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The Big Landlord 65.2

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Chapter 65.2 – Night Attack and Encirclement

Liu Fei Hong snorted and said dismissively, “What strange? I heard that the young landlord of the An family married a businessman from Jun Zi City. Some businessmen like to hire bodyguards. And it seems that that businessman is also at the An manor. Let’s take a step back and say that there really is something strange. Do you think they can resist the official government? If they dare, the government will slap them with the crime of treason!”
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“What Liu da ren said is correct.” Jiang Zhong Ting also thought the same thing and told his trusted aide, “Qian You Hao, perhaps you’re over thinking this.”

Even his own da ren was saying the same thing, so Qian You Hao no longer insisted. Maybe he really was thinking too much. As Jiang Zhong Ting’s trusted aide he was always putting forward plans and ideas. He’s the type that paid attention to small details, so his mind was always geared towards thinking of conspiracy theories.

And thus, they began to dispatch constables to rush towards the An manor.

County Magistrate Zhang was excluded from them. This kind of sensitive matter was not something that a low status person like him would originally know about.

It was only that when he learned that Jiang Zhong Ting and Liu Fei Hong were preparing to dispatch people to surround the An family he became very anxious. He only hoped that An Zi Ran would leave An Yuan County after receiving his letter.

Dawn just broke.

All the farmers of An Yuan County were accustomed to waking early.

They had just stepped out the door when they saw a large group of government constables running quickly down the street. They had never seen such a big disposition of troops, so they were very curious about what these constables were going to do.

Someone realized that they were heading towards the An family manor.

In a short time, the constables of the county magistrate surrounded the An manor.

This scene aroused the attention of many people; especially those who were preparing to get to work early. The An family were now their great benefactors, and they have not committed any crimes. Why would these constables surround the An manor? Not long after, there were many people around.
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Jiang Zhong Ting and Liu Fei Hong did not expect that there would be so many people paying attention to the An family. It was still early in the morning, and many people were still asleep. Only when Qian You Hao told them about the good deeds that the An family have been doing in An Yuan County during this time period did they knew what’s up. Then they no longer mentioned it.

What did it matter how many good deeds the An family did? It didn’t concern them at all.

Since the An family dared to take that ledger, even the great emperor wouldn’t be able to stop their determination right now.

That book must be retrieved and the An family must be eliminated. Who told that young landlord to see what should not be seen?

Guard One walked over and said, “Da ren, we have already surrounded the manor. Not even a fly could escape. We are ready at any time.”

Jiang Zhong Ting waved his hand and commanded, “Transmit my orders, immediately act now, capture everyone in the An family, don’t let even one person escape.”

Liu Fei Hong, who was next to him, suddenly felt a little unhappy.

This was his territory, but Jiang Zhong Ting was acting as if he was the master.

He stewed on it a bit more and then dismissed it. Right now he only cared about that ledger.

Guard One immediately passed down the command, ordering people around.

Just as the constables were getting ready to crash open the door and rush into the house, the front door opened by itself. Ge Qian An came out from inside. His cold eyes fell on Jiang Zhong Ting and Liu Fei Hong.

“Jiang da ren, Liu da ren, our lord said, if the two of you have the courage then come inside.”

The two men looked at each other. The other party actually knew it was them and was even able to call them by name? What kind of situation was this?

Ge Qian An ignored their reactions, turned, and went back inside.

Liu Fei Hong’s heart beat like a heavy drum.

Jiang Zhong Ting suddenly laughed coldly, “A good move, trying to gain the upper hand with a show of strength. I would like to see what a merchant from the capital is capable of. Even if they know a few people with status in Jun Zi City, I do not believe that they can beat the one above us.”

His backing was the first prince.

His words reminded Liu Fei Hong that he was the prime minister’s disciple. Also, the prime minister and the first prince were in the same camp. No matter how powerful the people inside were, could they possibly be bigger than the first prince and the prime minister combined?

With this in mind, the two of them brought the group of constables and rushed into the An family home. A mighty group of people, their actions were very boorish and crude. They slammed pass the two front doors causing the doors to creak on their hinges.

The servants inside were all already up and about. Some of them were in the courtyard sweeping up fallen leaves. Seeing the group of men rushing inside, they jumped in fright. None of them dared approach. Qi Qiao who was holding a breakfast tray also saw this scene. With her heart pounding in her chest, she picked up her pace and returned to Lan Xiang Courtyard.

They had yet to get to the great hall, when Jiang Zhong Ting saw the young landlord of the An family and an unknown man standing on the steps, seemingly waiting for them for a long time.

Jiang Zhong Ting ordered everyone to stop. Liu Fei Hong who was next to him stepped forward. His gaze fell upon An Zi Ran. This was the person that stole the ledger and almost ruined his official career. His eyes were cold. “You are the young landlord An Zi Ran?”

An Zi Ran’s indifferent gaze fell on his face.

Liu Fei Hong had long confirmed his identity and so he said, “Someone has lodged an accusation against you, saying that you’re colluding with foreigners with the intention of plotting a rebellion. We have both human testimony and material evidence. It is best that you don’t resist. Put your hands forward to be shackled.”

The so-called human testimony and physical proof were naturally fabricated from thin air.

They were just making up a reason to justify the capture.

An Zi Ran gave him a mocking glance. “This accusation of rebellion, An mou* cannot shoulder this, Liu da ren should be careful not to incite trouble with words. Since you said there is evidence, then bring it out.”

[*T/N: 某 mou: somebody indefinite. I’m not too clear on the precise meaning of this, but it is a way to refer to oneself.]

“When you come to the government office, this prefectural magistrate* will naturally let you see the proof, and make you accept wholeheartedly!” Liu Fei Hong sneered and then ordered the men behind him. “Capture these people. Don’t let a single one slip away. Bring them to the government office and have them questioned via torture.”

[*T/N: He refers to himself as 本府 ben fu, meaning “this prefecture” or “this seat of government” which refers to his government post as a prefectural magistrate. The Chinese word for prefectural magistrate is 知府 zhi fu.]

Four men immediately headed towards An Zi Ran.

Fu Wu Tian suddenly stepped forward and blocked them.

[T/N: Do you really need four men for one An Zi Ran? Then again you’re going to need more than four platoons for one Fu Wu Tian…]

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