even if Zhang Sun Cheng De stepped forward, Liu Fei Hong could not be saved.

Under this threat to his life, Liu Fei Hong and Jiang Zhang Ting colluding together was a predictable event.

Even the prime minister, Zhang Sun Cheng De, might be involved. On the contrary, An Zi Ran hesitated. Fu Wu Tian had only returned to the imperial court for several months, and suddenly offended both a prince and the prime minister. Above that, there was also the emperor who was eyeing his military power with a covetous gaze*. The situation did not seem to be very good.

[*T/N: 虎视眈眈 to glare like a tiger watching his prey (idiom) / to eye covetously]

“Are you planning to bring this ledger before Chong Ming Emperor?”

An Zi Ran folded up the letter, preparing to find a time to burn it. However, Fu Wu Tian’s answer surprised him.

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