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The Big Landlord 67.1

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Chapter 67.1 – Settling Dispute

How could the army be here in An Yuan County?
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Jiang Zhong Ting and Liu Fie Hong were shocked to see these well-trained soldiers here. They did not hear anything about this. Could the first prince or the prime minister have sent them?


If it were really the first prince or the prime minister, then there was no way that they wouldn’t know about this beforehand.

The two suddenly had a bad premonition.

The leading general came over. He carried a blood-filled and austere aura around him. His hard and expressionless face made people fear getting near. It was clear to all who lay eyes upon him that he was a soldier baptized by blood!

Jiang Zhong Ting and Liu Fei Hong hesitantly approached him. They were just about to speak, but the other party ignored them and walked directly pass their faces.

Both of their expressions froze over at the same time.

The uneasiness in their hearts grew deeper. When they turned around, they saw that blood-aura general walk up to Fu Wu Tian. He didn’t even spare a glance for the guard that had been cut in half on the ground. He got down on one knee. A feeling of great power emitted from him.

Wang ye, this general has had this place surrounded as you ordered.”

Wang… Wang ye?

Jiang Zhong Ting and Liu Fei Hong were overwhelmed with shock. Their eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. With increasing alarm, they looked at Fu Wu Tian, whose expression had not changed from beginning to end, but was still able to make people feel the ruthless cold detachment emitting from him.

There were only a few people titled wang ye in Jun Zi City, but they never knew that such a wang ye existed in the capital. Except there was that one jun wang who had only returned to Jun Zi City for a few months, but how could he be here?

The two finally realized what the uneasiness in their hearts was.

“Detain these people for this prince.”
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When Fu Wu Tian’s cold gaze fell upon them, Jiang Zhong Ting and Liu Fei Hong’s legs shook uncontrollably.

Everyone knew a thing or two about the jun wang’s military glory. All of the princes were making supreme efforts to rope him to their side, including the first prince. And now they have offended that jun wang. If the first prince found out, it would be a wonder if he didn’t skin them!

The general immediately executed his order. He went over to the two men and grabbed one in each hand. These two great lords were treated like sandbags. The general tossed them in front of the steps and they landed in a heap. It was a very funny picture, but no one dared laugh. They had yet to recover from the shock.

“Oh no, oh no…”

Liu Fei Hong rolled around and almost rolled on top of Guard Two’s corpse. He was so scared that his complexion turned blue and white. He almost threw up and crawled away at once. He could no longer care about his dignity.

Jiang Zhong Ting had never been so embarrassed in his life. In his heart he got more and more angry. He lifted his body and then raised his head to look at that man above him. Up close and personal the cruelty of that man was even more apparent. He really was a god of death come from the battlefield.

Now he finally affirmed that this man was the rumored god of war!

The sword in Fu Wu Tian’s hand suddenly rushed towards him.

Jiang Zhong Ting was so scared that he screamed, but the sword stopped in front of his forehead, resting just so against his brow. The tip of the sword pierced his skin a little and blood flowed down from between his eyebrows. He was so frightened that his body was paralyzed.

Wang ye, spare my life!”

“Say it again,” Fu Wu Tian said.

The voice of Jiang Zhong Ting pleading for mercy stopped short. What do you mean say it again?

Fu Wu Tian leisurely said, “What crime did you say this prince’s wang fei committed?”

Jiang Zhong Ting’s entire body went stiff in a split second.

How could he dare to say that ‘the An family has rebellious intentions towards the empire’ again? With their (JZT and LFH) status and the help of those above them, to defame a little landlord was a simple matter – just casually create some evidence, find a random person to testify, and they could wipe out everyone in the An family.

But when you’re up against a jun wang it was no simple matter at all.

If he could not bring forth unequivocal evidence that would convince the populace, then he would be framing a relative of the emperor. At that time, he would definitely lose the black silk hat* on his head.

[*T/N: the black silk hat represents his government official position. Although I think he should be worrying more for his head than the cap on it. Just saying.]

Wang… wang ye… this… this lowly official…”

Jiang Zhong Ting had the impulsive urge to bite off his tongue. Wanting him to retract his previous words was the same as telling him to slap his own mouth. But the words have already been said. If the person before him was not the rumored god of war, perhaps he could still say a few good words. But this time he had a premonition that he was doomed.

“Not speaking? Then let this prince say it for you.” Fu Wu Tian’s sword suddenly moved away from his eyebrows. “This prince heard you say that this prince’s wang fei was plotting a rebellion, that you want to execute all of this prince’s wang fei’s relatives, correct?”

Jiang Zhong Ting’s heart trembled and nearly collapsed like goo.

This so-called ‘execute all of one’s relatives’ didn’t exactly mean all of one’s relatives. It was just a general saying. Anyone who has some relation with the criminal would also be incriminated.

Fu Wu Tian was An Zi Ran’s man, so not only would he be included, but his relatives too, people such as the emperor and the first prince also counted within that group.

“Jiang Zhong Ting, you sure have guts. You dare try to frame this prince’s wang fei for rebellion? Are you aware of your crime?” The sword in Fu Wu Tian’s hand swung down once again. This time it wasn’t merely a threat. In front of Liu Fei Hong’s horror-filled eyes, the sword lopped off Jiang Zhong Ting’s right arm.


Jiang Zhong Ting let out a wretched scream and fell to the ground.

The arm flew through the air, trailing blood behind it, and finally fell in front of Liu Fei Hong. Fresh blood sprinkled across his face…

Everyone else was scared into a stupor.

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