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The Big Landlord 67.2

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Chapter 67.2 – Settling Dispute

The crowded courtyard was as quiet as if it were the dead of night. Asides from the soldiers who have already seen Fu Wu Tian’s bloody side, everyone else was as white as sheet, in particular Zheng Bi, who was ready to collude with Jiang Zhong Ting and testify against An Zi Ran for her own survival. Her entire person had become dull and lifeless.

She thought she had found a way out of her predicament.
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How come it became throwing herself upon death’s door?

Fu Wu Tian wasn’t a businessman, but a genuine wang ye?

Zheng Bi’s eyes turned up in her head and she finally passed out.

Fu Wu Tian looked upon Jiang Zhong Ting, who was resisting the pain of his severed limb to crawl away, and suddenly heaved up his sword. Just as the blade was about to fall again, Jiang Zhong Ting suddenly raised his head.

“Wait a moment.”

The sword stopped in mid swing, just as he’d asked.

“Do you have some last words?” Fu Wu Tian looked at him with disregard. His murderous aura at the moment was really like the god of war in the rumors.

Jiang Zhong Ting looked at him with fear. “You can’t kill me.”


Afraid that he would attack again without warning, Jiang Zhong Ting hurriedly explained in a low voice. “Wang ye should already be aware that this lowly official’s backer is the first prince, and the first prince is the most powerful candidate for the throne. If wang ye doesn’t want to offend the first prince then you best let me go.”

Fu Wu Tian was very patient and waited for him to finish talking. “Anything else?”

Jiang Zhong Ting’s breath stopped.

Of course there was nothing else to say. The backing of the first prince was his last card.

Fu Wu Tian had already gleaned the answer from his expression. He tilted his head, as if he were curious, and looked at Jiang Zhong Ting. He saw that there was nothing deeper to the man and said lightly, “Since there is nothing else…”

He had yet to finish his sentence and Jiang Zhong Ting’s head was already lopped off.

“Go report to King Yama.”

Fu Wu Tian’s movements were not big, because Jiang Zhong Ting’s head did not roll too far. After separating from its body, the head rolled on the ground and came to a stop before Liu Fei Hong, whose face was stunned and full of horror.

Liu Fei Hong’s scream echoed throughout the courtyard.
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He was going crazy!

In the end, all the constables brought by the two were detained. Although only two people were killed, the scene was very bloody because the two men bled everywhere. Those present were unlikely to ever forget this scene in their lifetime, and their subconscious would replay the scene in their nightmares.

The onlookers outside did not know what transpired. They only knew that a group of constables suddenly broke into the house early in the morning, but it didn’t take long for the army to arrive. The soldiers entered the house and not long after they brought the detained constables out of the An manor. The entire thing ended without a proper beginning and end.

The two corpses were stuffed into bags and carried out.

But the blood on the ground could not be taken away with the corpses.

Several of the soldiers cleaned up the intestines on the ground without a change in the color of their faces. They stuffed the intestines into bags, but the dregs could not be completely removed. They poured some clear water on top. Blood and water mixed together and spread out. The thick bloody smell in the yard still failed to dissipate.

The servants were all hiding away. None of them dared to come out. Zheng Bi and her daughter were also detained.

In the blink of an eye, only Fu Wu Tian and An Zi Ran were left in the courtyard. And also Ge Qian An, who had retrieved his sword from Fu Wu Tian.

Fu Wu Tian turned and saw his wang fei with a black face. His eyebrows gently arched up. The indifference from before morphed into a faint questioning look. “What is it? Are you feeling uncomfortable somewhere?”

An Zi Ran’s face was still black. Although he had already guessed that Fu Wu Tian’s way of solving the problem would not be simple, this was far bloodier than his expectations.

Ge Qian An, who was wiping the blood from his sword, glanced over.

Actually, it was quite understandable. After all, this should be wang fei’s first time seeing such a bloody scene.

Wang fei?” Seeing that there was no response, Fu Wu Tian asked again.

An Zi Ran stared at him with fixed eyes. There was fury in his gaze. “Do you know whose home this is?”

Fu Wu Tian answered very naturally, “This is our home.”

An Zi Ran did not correct his ‘we,’ and said angrily, “This is my home, ah. If you want to kill can’t you choose some other place? Now the courtyard is all bloody. How is one supposed to live here in the future?”

In the future, every time someone passed by this courtyard, including him, would remember the scene of two people dying very gruesomely here. No matter how you think about the situation it was so unlucky!

Ge Qian An’s hand stilled in the middle of wiping his sword. He couldn’t help but give him a sidelong glance.

“What wang fei said does indeed make sense. It was this prince’s negligence.” Fu Wu Tian sincerely apologized. In retrospect, it was indeed a problem. A house where someone has died could not be lived in any longer, especially not for the wealthy people. It would affect the people who lived here, and may also affect business.

An Zi Ran glared at him. Negligence? Why did he think that it was deliberate?

Fu Wu Tian revealed an apologetic look, but he did not seem very sincere. “It seems that this house can no longer be lived in. What is wang fei going to do?”

What to do?

Obviously they had to move!

An Yuan County was a small place. There were only a few wealthy families. Big houses were even more rare, especially the ready-made ones. The population of the An family was relatively large. They couldn’t just live in any old house, and a new house could not be built in a short time. They could only move the family to Jun Zi City.

An Zi Ran married Fu Wu Tian, so it was impossible to stay in An Yuan County all the time. He had planned to wait for things to settle down here before considering the matter of moving to Jun Zi City with Fu Wu Tian. Now, not only was the matter advanced forward, there was also no need for consideration.

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