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The Big Landlord 72.1

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Chapter 72.1 – Interrogation

Fu Wu Tian returned during the middle of the meal.
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He heard that his wang fei was already in the dining room. After returning to the bedroom to wash up a bit, he headed straight for the dining room. He had yet to get near the dining room, but he could already see Shao Fei standing by the door.

“Are you acting up with some disease?”

It was Ge Qian An who had spoke. This was the first time seeing him with such an impatient look.

Shao Fei originally wanted to give some witty retort to Ge Qian An, but he saw that wang ye had returned and rescinded his thoughts. “I don’t have any disease.” After that, he said to Fu Wu Tian, “Lord, wang fei is waiting for you to have dinner together.”

Fu Wu Tian gave him a glance of acknowledgement and then entered.

The so-called waiting for him to have dinner, but the table didn’t even have a single dish on it. Usually at this time the table would be set for dinner, there would be plates of food, and also fragrant bowls of white rice.

Fu Wu Tian sat down next to An Zi Ran and asked casually, “Wang fei, is there something special today?”

An Zi Ran took up the teapot and poured him a cup of tea. Originally, he wanted to tell him, but as he opened his mouth to answer the words changed into, “You will know in a minute.”

Wang fei was actually keeping him in suspense?

Fu Wu Tian was increasingly looking forward to today’s dinner, so he cooperatively did not ask and provoked another topic: “Any harvest* today when you went out?”

[*T/N: 收获 shou huo: depending on context could mean harvest, profit, gain, or reward.]

As soon as he said those words, Shao Fei looked over.

Did the lord have ESP? He casually asked a question and hit the nail on the head.

Fu Wu Tian naturally took note of his action. He looked at An Zi Ran and waited for him to answer.

An Zi Ran’s reaction was to give no reaction. He wasn’t like Shao Fei, who couldn’t hide anything at all. Fu Wu Tian was only making casual conversion, and Shao Fei fell right into the pit. His actions clearly told Fu Wu Tian that this sentence was related to their previous topic. With Fu Wu Tian’s intelligence, how could he not make the connection?

At this time, Chef Wang’s voice came from just outside the dining room.

After a while, Chef Wang’s figure appeared at the entrance of the dining hall, accompanied by two helper maids from the kitchen. One of them carried in the bowls and chopsticks, and the other brought in an aromatic soup. The main dish for dinner was in the hands of Chef Wang. It was covered with a large lid so the contents could not be discerned right away.

“Young Master, gu ye, dinner is served.”

Chef Wang placed the main dish on the table and removed the lid. The delicious aroma immediately rushed out.

The rice noodles made by Zhou Laohan’s wife lay inside.

After Chef Wang was done cooking the rice noodles, they turned into a very appetizing dish. Shao Fei, who had been looking forward to this dish, began to drool.

Even before the rice noodles were fried, Shao Fei knew that they would be delicious. After Chef Wang was done frying and seasoning the noodles, just the scent of the noodles alone was enough to make his mouth flood with saliva.

“This is the surprise that wang fei wants to give this prince? What is it?” Fu Wu Tian looked at the rice noodles in the bowl. It was indeed unexpected. He had never eaten this kind of ting.

An Zi Ran picked up a pair of chopsticks and said, “Rice noodles. Zhou Laohan’s wife gave it to me. The rest of you sit down and eat, too.” The last sentence was said to Shao Fei and Ge Qian An. Normally, whenever there was something good to eat he would share it with Steward Su, but this time he was not here.

Shao Fei hesitated.

Ge Qian An also did not move.

Fu Wu Tian glanced at them and said, “Wang fei told you to sit down, so sit down.”

Shao Fei sat down obediently. His actions were fast as if he were preparing to sit down all along. Ge Qian An gave him a disdainful look. Shao Fei clearly wanted to eat, but he put up a pretense of hesitation. Just whom was he acting for?

An Zi Ran had Chef Wang make a lot. He took into consideration the other two people. In order to feed four big men, the big bag of rice noodles that Zhou Laohan’s wife gave them was only enough for one meal.
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Shao Fei served himself a bowl. He had only taken a bite and was already exclaiming, “This is delicious, so tender, soft, and flexible. Is this really rice noodles?”

“Shut up. Don’t eat and talk at the same time. Don’t you understand that?” Ge Qian An looked at him warningly.

Shao Fei turned his head, but he did not dare to speak anymore.

An Zi Ran tasted the rice noodles in his bowl. The texture was really as good as Shao Fei had said. The noodles were bouncy. It was hard to believe that these noodles were really made with rice. Chef Wang’s culinary skills were good, but if the raw ingredients were no good, then no matter how superb the skills, the outcome still wouldn’t be very tasty.

“How is it?” An Zi Ran looked at Fu Wu Tian and asked.

Fu Wu Tian’s eating speed was faster than normal. An Zi Ran had only taken three bites, but the other man was already done with one bowl. He heard his question, but instead of answering directly, he said, “Another bowl.”

An Zi Ran personally served him up a second bowl of noodles.

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