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The Big Landlord 68.2

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Chapter 68.2 – Coincidence

Fu Wu Tian would definitely investigate the matter with the ledger. At that time, many officials in Hong Province would be dragged down. He must make preparations so that he could deal with this matter at a moment’s notice. And right now, he must inform his grandfather.
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His movements did not go unnoticed.

Although they were a step slower, they soon discovered the situation in Hong Province.

Liu Fei Hong was captured. Hong Province lost its pillar. The army now controlled the prefectural magistrate’s huge mansion. News of such a big matter had already spread.

It didn’t take long for a memorial to be placed in front of the Chong Ming Emperor.

“Your Majesty, do you want to take a look at this memorial?” Eunuch Wang Ping lowered his head and did not look at the Chong Ming Emperor, who was flirting with an imperial concubine in his embrace.

This was the twenty-seventh year reign of the Chong Ming Emperor, who was now only forty-three-years-old, but looked to be over fifty-years-old. At this age, he was still addicted to wine, and nightly music entertainment. The noble ladies in the harem have changed from fighting for favor to supporting their sons in the struggle for the throne.

Only after a long while did the emperor respond.

“What kind of memorial? If it is not a big deal, just give it to the prime minister to deal with.”

Chong Ming Emperor had an expression of cold and indifference. Then he turned back around to flirt with the young and beautiful imperial concubine, making her giggle. The coquettish sound made the emperor’s bones go soft.
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Wang Ping steadily replied, “In response to the emperor, it is a memorial to impeach the jun wang.”

With just one word, the Chong Ming Emperor’s attention was pulled back. The emperor pushed away the imperial concubine in his arms and she fell to the ground. She looked up, wanting to complain, but then she saw that his expression had suddenly became serious and majestic, thus she dared not speak. She got up, pulled on her transparent white robe, and left.

This was a rule that every smart woman in the harem must learn, otherwise they would be eliminated.

Chong Ming Emperor calmly read through the memorial. Then he closed it up and threw it to the ground. In a voice that caused others to tremble with fear he said, “Pass on our decree, to the person who wrote this memorial, strip him of his black cap. From now on, he may not be a government official anymore.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

Wang Ping was not surprised at all. He left the study room and turned his head around to look at the closed door.

Those people only knew that the emperor wanted to take military command from the jun wang’s hands. So once the jun wang made some trouble they immediately thought to impeach him, thinking that this would make the emperor happy, but they did not know that this was the emperor’s real sore point.

Jun wang held the decree, the will, of the previous emperor. Even the current emperor, the noblest person in all of Da Ya, could not budge jun wang. To add oil to the fire at this point, that person was obviously seeking death!

Therefore, it did not take long.

The entire imperial court found out that the emperor had gotten rid of that official who wrote the memorial to impeach jun wang.

As a result, rumors sprung up everywhere.

Those who did not know the truth thought that the emperor was standing on the jun wang’s side. Others thought that the emperor did not actually want to seize the military power from the jun wang, and that he only deliberately created the false image to draw out those who were dissatisfied with the jun wang.

For a time, the imperial court was lively with rumors.

At the same time, due to Liu Fei Hong’s fall from power, there was unrest in Hong Province. Fu Wu Tian’s took quick action. The ledger’s contents were publicized the day after Jiang Zhong Ting’s death. Some officials who did not prepare in time followed Liu Fei Hong’s example and fell one after the other. They were detained, and their houses were searched and possessions confiscated.

In addition, some of Hong Province’s well-known businessmen also had their houses searched and possessions confiscated. Their generous family property was enough to make many people in Jun Zi City look on with great envy. This was an enormously lucrative job. They could fish up all the ill-gotten gains. This corruption and embezzlement have definitely been going on for more than a few years, perhaps even a few decades.

But who would think ahead of time and know that something like this would happen.

Word was that the ledger was inadvertently searched out, and by chance it happened to fall into the jun wang’s hands. This was making it too easy for the jun wang.

Everyone thought that the jun wang would take the confiscated money and transfer it to Da Ya’s treasury, but one thing that was spread later made everyone dumbfounded.

Don’t know when, but the jun wang took the initiative to ask the emperor for permission to take up the unwanted assignment of managing the disaster-stricken Chang Province.

Since ancient times, natural disasters have been a major sore point for every country.

Every year, the state treasury would send out a lot of money to deal with natural disasters, but corrupted officials often took out a big chuck of the money. By the time the money reached its destination there was not much left to spend on the common people.

It was like this every year. The treasury’s money flowed out like water from a stream. Chang Province was like a bottomless pit filled with resentment and dissatisfaction. In the end, those who were smart didn’t want to get involved. They would turn their backs and go to some place easier to manage. More and more it was heading towards the direction of an incapable ruler.

There were not many people who knew that Fu Wu Tian was managing this task. But those who knew were all watching the show.

Money was necessary for managing disasters. If you didn’t have money you couldn’t overturn the sky. Who knew there would be a case of corruption in Hong Province?

Just like that, there was money now.

The money that was confiscated from the corrupted rich families did not have to be handed over to the state treasury. It directly gave the jun wang a reason to use it in the disaster situation in Chang Province. Even the emperor could only support it.

An Zi Ran also did not expect this.

He expended so much effort storing up provisions, and in the end he ended up selling the food to Fu Wu Tian.

But these were all later matters. Right now the An family was getting ready to move.

The matter of people dying in the An manor courtyard left a shadow in many people’s hearts, for example, Zheng Bi and her daughter. An Zi Ran had yet to seek them out to settle their accounts, but Zheng Bi had already gone crazy.

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