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The Big Landlord 66.1

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Chapter 66.1 – Behead

The four men did not expect that someone would stand against them.
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They didn’t know why the An family wanted to rebel, but treason was a huge crime that affected nine generations of a family. Anyone who heard the word rebellion would go far, far away for fear of being implicated. Who would dare to step forward and defend the accused?

The four men looked at each other and came to a stop.

The man’s tall body was like a towering mountain peak. Standing on the steps and looking down on them from above, even without speaking, that expressionless face was enough to give them an invisible pressure.

“What are you all standing there for? Quickly capture them for this prefectural magistrate!” Liu Fei Hong saw that the men had stopped and his voice suddenly became irritated. “Rebellion is a great crime. Even if this person is the An family’s son-in-law, you still have to capture him for this prefectural magistrate.”

The four men really wanted to comply with the prefectural magistrate’s order, but when they came into contact with that man’s eyes and felt the pressure emanating from his body, they could feel their scalps tingling and their bodies stiffening, almost unable to move. Even they did not know why.

Liu Fei Hong let out a shout of ‘garbage.’

Jiang Zhong Ting, who was standing just behind, lowered his head and sent a hidden signal to the two guards at his side.

Guard One and Guard Two immediately noticed the signal and advanced forward. Being able to stay beside Jiang Zhong Ting, naturally these two were very carefully selected guards. Their strength was greater than the five men in black who were killed.

The two guards violently pushed aside the four men. They charged forward with large powerful strides, both brandishing huge swords. One came at Fu Wu Tian from the right and the other came from the left to lock him in a pincer. They guessed that Fu Wu Tian knew some martial arts. That was something that could be judged from his imposing manner. They wanted to slice him bloody with their weapons. This way, not only could they resolve this meddlesome man, but also impress an intimidating effect.

However, as they were rushing over, Ge Qian An, who was standing on the side, suddenly popped his sword out from its scabbard. Fu Wu Tian caught the long sword by the handle, and without batting an eye he chopped down the first guard who rushed towards him, which was Guard Two.

Blood splattered in the air.

Everyone saw Guard Two split into two parts. With a thud, both parts fell to the ground. Blood gushed out and stained the ground red.

The guard was still alive a second ago. Suddenly he lay in two parts on the ground with his visceral intestines spilled all over the place. It was a very horrible picture.

“Ouu…” [T/N: vomit]

Didn’t know who started vomiting first, but it triggered the others like a butterfly effect. There wasn’t a single person who did not vomit, including Liu Fei Hong, who was standing closer to the body. He even hurled out last night’s dinner.

Jiang Zhong Ting turned pale. He was the only person who resisted and managed not to throw up. But just from looking at him it was clear that he had taken a huge shock. Even on the battlefield, one may not see such a horrible picture of death, but what they didn’t know was that this kind of quick death from a single swing was already considered pretty good.
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In the past, the official that Fu Wu Tian cut in two did not die so quickly and suffered.

The guard who was slower by a step escaped death. He fell to the ground with a pale face. The blade he was holding had already flown out of his hands and onto the steps because of his trembling hands. He let out a ‘haa haa’ sound but no one paid any attention. He had yet to engage in combat and his heart already could not stand it anymore.

Fu Wu Tian flicked the blood off the sword with a blank face. His ruthless and cold gaze fell upon the guard on the ground whose muscles have softened from fright.

Guard One lost control of his bladder. His eyes were wide as he shook his head in horror. Broken sounds came out of his mouth. “Don’t… don’t kill me… I don’t want to die…”

Guard One was indeed an elite bodyguard chosen from a hundred people, but no matter how elite he was, someone who has never stepped foot on the battlefield wouldn’t know how horrific a dead person could be.

As soon as he stepped onto the stage he entered such a cruel and bloody scene. It was more than his psychological strength could endure. It was an immediate tragedy.

“Rebellion! Rebellion!”

The sharp voice of Jiang Zhong Ting suddenly sounded like a police bell striking everyone’s heart. The other people finally reacted. One of the ‘criminals’ that they were trying to capture had just blatantly slain a bodyguard in such a bloody and cruel way. Maybe he was also a participant in the An family’s treacherous rebellion.

“Capture these people for this prefectural magistrate. Even if you end up killing them on the spot, it’s fine. This prefectural magistrate will take full responsibility!” With a trembling finger, Liu Fei Hong wiped the sweat off from his upper lip. His face was still ghastly pale. He glared at Fu Wu Tian and An Zi Ran with eyes full of malicious intent.

The thirty or so men present at the scene hesitated for a good long while, before reaching for the swords at their sides.

This man was way too dangerous, but since he committed the crime of rebellion then he was punishable by death.

Although saying so, just thinking of how this man had split that powerful guard in half with one swing of his sword, their legs felt soft, and not one of them were willing to approach the man, dithering at a safe distance of two meters.

“A group of rubbish! Quickly heed this prefectural magistrate’s orders! We have so many people on our side and you’re still afraid of one man?!” Liu Fei Hong swung his arm and slapped the nearest man across the head.

On the steps, Fu Wu Tian’s mouth twitched slightly.

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