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The Big Landlord 64.2

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Chapter 64.2 – Fu Wu Tian’s Power

“Why do I have to give it to him?”

An Zi Ran looked up at him. “Are you saying you’d rather destroy the ledger?”
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Since the book was stolen, Jiang Zhong Ting would certainly guess that it was in their hands. If they didn’t hand it over they will keep thinking about it. Even if they told them that the ledger was gone, the other party wouldn’t believe it.

Shao Fei suddenly laughed out loud. When An Zi Ran looked at him, he said proudly, “Wang fei, there’s something you don’t know, our wang ye’s power is so great. Even without reporting to Chong Ming Emperor, you can easily take the heads of these worms in Da Ya.”

An Zi Ran looked at Fu Wu Tian.

Fu Wu Tian declined to comment.

An Zi Ran felt that he had to get to know Fu Wu Tian anew.

There was a bright smile on Shao Fei’s lips. He was also very shocked when he first found out. Wang ye was not a prince, and definitely not the emperor, but his power* was even greater than that of Zhang Sun Cheng De. If Zhang Sun Cheng De ever commits a crime in the future, wang ye could climb over Chong Ming Emperor’s head to take care of him.

[*T/N: 权利 quan li: power, right, privilege]

Because, this was the power given to wang ye by the previous emperor!

The current emperor has been on the throne for twenty-seven years now. But he didn’t succeed the throne after the emperor’s death. Rather, the previous emperor had abdicated and then gave him the throne.

The emperor really liked Fu Xiao, his nephew, and he had the intention of passing the throne onto him. But Fu Xiao has always been embroiled in military matters, and he preferred living freely on horseback, so he refused the throne. Thus, the previous emperor could only pass the throne onto his only son. He had many daughters, but only Fu Chong, this one son.

Later, the previous emperor transferred his love for Fu Xiao onto his son, Fu Wu Tian.

After Fu Wu Tian was born, his parents left him in the wang fu (the Fu palace) when he was barely three months old. At that time, the emperor had just retired for a few years. After hearing about Fu Wu Tian’s circumstance, he brought him into the imperial palace and raised the child by his side for a few years. Gradually, he became shocked by the intelligence and courage that Fu Wu Tian exhibited when he was a child, and he liked him even more.
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Two years before the death of the previous emperor, Chong Ming Emperor began to reveal his true colors, gradually developing in the direction of an incapable ruler. At that time, the previous emperor was already powerless. His body was very weak. All year round he lay in bed sick. So he pinned his hopes on the young Fu Wu Tian, and gave him the right to behead an incapable ruler above him and the power to get rid of corrupt officials below him.

Everyone in the imperial court on both the civic and military side, including the current emperor, was aware of this.

Because the previous emperor made this announcement in front of everyone, even some common people have heard of this matter.

Since then, Fu Wu Tian has often suffered assassination attempts.

Later, Fu Xiao, who was far away at the border, heard of about this situation and brought him over to the border. A few years passed. Then Fu Xiao and his wife died, and Fu Wu Tian brought back their ashes. But after the funeral, Fu Wu Tian returned to the border.

During this period, he returned no more than three times.

Although he held such great power over the people of Da Ya, this was only his second time returning to the capital. The first time was when he brought his parents’ ashes back.

At that time, an official objected to his mother being buried in the Imperial Tomb with Fu Xiao, because she wasn’t a native of Da Ya. The result? Fu Wu Tian cut him into two pieces with one sword swing. It took a long time for the official to stop breathing. At that time Fu Wu Tian was only ten years old. His imposing aura as a war god was already beginning to show then.

Since then, no one thought of Fu Wu Tian as an easy to bully youth.

And then later, the prestige of the God of War gradually spread.


An Zi Ran stood in the garret and looked at the streets of An Yuan County. This was the tallest building in the An family. From here, one could see a lot of things happening on the streets of An Yuan County: the bustling crowds on the streets, people hawking their wares, the kind face of an old man selling buns…

No one would have thought that under this scene of peace and enthusiasm, there was a hidden force. This force brought with it a concentrated stench of decay. A little carelessness will erode the entire An Yuan County.

Just as he was about to zone out in his thoughts, a hand suddenly touched his waist.

An Zi Ran’s gaze trembled as he brought his elbow up in an attack. His movements were very sharp, not the least bit sloppy. Most people would be hit, but the person behind him easily received his attack and neutralized the force, holding his elbow in one palm.

Wang fei.”

A burning breath was close to his ear.

Fu Wu Tian’s low voice carried the unique charm of a mature man as it entered his ears. The tall body completely enveloped him, as if he was surrounded by his arms.

An Zi Ran was more determined than ever to exercise every day. He was only sixteen years old now, and there was room for growth. He knew that he could not grow as tall and strong as Fu Wu Tian, but he must at least exceed that man’s shoulders.

“Have you arranged everything already?”


“When do you think they will make a move?”

When An Zi Ran said this, he eyes swept over the people that were lying in wait near the An family estate. They were all sent by Prefectural Magistrate Jiang to monitor them. It has been two days already.

Fu Wu Tian’s eyes followed An Zi Ran’s gaze and also saw the people who were watching the An family. There were more than ten rough ones, almost everywhere, and they monitored the whole family thoroughly, ensuring that not even a fly could escape.

“Wait for them to manufacture some evidence to seize the An family.”

“…Don’t you think this question is the same as not answering?”

Wang fei, this prince is not done talking yet.” Fu Wu Tian’s low laughter seeped into his ears again.

An Zi Ran went silent.

“Before this, they will send someone to confirm whether the ledger is in the house or not.”


“Most likely.”

They’ve been enduring for two days. Ten out of ten, they were unlikely to wait any longer. In addition, even Liu Fei Hong has secretly rushed to An Yuan County this morning. It was impossible for them to resist the temptation of acting tonight.

An Zi Ran suddenly looked forward to the arrival of the night.

It’s been a long time since he experienced this kind of excitement.

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