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The Big Landlord 69.2

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Chapter 69.2 – Feigning Madness

The servants of Jade Water Courtyard all asked Steward Su to reassign them to work elsewhere. Steward Su didn’t say much and quickly arranged it, but he did not add any more people to Jade Water Courtyard. An Ke Xin couldn’t find any servants so she could only go to the kitchen herself to get food.
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Chef Wang never liked this mother and daughter pair. After that incident, the master of the house ignored them, so when Chef Wang saw An Ke Xin, naturally he did not give her a good expression. Even the food he gave her was less than usual.

An Ke Xin’s face turned green. “How can this little amount of food be enough for us to eat? Chef Wang, don’t forget that you’re just a servant in the An family.”

Chef Wang smiled and said, “Second Miss, I, Chef Wang, is a servant of the family. I have not forgotten this point, but you also shouldn’t forget that the master of this house is the young master, not the two of you. Since Concubine Zheng is already mad, I think she won’t need to eat a lot, so why waste food.”


An Ke Xin slammed the tray of food down on the stove. The force was too big and the dishes spilled over.

Chef Wang glanced at it, and then said in a pitying manner, “Second Miss, we only prepare just enough food for everyone in the family. Now that you’ve spilled your portion there is no more for you.”
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An Ke Xin sneered and said, “You think this lady cares about this pittance? You just wait, this lady will make you regret it one day.”

“Then I, Chef Wang, shall wait to see how Second Miss will make me regret.” Chef Wang was no longer afraid of her.

An Ke Xin turned and left.

Two maidservants saw her rushing over in a fit of rage. One of them immediately spoke loudly, “I heard Concubine Zheng colluded with that Prefectural Magistrate Jiang something or another to frame the young master. She did it right in front of the young master and gu ye. Since you dare to do it then you should have the guts to shoulder the consequences. What are you feigning madness to escape for? This kind of person deserves to be struck by lightning.”

“That’s right. This time, if it weren’t for gu ye, all of us would’ve been thrown into the dungeons.”

“Some people are still trying to throw their weight around as a lady. Why don’t they think about whether or not they are worthy of such status?”

An Ke Xin clenched her fists tightly. She vowed in her heart that someday she would make these people pay. Absolutely must!

She returned to Jade Water Courtyard.

Zheng Bi’s state was still the same.

An Ke Xin looked at her mother’s sloppy appearance. Her mother didn’t seem like an adult at all. She couldn’t help the anger that rose up within her. She rushed over and grabbed Zheng Bi by the shoulders. She shouted, “Mother, why? Why did you have to do such a thing that day? Do you know what kind of days your daughter is living? None of them are treating me like the Second Miss of this family. Every time they see me it’s frigid irony and scorching satire. They’re also saying that you’re faking your craziness. Is that really true? Is that true, ah!!!”

Zheng Bi’s spiritless eyes were instead looking outside.

An Ke Xin noticed. She abruptly released her hands and took a few steps back. She spoke sarcastically, “You don’t have to look. Right now, there is not a single servant in the Jade Water Courtyard. There is only you and I!”

Zheng Bi jumped up at once. She opened her mouth and said, “Food?”

She did not eat this morning and at noon. In order to continue her charade, she deliberately overturned the food. She only ate a bit of fruit for the time being, but she did not have enough food. Now she was waiting for the dinner meal.

“Mother, so you really were pretending.”

An Ke Xin looked at her mother. It was laughable. She was the last one to know. No wonder An Zi Ran wanted her to learn from her mother. It turned out that he had guessed that her mother was pretending.

Zheng Bi saw her daughter looking at her accusatorily and suddenly got mad. She said sharply, “Then you speak, if your mother doesn’t pretend then what should I do? Should I just wait for An Zi Ran to come knocking on my door to settle accounts with me? The one he married is a wang ye. If he bites down on me, then your mother’s small life will be gone!”

An Ke Xin shouted loudly, “But you also shouldn’t drag me down into the water with you, ah!”

Zheng Bi was stunned. When she regained her senses, she realized that her daughter was accusing her. She was even angrier. “What kind of words are these? How did mother drag you down into the water? That time I did that, wasn’t it for you? Otherwise, why would I have to take such a big risk and run out there? And now you dare to accuse your mother?”

An Ke Xin smiled coldly. “For me? Wasn’t it for your own sake?”

Zheng Bi took a breath. Her body swayed. She staggered towards a chair and fell onto it. She stared at her daughter with an incredulous expression.

An Ke Xin raised her head. She didn’t feel that she was wrong.

Zheng Bi found that she had raised a white-eyed wolf.

The Jade Water Courtyard happenings were passed onto An Zi Ran that night. Although the courtyard only had the mother and daughter, the sound of the two quarreling was loud. Zheng Bi was so angry that she couldn’t suppress her voice. As a result, when a servant passed by they heard everything.

An Zi Ran already knew that she was pretending, so he didn’t immediately go over to deal with them. He was busy enough with the preparations for moving the family to Jun Zi City.

However, he was not preparing to bring this mother and daughter pair to Jun Zi City with them.

These two were troublesome. He knew that An Ke Xin has been unrealistically thinking about marrying a powerful person without considering the fact that she was concubine-born. So before he moved, he must resolve the problem of An Ke Xin’s marriage first.

When Fu Wu Tian entered through the door, he saw his wang fei sitting and pondering the issue.

The youth had a very focused expression. At a glance nothing has changed, but Fu Wu Tian was keenly aware that his wang fei had lost weight. The excess meat on his face was gradually disappearing. His body was beginning to lengthen. The childishness was fading from his countenance. There was an alert light from his handsome face. More and more he was becoming too lovable to part with.

When he walked over he saw that the youth had written down all of the family’s industries on a piece of fine writing paper, and it was listed in great detail.

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