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The Big Landlord 68.1

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Chapter 68.1 – Coincidence

Jun Zi City, Wu Wang Palace
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Fu Yuan Wu was also very concerned about the ledger, particularly because there was information contained within that involved his maternal grandfather’s student. If someone with ulterior motives got a hold of that ledger then it could bring trouble to his maternal grandfather.

On the other hand, if they made use of this matter properly, then it could be very beneficial to them.

Hong Province’s moniker as the Hometown of Rice wasn’t just a random nickname. It was aptly deserved. Contained within Hong Province was an abundance of profit to be made. Therefore, there were quite a lot of people aiming for Hong Province. In addition to his maternal grandfather’s student, Liu Fei Hong, there was that group of people* with their sights set on Hong Province. If he could get the ledger and exploit it, then he had the confidence that he could bring those people down a few pegs. Even if he couldn’t uproot them completely, if he could break their wings then it would be very satisfactory.

[*T/N: 那些人 – literally “that group of people” or “those people.” Does not specify who, but I’m guessing it is his rivals for the throne.]

Fu Yuan Wu thought his calculations were very good. He even wanted to go to his imperial father and ask for an imperial decree.
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He never considered once that Jiang Zhong Ting would not be able to take down a small time landlord from the county, or the fact that Fu Wu Tian would be there.

But it didn’t take long for news of Jiang Zhong Ting’s death to arrive.

“What did you say? Jiang Zhong Ting is dead?”

Fu Yuan Wu stood up suddenly from his seat and glared at the person who came to give the report. He never thought that the plan could fail, let alone that Jiang Zhong Ting would die because of it.

The messenger hurried prostrated himself on the ground and did not dare to look directly at the angry prince.

[T/N: Don’t shoot the poor messenger, yo! >_<]

“First Prince, this subordinate received the news that Jiang Zhong Ting is indeed dead. Furthermore, he died within that landlord’s home. I heard that someone cut his arm off on the scene and then lopped off his head.”

Fu Yuan Wu’s eyes widened. His tightly clenched fist abruptly slammed down on the table. The loud sound scared the people outside the room into complete silence.

“Who is it? Who is so bold? They dare to kill Jinag Zhong Ting? Do they not know that Jiang Zhong Ting is this prince’s subordinate? Could it be the third prince’s faction?”

Only those people would not have any misgivings about killing his people.

That’s because they were all competitors for the throne.

“It… It isn’t…” The messenger stuttered.

“Then who is it?”

“It’s… It’s jun wang.”

Fu Yuan Wu strode forward. He grabbed the messenger by the collar and hauled him up. His face was twisted with anger. “What did you say? You are certain that it was jun wang?”

The messenger could not speak due to the tight grip around his collar. He could only nod frantically.

Fu Yuan Wu finally tossed him aside. His sleeves swayed vigorously and made a lot of noise. His chest heaved up and down violently. It was clear that he was angry to the point of being unable to think clearly. Compared to the death of Jiang Zhong Ting, Fu Wu Tian’s presence in the small An Yuan County surprised him even more.

He paced in place for a while but was still unable to puzzle it out. Fu Yuan Wu unexpectedly turned around. His sharp sight fell upon the messenger again. “Why did he appear there?”

The messenger had just crawled onto his hands and knees. He immediately replied, “In response to First Prince, do you still remember that in April there were news of jun wang suddenly getting married?”

Fu Yuan Wu turned again. “What is the relationship between these two matters?”

The messenger wiped the cold sweat on his forehead. “Of course there is a relationship, because the wang fei that jun wang married is that exact young landlord of An Yuan County. This time, jun wang showed up at that place, because he was accompanying his wang fei to visit the maternal home. It is just that they did not return immediately to Jun Zi City.”

There was such coincidence in this world?!

Fu Yuan Wu had no choice but to believe the facts. But this coincidence was a blow to him. When he thought of this, his anger rose again. “Then the ledger must have fallen into the jun wang’s hands?”

Hearing the man’s tone of voice, the messenger knew right away that the first prince was in a bad mood and thus he became even more cautious. “I heard that this is the case. Hong Province’s prefectural magistrate Liu Fei Hong has already been arrested by jun wang.”

Fu Yuan Wu’s temper actually wasn’t particularly explosive.

If it were the third prince instead, Fu Yuan Wu would have already picked up his sword and started killing people.

But thinking of how he and his maternal grandfather’s subordinate have fallen into Fu Wu Tian’s hands, he still had the urge to kill. Of all the people to come up against, why did it have to be Fu Wu Tian?

The messenger saw that the first prince’s expression was cloudy and uncertain. When he thought about it, he couldn’t help but say, “First Prince, this small person feels that Fu Wu Tian doesn’t look too highly upon you and the prime minister. He knew that Jiang da ren was your person yet he still dared to kill him…”

“Shut up!”

Fu Yuan Wu abruptly turned around and he bellowed at the messenger with a fierce expression.

The messenger was so scared that his entire body turned cold. He didn’t understand why the first prince was so angry. What he said was obviously true, was it not?

What the messenger said was indeed the truth, but what he did not know was that Fu Yuan Wu did not have the power to go up against Fu Wu Tian.

Fu Wu Tian had command of a massive military force. After he returned to Jun Zi City, all the princes were trying to rope him in to their side. But this wasn’t the most important point. The reason they all fell before Fu Wu Tian was because he held the previous emperor’s will. This was something that happened over ten years ago, so there were very few people in the know. Presently, no one dared to mention it, because they did not want to ruffle the Chong Ming Emperor’s scales.

“Immediately prepare a carriage for this prince. This prince wants to go to Zhang Sun Palace.”

[T/N: Zhang Sun is the surname of his mother, the empress]

Fu Yuan Wu did not hesitate anymore. He must report this matter to his maternal grandfather. He didn’t have many people in Hong Province. It would not be difficult to extricate himself. But Liu Fei Hong was indeed his maternal grandfather’s disciple.

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